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Hutton Honors College

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See List of Spring 2015 HHC Course Offerings here.

See Course Descriptions of Spring 2015 HHC Course Offerings here.

Check out the HON-H courses available for Second Eight Weeks Spring 2015 and Summer 2015

Find out how to win the IU Spring Energy Challange at an energy conservation workshop 6:00-7:00pm March 4 in the HHC Great Room. Details here.

Learn how to network professionally online at an IUAA event 7:00 p.m. March 4 at the DeVault Alumni Center.

Ice skate with the Hutton Honors Council Association on Friday March 6. Details here.

Seniors, you're invited to a HHC graduation reception May 8. Details and RSVP information here.

2015 Honors Research Symposium proposal deadline fast approaches. Find details here.

Keep up with the HHC online: Email, Website, Facebook, Twitter. Info Here.

New IUCARE website provides information about competitive awards and research.

HHC Funding Board provides funds for HHC student activities. Full Information.

HHC News

HHC students Ellie Symes and Christine White featured in IDS article about a hunger banquet educating on food insecurity (Not featured: HHC student Emily Metallic, a main organizer of the event)

Ellie was also interviewed in an IDS article about her beekeeping project last fall.

HHC student group Diversity in Action teaches history and recipes for ramen noodles. Story.

HHC Senior Rachel Green Wins Mitchell Scholarship. Story.

Read the August 20th IDS interview with HHC's Dean Andrea Ciccarelli.

Learn about the Shirey Art Collection at the HHC.

See earlier stories from academic year 2013-14 here.

Campus & Other Announcements

Coming Soon...

Ethics for Breakfast: Should Your Choices Affect Your Healthcare Costs? with David Orentlicher
Join David Orentlicher, co-director of the Hall Center for Law and Health at IUPUI, and other undergraduates for a discussion of the ethical issues that would arise if health care coverage and costs vary according to the lifestyle choices made by the patient.
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Undergraduate Breakfast with Walt Bogdanich
As an investigative reporter for The New York Times, Walt Bogdanich has covered a range of issues from malfeasance in government and the corporate world to rape on campus. Join other undergraduates for lunch and an informal conversation with Walt Bogdanich.
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Should We Trust Scientists
—on Climate Change, Tobacco Use, Vaccines or Other Contested Issues?

Undergraduate Supper with Naomi Oreskes

Many pressing issues that face society, from climate change to the safety of vaccines, prompt us to turn to scientists for sound answers— but the public doesn't always believe them. Why should we believe what scientists say—and what should we do when they disagree? Much of Naomi Oreskes' work, as IU's Patten Foundation has written, “has addressed how science functions as a social process and how it can be vulnerable to political use and abuse.” Join other undergraduates for supper and an informal conversation with Naomi Oreskes.
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HHC Small-group program sign up information

Continue to check this space for information about upcoming Spring 2015 HHC programs!

If you have program ideas to suggest, please let us know by emailing Charlene Brown (
Are you an HHC student who is interested in becoming an HHC extracurricular programs volunteer? If yes, fill out this form here and return it to the HHC via campus mail or bring it to Charlene Brown in room 210H.

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