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Act Fast: Still Time to Do Something Different For Spring Break

Spending my Spring Break volunteering was one of the most rewarding experiences of my life. To experience different cultures and lifestyles was so inspirational and made me so grateful for what I have. What we take for granted here is nothing like what others may have. The people I met were unbelievable, so friendly and grateful. Their hospitality changed how I see people, how I look at people.
-- IU student Leslie Abrams

There are many organizations and opportunities designed to suit just about anyone's interests. You have many choices.

***Here are some links to begin looking for an Alternative Spring Break opportunity that will provide experiences worth remembering.


Office of Student Organizations and Leadership Development

offers information on service trips through IU. Please check here.

Other places to check for opportunities include:

Insight Abroad

Cross-Cultural Solutions is an independent non-profit organization. The programs are sponsored and run entirely by volunteer contributions. It has no religious or governmental affiliations. As a Cross-Cultural Solutions volunteer, you will work alongside indigenous peoples to help accomplish important community goals. Insight Abroad is the one week program offered through Cross-Cultural Solutions.

Please check here for more information.

Habitat for Humanity

Habitat for Humanity is dedicated to helping those in poverty-stricken homes. Please check here for more information on the organization or here for more information on IU's chapter.

STA Travel and i-to-i

Student Travel Association, known as STA Travel, is a student discount travel agency that is dedicated to helping college students plan trips and save money. STA Travel also offers more than just the typical spring break travel vacations to Mexico and the Bahamas. You can spend your spring break volunteering in conservation work, building homes or trails, preserving endangered species of turtles, or working on local educational programs. STA has partnered with i-to-i, a travel company, to make the experience as rewarding as possible.

Please check out STA Travel and search for Alternative Spring Break for more information

Note: For more information about these programs and other volunteer options, contact the Hutton Honors College Community Service Program.
Merit awards from the Hutton Honors College Undergraduate Grant Program may also be available for some of these opportunities.

Caryn Levy

Other News Stories...