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Hutton Honors College

 — Indiana University

Hutton Honors Council Association (HHCA)

The Hutton Honors Council Association's mission is to connect honors students to the Hutton Honors College and to each other by building a sense of community among students, fostering leadership development, and ultimately serving the greater Bloomington community.

The HHCA is composed of individual Honors Councils which organize and carry out social, academic, and philanthropic programs that unite honors students both on and off campus. Honors Councils are present in most residence halls and also in Greek and off-campus housing.

We offer numerous opportunities for HHCA members to enhance their professional skills through various types of workshops, including resume building and interviewing. We also provide a fun opportunity for honors students to make a difference in the lives of others through philanthropic activities. Additionally, HHCA emphasizes constant self-reflection and improvement for the organization and its members.

HHCA strives to create better leaders no matter their leadership style or personality. We mentor leaders to become facilitators. They learn to help people think and communicate their thoughts, find a view and articulate it, and respond to things that are new and innovative. Students have a huge impact on improving the organization each year as well - their feedback is strongly considered in every decision made about the future of the organization. At HHCA we recognize the importance of how people achieve their goals and not just what they achieve.

Access to the HHCA Online Application and information about the organization can be found at the HHCA website: