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2011 HHC Graduates Share Plans

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Cassandra Allard
Louisville, KY
Neuroscience (honors), Psychology (honors)
Research technician at the Kentucky Spinal Cord Injury Research Center at the University of Louisville investigating vascular mechanisms involved with spinal cord injury
The research grant from the Hutton Honors College permitted me to complete my research at IU involving cannabinoid receptor-1 in the uterus. I am grateful to the HHC's generosity. The endless opportunities offered by the HHC were remarkable and I will remember my time at IU with joy.

Jason Allen
Georgetown, IN
Accounting, Fincance (Kelly honors), General Honors Notation
Attending law school in Fall
Cultural requirements resulted in me seeing a lot of fascinating things at IU I would have otherwise missed

Carlo Angiuli
Wilmette, IL
Mathematics (honors), Computer Science (honors)
Ph.D. in Computer Science at Carnegie Mellon University.

Kristen Antony
Naperville, IL
Marketing, International Business, General Honors Notation
Beginning a career in Marketing in the Chicago Area
The honors discussion classes I took were some of the best classes I have taken at Indiana University. They were interesting and allowed me to interact with many smart and diverse honors students.

Kristin Archer
St. Louis, MO
Finance, Accounting, and International Business (Kelley honors)
Investment banking analyst at Deutsche Bank Securities in New York City.
All four years I was involved in the Hutton Honors Council Association. This organization helped me build friendships with students in all majors and develop my leadership skills.

Kelly Avery
Jeffersonville, IN
Marketing, Operations Management
Account Manager at CDW in Chicago, IL
Choosing to attend Indiana University was the best decision I have ever made in my life. I've made great friends and memories, as well as receiving an outstanding education. The HHC allowed me to take courses that had smaller class sizes and better professors who could devote more individual attention to their students. I was a mentor in the HHC Freshman Mentoring Program and really enjoyed helping a fellow student survive their first year of college. I am extremely grateful for everything that Indiana University, the Kelley School of Business, and the Hutton Honors College has done for me.

Stephanie Barath
Highland, IN
Public Health (honors)
Interning at the Cancer Research Foundation in NW Indiana. Attending graduate school in Fall 2012 to pursue a Masters of Public Health degree.

Evan Beckner
Carmel, IN
Moving to Omaha, Nebraska to become a commodities trader for Green Plains Renewable Energy, an ethanol company.
Thanks to the Hutton Honors College, I was financially supported to make the two best decisions of my life. With the IEP grant I was able to travel and study in India and Copenhagen, Denmark. These two experiences were by far the best and most memorable in school, and have forever positively affected my career path and life.

Elizabeth Bercovitz
Indianapolis, IN
Biology, Liberal Arts Management Program (LAMP), General Honors Notation
Teaching math at Herron High School (an Indianapolis charter school) as a Teach For America 2011 corps member
I lived in the HRC in Forest during my freshman and sophomore years and had a great experience. In fact, I still live with two of the girls I met on my floor. I have also been actively involved in the Hutton Honors Council Association for four years, currently serving as the Associate Director. This has by far been one of my favorite and most-memorable extracurricular activities, and I have had the opportunity to plan and attend a wide variety of interesting events and meet extremely intelligent and wonderful honors students.

Rebecca Birzer
Leawood, KS
Finance, Accounting (Kelley honors), General Honors Notation
Moving to NYC to work as an investment banking analyst for Bank of America Merrill Lynch.
The opportunities that HHC offered me were unparalleled. The Hutton courses were interesting and unique. I feel very lucky to have been a part of this college.

Gregory Ryan Brilles
Spencer, IN
American Studies
Volunteering with Americorps before pursuing a PhD and career in academia.

Joe Buser
Carmel, IN
Finance (honors), Mathematics, Economics
Investment Banking Analyst for UBS in New York
The HHC has impacted me on a personal level from day one on this campus. Freshman year, I had the opportunity to live on one of the honors floors within Teter. Through that experience, I met many people like myself, several of whom are some of my best friends to this day. Through the HHC, I also took on one of my first campus leadership positions as Treasurer of the Honors Student Association. Every year I've taken a variety of honors classes within my majors. Overall, the HHC has contributed to an unbelievable college experience and I'm grateful to have had the opportunity to be a part of it.

Nicholas Bussberg
Goshen, IN
Biology, General Honors Notation
Attending graduate school at the IU School of Public and Environmental Affairs studying environmental science, focusing on marine conservation
I enjoyed meeting people with many different backgrounds and view points. It helped me develop my beliefs by learning about what others believed.

Matthew Capone
Foxboro, MA
Bassoon Performance
Plans to pursue a Performer Diploma at the Jacobs School of Music next year.

Alice Chen
Carmel, IN
Attending IU Medical School at Indianapolis

Joshua Cisney
Berne, IN
Physics, Math
Taking a year off to volunteer with a disaster relief organization before attending graduate school in Energy and Environmental Sciences
I have loved my experience in the Hutton Honors College. I have met and had lunch with some of the most brilliant artists and thinkers of our day, received grants to volunteer in inner-city neighborhoods, and taken classes that challenged me in so many ways.

Hannah Cohen
West Lafayette, IN
Religious Studies (honors), General Honors Notation
AmeriCorps placed position in Washington, D.C. with Empowered Women International as Development Associate

Hannah Marie Cohen
West Lafayette, IN
Religious Studies, General Honors Notation
Intern with the IUF and SPEA for the summer Development Associate for Empowered Women International in Washington, D.C., starting in the fall

Carrie Coon
Bartlett, IL
Voluntering at a WWOOF farm (world-wide opportunities on organic farms) and working as nursing assistant. Applying to physician assistant masters program next spring
I'm extremely glad that I lived on an HRC floor in Forest because the people I met are still some of my closest friends. The HHC also gave me a generous scholarship of $2000 to study abroad in Salamanca, Spain for 6 weeks during the summer after my Sophomore year. I had an amazing experience at the University of Salamanca and traveling around Spain and to Portugal.

Desiree Cossyleon
Munster, IN
Neuroscience (honors), Spanish
Teach For America corps member in Houston, TX
My favorite aspect of the honors college was the chance to meet all the visiting speaker at the discussion suppers. Every discussion brought new topics to my attention and highlighted the diversity in interests among the HHC students.

Sammy Curto
Findlay, OH
Finance, Information and Process Management (Kelley honors)
Moving to Minneapolis, MN in July to begin work for KPMG as an associate in the IT advisory department.
I lived on the first-ever Briscoe honors residential floor as a freshman and had an amazing experience. All forty of us became so close, and I appreciate how close we became even more after making other friends who don't have many great memories of their floor.

Sam Dayton
Indianapolis, IN
English, Mathematics, Economics, Liberal Arts and Management (LAMP), General Honors Notation
Attending Indiana University School of Law - Indianapolis in the Fall
I really enjoyed the honors classes I took for the Hutton Honors College. During my first class at IU, Honors Calculus II, I met one of my best friends. Steve Conrad (Professor of Law for H204: How Law Matters and Our "Original" Culture Wars) served as a mentor for me as I navigated the law school admissions process.

Jennifer DeVito
Granger, IN
Finance, International Business, Legal Studies (Kelley honors)
Financial Analyst at Intel Corporation in California in September 2011

Laura Engelhardt
Lawrenceburg, IN
Psychology (honors), Spanish, General Honors Notation
Lab manager at Columbia University, working on cognitive development
As a freshman who was very intimidated by large classes, I was pleasantly surprised to find that HON courses maxed out at 25 students or so. The smaller class size made both discussion and socializing much easier. I am now close friends with other honors students that I wouldn't have met if not for HON classes...thank you, Hutton! The classes themselves were always interesting, as the professors took genuine interest in their students' ideas and suggestions.

Alyssa Faughn
Evansville, IN
Biology, General Honors Notation
Studying medicine at the Florida International University Herbert Wertheim College of Medicine in Miami, FL.
My freshman year, I lived in the Forest HRC. The friends that I made there have been some of the best people I have met at IU. I have also been involved in the Honors Student Organization since my freshman year. Through HSO, I have really enjoyed working with Assistant Dean Lynn Cochran, who goes above and beyond her role as the group's advisor to help the students in the Honors College. I have also been involved in creating the Hutton Honors Funding Board. I am incredibly thankful for the opportunity to start such an influential fund for Honors College students. The HHC does an amazing job of taking students' ideas and running with them to produce outstanding results. Lastly, my honors classes have been some of my favorites at IU, especially those with Professors Weiner and Cecil.

Lillian Feldman-Hill
Columbus, OH
Moving to LA for film and video game production
My college experience would NOT be the same without honors sections. They helped me excel and reach my full potential.

Rachel Fickenscher
Fort Wayne, IN
Nursing (honors)
Get a full-time Registered Nurse position at a hospital in either Cincinnati or somewhere in Indiana, preferably on a pediatric or critical-care unit or in the Emergency Department.
I really loved living in the Forest Honors Residential Community my freshman and sophomore years. I made a lot of great friends that way, and I loved all of the fun activities we took part in during the year (camping, a Chicago trip, etc.). It made my time at IU that much better!

Aaron Fogle
Indianapolis, IN
Business Economics, Public Policy Analysis (Kelley honors), General Honors Notation
Investment Banking Analyst at Citigroup in New York City
The Hutton Grants were incredibly helpful in helping me fund my college education.

Melissa Frye
Chesterton, IN
Public Policy Analysis (Kelley honors)
Joining the Higher Education practice at Huron Consulting Group in Chicago in August 2011
I found the constant access to events with interesting speakers, professors, and professionals to be one of the valuable parts of my HHC experience. I learned so much on a such a broad range of topics through these workshops, dinners, and events.

Elizabeth Garrett
Cedarburg, WI
Music Performance (honors), Gender Studies (honors)
Attending Yale School of Music class of 2013

Emily Goodman
St. Louis, MO
Marketing, International Business (Kelley honors)
Ingersoll Rand's Accelerated Development Program
The grants made it possible for me to study in India and Denmark. Overall, I have truly benefited from being a part of HHC

Kristin Griffin
not specified
Neuroscience, General Honors Notation
Moving to Texas for optometry school

Elizabeth Harlan
Oxford, OH
Public Health, English (creative writing)
Internship at Planned Parenthood, eventual MS in Public Health
The grants and scholarships were very good and very helpful for study abroad. I enjoyed the Hutton Honors College courses I took part in, and found some wonderful people that way. The professors were excellent.

Betsy Head
Bloomington, IN
Marketing, International Business (honors)
Assistant Brand Manager for Unilever in New Jersey
I am so grateful for the Hutton IEP grants which allowed me to study abroad in Ghana and Chile (in addition to traveling to India and Spain on two other programs). The honors courses that I took at IU were some of the best in the curriculum, and I appreciate the opportunity to be a part of this program.

Kali Hopkins
Loogootee, IN
Neuroscience, Chemistry, General Honors Notation
Attending IU School of Medicine

Heidi Horton
Bloomington, IN
Secondary Education - Social Studies (honors), General Honors Notation
Pursuing a teaching position in Indiana
Thanks to an HIEP Grant I was able to complete my student teaching in the beautiful Scottish Highlands and experience living and working in a different culture.

Ross Hunt
Arlington Heights, IL
Finance, Entrepreneurship & Corporate Innovation, Spanish, General Honors Notation
Relocating to Kansas, City, MO to start a job with Cerner Corporation as a Business Consultant. Plan to return to graduate school for my MBA in the near future.

Kerry Ipema
Western Springs, IL
Musical Theatre, General Honors Notation
Moving to NYC to pursue an acting career
Thank you HHC for helping me study abroad and for supporting my activities.

Sara Kaufman
Cincinnati, OH
Marketing (Kelley honors), General Honors Notation
Returning to Cincinnati to work as an Assistant Account Executive at GyroHSR, an international integrated marketing agency
During the last four years, I have greatly enjoyed the wonderful opportunities and academic experiences that Indiana University has given me. Additionally, the classes that I have taken through the HHC are among my favorite that I have taken at IU!

Bethany Keller
Hagerstown, IN
Psychology (honors), General Honors Notation
Attending the University of Louisville for their doctoral program in Counseling Psychology
Being part of the HHC allowed me the opportunity to take some very unique classes that I may not have otherwise signed up for. I also loved all of the incredible activities the HHC offered, including attending performances at the MAC with behind-the-scenes sneak peeks.

Nathaniel Kenninger
Brownsburg, IN
Legal Studies (Kelley honors), Spanish, Economics, General Honors Notation
Associate Consultant at Bain & Company, a strategy consulting firm, in Chicago
I would like to extend my sincere gratitude to Indiana University and especially the Huttons Honors College for making my collegiate experience so stimulating and productive. I thoroughly enjoyed attending the Hutton speaker series and meeting all of the wonderful people at Hutton. I look forward to staying connected with IU and Hutton in the future.

Kent Kinzer
Indianapolis, IN
International Studies, Spanish, General Honors Notation
Teaching English in Lille, France next year, before pursuing graduate school

Robbie Kleinberg
Boca Raton, FL
Music Education, General Honors Notation
Moving to Brooklyn, NY to pursue music performance opportunities in contemporary music
All of the people who ended up leading the HHC when I graduated were on my floor freshman year on the honors floor of Forest. They are really great people and it was awesome to start my IU career off by meeting them as my first friends.

Claire Kruschke
Bloomington, IN
Sociology (honors), Liberal Arts and Management Program (LAMP), General Honors Notation
Planning to work and travel overseas through the Peace Corps before returning to the United States for graduate school.

Angela Kuo
Terre Haute, IN
Attending IU School of Medicine in the fall.
It was nice to be able to automatically register for honors courses. Many of the departmental honors classes had smaller class sizes, which improved the experience.

Adrian Kuzel
Noblesville, IN
Entrepreneurship, Operations Management
Setting up businesses with his father.
I enjoyed both the honors courses that I was offered through the HHC and the honors courses I was able to take in Kelley because of my involvement with the HHC.

Jennifer Laser
Hinsdale, IL
Business Marketing and Operations
I will work as an Analyst for The Nielsen Company in Cincinnati, Ohio

Jessica Lehfeldt
Batesville, IN
Accounting, Operations Management
Summer internship at Hillenbrand, Inc, before returning to IU for an MS in Information Systems
I loved being a member of the Honors College...especially the host program and HRC. I began my college career living on an honors floor in Teter and ended my college career in the same room as the RA for that floor. I also have remained close friends with many of the people I met during my first year on that honors floor. Finally, I really enjoyed working with the host program and helping in its development. I have truly had a positive experience at IU thanks in part to my involvement with the Honors College.

Nicholas Leish
Cincinnati, OH
Finance (Kelley honors), General Honors Notation
Investment banking analyst at Bank of America Merrill Lynch in New York, NY.
My most memorable HHC experience was Richard Cecil's Reading & Writing Contemporary Poetry class. I really appreciated the open discussion format of the class, hearing other's poems read aloud, and of course Professor Cecil's commentary. This class helped me expand my education outside of the walls of Kelley, and for that I am extremely grateful.

Jaclyn Milici
Branford, CT
Biology, General Honors Notation
Medical school at the Philadelphia College of Osteopathic Medicine
The opportunity to live in the Teter Honors Community my freshman year made my college experience so much richer. I have made so many life long friends because of living in the honors community.

Alexandra Mims
Memphis, TN
Biochemistry (honors)
Ph.D. program in Cellular and Molecular Medicine at Johns Hopkins
My college experience was enriched by the HHC through the Briscoe Honors floor, involvement in the HHCA, and a summer research grant.

Brianna Mueller
Deerfield, IL
Finance, International Business (Kelley honors)
Working as a financial analyst at Hospira Inc, a pharmaceutical company in Lake Forest, IL
I've had a great experience as the fund-raising chair and former membership chair in the Honors Student Organization (HSO) beginning my sophomore year.

Jaimie Murdock
Murray, KY
Computer Science (honors), Cognitive Science
Continuing as a research assistant at IU, and eventaully pursuing a PhD in Computer Science
The HHC's funding opportunities made it possible for me to spend three amazing summers in Bloomington pursuing research, resulting in 5 publications by the time I graduated. I am eternally greatful for the doors this has opened.

Leah Myhre
Crawfordsville, IN
Political Science, Spanish, General Honors Notation
Attending law school in the fall at Chapman University School of Law in Orange, California
Thanks to the scholarships I received from the Hutton Honors College, I was able to augment my collegiate experience with a semester abroad in Madrid, Spain. It's been an amazing four years and I appreciate all of the wonderful support and guidance from the HHC!

Kevin O'Brien
Marion, IN
Economic Consulting, Public Policy Analysis, General Honors Notation
Working in the Online Sales and Operations Department for Google in San Fransisco.
I met some of my best friends living in the Teter honors community freshman year. The clubs and grants Hutton offered allowed me to further engage both campus and the world as a whole.

Caitlin O'Connor
Hebron, IN
Exercise Science (honors)
Doctorate of Physical Therapy from IUPUI

Ashley Oswald
St. Louis, MO
Finance, Entrepreneurship
Moving to St.Louis to work as an assistant plant finance manager for Proctor and Gamble.
I have really enjoyed my time with the Honors College especially through the HHCA and the Greek Honors Council. One of my favorite classes at IU was a poetry class offered exclusively to honors students. I would like to give a special thanks to Lynn Cochran, the assistant dean of the HHC, for all her help and guidance throughout my four years at IU.

Luke Pacold
Elmhurst, IL
Economics, Classical Studies (Latin), Liberal Arts and Management Program (LAMP), General Honors Notation
This July I will start as an investment banking analyst with BMO Capital Markets in Chicago. Before then I hope to climb Mount Kilimanjaro and spend time with family.
I have greatly enjoyed the events hosted by the HHC and Wells Scholars Program. Highlights include Roger Penrose's discussion of physics and puzzles, Paul Sherman's lecture on Darwinian Gastronomy, Michael Chabon's discourse on writing and his screenplay for John Carter of Mars, and John Brown's tour of the IU Art Museum.

Christi Perkins
Whiteland, Indiana
Biochemistry (honors)
Ph.D. in bioengineering at Massachusetts Institute of Technology
The HHC provides numerous courses that allow students from many different majors to come together and share ideas in a truly interdisciplinary environment.

Abigail Pratt
Bloomington, IN
Music Education
Teaching middle school and/or high school orchestra in public schools
I enjoyed taking small honors classes and seminars through the HHC. My favorite honors class was with Professor James Andrews over presidential rhetoric. I also enjoyed attending shows at the IU Auditorium and the Musical Arts Center with HHC groups. My favorite of those was the Ladysmith Black Mambazo concert in 2009. Thank you for all the extra opportunities the HHC offered!

Danielle Kay Riendeau
Barrington, IL
Studio Art, Spanish, General Honors Notation
Full-time work at Metropolitan Printing in Bloomington, while continuing freelance photography and graphic design work.
I made a great number of lasting friends through my honors classes. The people I've met are incredibly interesting, intelligent and come from all walks of life; I love that the Honors College offers such diversity. The honors classes that were mainly discussion-based opened my eyes up to new ways to think about the world in terms of politics, history, and philosophy, that I would not have experienced in any other class.

Sarah Robinson
Zionsville, IN
English (honors), History, General Honors Notation
Teach for America in Memphis, TN for two years before continuing with an MFA in Creative Writing

Gail Rosenbaum
Plymouth, MN
Psychology (honors), Neuroscience and Jewish Studied
Researcher at the Univeristy of Minnesota
The HHC grant program was extremely helpful to me throughout my years at IU. The program funded much of the research for my honors thesis and for my travel to conferences. These opportunities will help me stand out in graduate school applications.

Camille Rosenberger
Brookville, IN
Elementary Education (honors)
Attending Miami University for Special Education Graduate Program

Ilissa Sabath
Buffalo Grove, IL
Accounting, finance
Working in Chicago,IL at Ostrow, Reisin, Berk, & Abrams, a public accounting firm
The grants I received were very helpful in funding my education and my abroad experience.

Andrew Schankerman
Carmel, IN
Finance, International Business (Kelley honors), General Honors Notation
Working in Treasury and Securities Services at JP Morgan in New York City
Hutton classes always caused me to think outside-the-box and were a welcome break from my business courses

Erik Schultz
Downers Grove, IL
Biology, General Honors Notation
Medical School at the West Virginia School of Osteopathic Medicine
Classes were rigorous but rewarding. Got very individual attention due to small class sizes. Helped me to realize my dream to travel and volunteer in Africa. Consistently available for help with class scheduling.

Brogan Schutz
North Manchester, IN
Biology, General Honors Notation
Attending IU School of Medicine
Some of my favorite college classes were my HHC courses. They gave me a mental break from science, and the class dynamic was always really neat by the end of the semester. I enjoyed making connections with the professors, who were always extremely engaging individuals. I think the Honors Notation program is a great one and am glad I was able to take advantage of it during my time here at IU.

Natalie Sedia
Schererville, IN
Accounting (honors), General Honors Notation
Assurance Associate at PricewaterhouseCoopers in Chicago, IL
Honors classes provided me with a smaller classroom environment of intellectually stimulating individuals that challenged my thinking and fostered my academic growth.

Calli Seeman
Plymouth, MN
Accounting, Finance, International Business (Kelley honors), General Honors Notation
Audit Associate at KPMG, LLP in Minneapolis
I enjoyed the mentor program and the support provided to study abroad.

Angela Serviss
Rolling Meadows, IL
Finance Technology Management, General Honors Notation
Moving to New York City and working with financial services clients at Ernst & Young in their Information Technology Advisory service area
Being a HHC mentor was one of the most rewarding aspects of my college career. I enjoyed getting to know the younger students and sharing my expereinces with them in hopes that they could not make some of the same mistakes I did and have an even more amazing IU career.

Meagan Shebel
Laporte, IN
Marketing, Supply Chain Management, General Honors Notation
Buying specialist for Toyota in Erlanger, KY
I enjoyed my HHC course called Understanding Antisemitism. I feel that I learned more in that class than almost any other class I have taken at Indiana University. Professor Rosenfeld is amazing.

Nicole Shelpman
O'Fallon, IL
Secondary English Education, General Honors Notation
Student teaching on the ISles of Scilly in England, followed by teaching middle or high school language arts in the States
I enjoyed taking a variety of honors courses for my General Honors Notation. I was especially grateful for the opportunity to work with professors from different departments.

Abby Smith
Indianapolis, IN
Marketing, General Honors Notation
Marketing Intern with Dreyer and Reinbold Racing, an Indycar team.
I really enjoyed the diverse array of classes I took through Hutton. These classes challenged me to think about the world differently and were a refreshing change from business classes.

Rachel Stark
Columbus, IN
Journalism (honors), Psychology, General Honors Notation
Completing a Pulliam Fellowship at the Indianapolis Star newspaper, working for the features desk
HHC helped make a summer abroad in London more possible for me through their grant programs. That summer I took a class on international journalism, interned at a magazine in downtown London, traveled around Europe, and then returned to the U.S. with a new perspective on life.

Geoffrey Kyle Swinford
not specified
Exercise Science
Completing a Master's of Kinesiology in Exercise Physiology, before either beginning a Ph.D. program in Human Performance or start a career as a performance coach.

Stephania Turkette
Fort Wayne, IN
Completing an 11-month hospital lab training program - then certifying and working in a hospital lab for a year or two. Planning on graduate work later.
IU and the HHC provided great opportunities to meet people in my field that I wouldn't otherwise - the networking is great.

Samantha Vignolo
Louisville, KY
Finance, Accounting (Kelley honors), General Honors Notation
Investment Banking Analyst for Bank of America Merrill Lynch in New York

Marlon M. Webb
Gary, IN
Arts Management (honors), General Honors Notation
Completing the MPA program through SPEA as an accelerated masters student in Economic Development and Nonprofit Management

Sarah Wilensky
St. Paul, MN
Jewish Studies, Religious Studies, Interdepartmental Political Science and
Staff at Senator Amy Klobuchar's Washington DC office, attending Columbia Law School in Fall 2012

Maggie Wittman
Lexington, KY
Political Science, General Honors Notation
Teach for America in Charlotte, NC, teaching middle school math

Anastasia Marie Yesnik
Crawfordsville, IN
Chemistry, Spanish (honors)
Attending medical school

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