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June 17, 2002
Advice from an Almost Contemporary: Junior Mercedes Rodriguez Recommends Nearby Eateries, Summer Activities, and Packing Strategies for New Students. Read about some nearby restaurants you might want to sample. Learn how to spend your summer before heading back to IU. Find out what to bring and what not to bring when you return.
May 15, 2002
Honors College Graduates Share Their Plans We did an informal survey of May graduates who had entered IU as Honors College students about their current plans and got some interesting replies. Read what more than fifty recent grads had to say.
March 27, 2002
IU Honors College Student Wins $30,000 Truman Scholarship Indiana University junior Sarah McCauley, a political science major from Panama City, Fla., has been selected to receive a $30,000 Truman Scholarship from the Harry S. Truman Scholarship Foundation.
McCauley is among 64 scholars chosen from nearly 600 candidates at American colleges and universities on the basis of exceptional leadership potential, intellectual ability and likelihood of "making a difference."
February 10, 2002
$$$ MONEY $$$ for IUB Undergraduates For all those who missed the January 23rd meeting, there will be another informational meeting about Honors College Undergraduate Grant Program. 7:00pm, Wednesday, February 25, Ernie Pyle 220.
February 10, 2002
Truman Scholarship Deadlines at IU Set for March 29 The Harry S. Truman Scholarship Foundation is expected to award 75-80 merit-based scholarships to students who will be juniors in 2002-3 and who plan to attend graduate or professional school in preparation for careers in government, the non-profit sector, or other forms of public service. Each scholarship is worth $30,000.... To compete for the award, students must be nominated by their undergraduate institutions....
January 14, 2002
Mrs. Bondanella Goes to Washington. Julia Bondanella's career has quite naturally and appropriately led to her new job in Washington. Looking back over her career as an honors teacher and administrator and as a translator and scholar, as well as at her contributions to honors education nationally, it becomes clear that her assumption of new duties in the nation's capital is hewn from the same piece of jeweled cloth that has adorned her years at IU.
January 8, 2002
The National Endowment for the Humanities Announces Internships for Summer 2002. The National Endowment for the Humanities invites applications for internships to be held in Washington D.C. during summer 2002. College students who will be entering their junior or senior year in fall 2002 are eligible to apply. NEH interns receive stipends of $4,000 for 10 weeks of work. Deadline is February 8.
November 29, 2001
Dean of the Honors College to Retire After serving Indiana University as a professor in the English Department for 38 years, and dean of the Honors College for the past eight years, Lewis H. Miller, Jr. will be retiring at the end of December, 2001....
"Needless to say, directing the Honors College over the past eight years has been a challenge that I have enjoyed thoroughly....
November 19, 2001
Allies, Fellows and Friends Program Fosters Friendship "...And she's the lady that I'm...well...trying to 'spend more time with.'" One hardly expects a man in his eighties to be discussing romantic fantasies with a group of teens and twenty-somethings. And contributing recent anecdotes. Yet this is exactly what Floor Friend Robert Boyer does with the students living on Forest B3. The Allies, Fellows and Friends (A/F/F) Program, run by the IU Division of Residential Programs and Services, pairs faculty, professional staff and community members with residence hall floors or living units. Boyer, the Floor Friend on Forest B3 and Read Beck 4, is one of the more fascinating persons involved in this program.
November 19, 2001
Why Students Come to IU & the Honors College: A Small Sample At this time last year, Tyler Bond lived in Edmond, Oklahoma, Sara Martin del Campo called Peoria, Illinois home, and Jennifer Hansell attended high school in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Now all three live in Bloomington, attend IU, and are part of the Indiana University Honors College. Why?
November 19, 2001
Honors College Freshman Profile 2001 How many Honors College freshmen call Indiana home? How many scored over 700 on the SAT verbal? How many want to major in English? Find out the answers to these questions and others in excerpts from the Honors College Freshman Profile 2001.
October 30, 2001
From the Dean: Confessions In this, the third of my columns for our revised Honors College Web site, I shall offer some confessions which have never before been revealed in print. Despite my many years in the classroom, I am always....
October 30, 2001
LABYRINTH Holds Second Meeting, Begins Accepting Submissions LABYRINTH, the Honors College literary magazine, will hold its second organizational meeting Wednesday, November 7 at 8:30 p.m. at the Wright Food Court (Dunkin' Donuts side). Anyone interested in joining the staff should attend the meeting. LABYRINTH is also currently accepting submissions from any IU Bloomington undergraduates for the Spring 2002 publication.
October 2, 2001
Harry S Truman Scholarship Competition. The Harry S Truman Scholarship Foundation plans to award 75-80 merit-based scholarships in 2002 to college juniors who plan to pursue graduate study in government or other forms of public service. The IU Deadline for consideration for the Truman Scholarship is November 2, 2001.
September 30, 2001
Freshman Perspective: Honors College Course Helps Freshman Feel at Home. The two hardest parts of being a freshman at college are getting used to the increased course load and adjusting to a completely new circle of friends and acquaintances.... Fortunately, I had enrolled in an Honors College H211 seminar taught by Austin Caswell.... Anyone who enjoys sitting around with friends and philosophizing about the real world will find this class to be the ideal of education.
September 26, 2001
From the Dean. "The Bloomington campus, more than any I know, challenges the conventional wisdom that a college education is a dress rehearsal for the real world. ...I believe that the real world exists on this campus in very special ways: in our many classrooms and libraries, in our science laboratories, in our residential halls, in our recreational facilities, in our theaters, museums, and arts centers, in our student organizations, and especially in our numerous extracurricular and outreach programs."
September 25, 2001
HC Students Share Favorite Study Places. Where do you like to study? What's your favorite place? We asked some Honors College students what locations around campus provide good spots for studying. Here's what they had to say.
September 25, 2001
Fall Extracurricular Activities Commence. Stem Cell Research * Beckett's Waiting for Godot * Chancellor Sharon Brehm * From Kyoto to Marakesh * The Future of the Book * Rich and Poor * Why People Drink * And more.... Sign-ups begin Wednesday, September 26.
September 25, 2001
Campus Safety for All—A Special Message from the Associate Dean. Dear Honors College Students, I hope that all of you will work each day to make our campus, our town, our state and our nation a refuge from intolerance, prejudice and hate. In particular, I would urge you, whenever possible, to extend a kind and helping hand to those Indiana University students or Bloomington residents who are afraid to leave their homes.
August 30, 2001
Redesigned Honors College Web Site Debuts. "We wanted to retire our print newsletter Honorable Mention and make our Web site the main place people consulted for Honors College news and announcements. So we added stories to the front page and an index to manage the stories, created an announcements page, and added a quick links box and a site map to improve navigation. Our site is now more dynamic and it looks better...."
August 26, 2001
Faculty Recommend Books to Alumni. Over the past few years one of the most popular features of the Honors College Alumni Newsletter has been a list of books worth reading suggested by our faculty. Here are the books some of our faculty recommended earlier this summer.
August 23, 2001
International Experience Grantee Shares China Thoughts. "I am for the first time in my life truly alone. Alone not just in the sense that I don't have anybody to rely and depend on, but in that I am in a country where I can barely communicate with anyone, and beyond that, I don't have a culture clue how to follow that old traveler's phrase: 'When in Rome, do what the Romans do.' I am a stranger here...."
August 22, 2001
Dean Says Welcome. The Honors College extends a warm welcome to all of you, and especially to new members of the IU community.
August 22, 2001
Barbara Edwards Answers Freshman Questions. Q: Why should I go see my advisor in the Honors College?
August 22, 2001
Honors College Director and Associate Director Become Deans. Lewis H. Miller Jr. and Julia Bondanella have been named dean and associate dean, respectively, of the Honors College, pending approval by the IU board of trustees.