Well, here it is. No one expected it to get done, and frankly neither did I. With some patience and a lot of free time, the framework for this website is complete. All of the links should be functioning properly and Steve doesn't have to twist an arm, leg, ankle, or any other one of my body parts. This also means people can't use the excuse of not knowing about upcoming events, and other basic club info. That said, it is now going to be Steve or whoever will manage this site in the coming years to use and update this site, because we all know how tacky Facebook is. So, welcome, stay awhile, and I hope this site stands to supplement your training.



I have big plans for what I hope to accomplish with this site. It will be an open site with users contributing to its success. However, as the users, be respectful about what is posted on the site. I will screen things to the best of my ability, but with such an educated community of jiu jitsu competitors, I trust that I won't have to oversee every little thing. Specifically, because we are affiliated with Indiana University, it is important that we take this into consideration and are restrictive about who will be permitted to have accounts.