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Hutton Honors College

 — Indiana University

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HHC Ranked in Nation's Top Ten

The Hutton Honors College ranked 10th among programs with 1,800 or more students, according to the "Review of Fifty Public University Honors Programs" published by Public University Press.

That review also ranked IU's honors program as 18th in overall excellence among the 50 programs surveyed, which included other Big Ten programs such as Michigan, Penn State, Minnesota, Wisconsin and Illinois.

"Several assets explain the Hutton Honors College's high ranking, including excellent students, superb instructors and ample resources made available by the university and by private donors, like Edward L. Hutton," Hutton Honors College Dean Matt Auer said. "Ranking honors programs is no easy task, and no single ranking is likely to be authoritative. Nevertheless, it's satisfying to see IUB's program receiving external recognition for overall excellence."

Public University Honors evaluated the honors programs using, among other metrics, curriculum, graduation requirements and rates, prestigious scholarships, and study-abroad programs.

Large programs received extra points if they score above the median in what are deemed the three most important categories: honors curriculum, prestigious scholarships and graduation rates. Evaluators said IU's Hutton Honors College scored above the median in all three categories.

For more about Public University Honors, including a full explanation of its methodology used to determine its rankings, go here.

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