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Half of Indiana Law’s Class
of 2010 scored within the top 9% of LSAT takers nationwide.


Student consulting with faculty member

from the Dean

IU School of Law-Bloomington, Dean Lauren Robel

Lauren Robel JD’83

“What really distinguishes Indiana Law is our students. They come to IU with a passion to learn in a supportive environment that emphasizes community. As you walk through our halls, you will see a diverse and talented group of men and women socializing, sharing ideas, working in clinics, leading student organizations, or participating on moot court teams. And all of this teamwork takes place with a recognition that individual success does not come at the expense of someone else’s failure.” More »

Rigor Meets Collegiality

Founded by the Trustees of Indiana University in 1842, the IU School of Law—Bloomington is world-renowned for its rigorous, intellectual legal education and collegial community of scholars.

Set against the backdrop of a beautifully wooded campus within a classic college town, Indiana Law is the ideal learning environment for the distinguished attorneys and public servants who emerge from our juris doctorate (JD) and graduate legal studies degree programs.

As one of U.S. News & World Report’s top 15 public law schools, Indiana Law’s tradition of quality legal education drives our commitment to providing today’s students with a rigorous curriculum and practical experiences.

Students in this highly competitive program are challenged to carve out individual paths to success—something that is supported by our intentionally small classes, competitive entry requirements, unique degree opportunities, and a roster of well-known faculty experts.

In December 2007, Indiana Law received a $25 million gift from the Lilly Endowment to attract and retain exceptional teachers and scholars and to further its mission to be one of the best public university law schools in the country. The gift will enhance our leadership in areas such as constitutional democracy, cybersecurity, criminal law and procedure, environmental law, intellectual property, and our innovative curriculum, including the new course, The Legal Profession.

Facts and Statistics

2007 Entering JD Class

  • 2,517 applications received
  • 214 total enrolled
  • 164 mean LSAT
  • 3.4 median GPA
  • 20% minority
  • 38% female
  • 33% age 25 or older
  • 48% postgraduate work experience; 10% postgraduate coursework
  • 64% nonresident, representing 34 states and the District of Columbia
  • 114 undergraduate institutions represented

Career Placement

  • 98.6% placement rate within nine months of graduation
  • 63% employed outside of Indiana
  • 19 students from the Class of 2008 obtained federal, state, or local judicial clerkships


  • 13:1 student to faculty ratio
  • 55 full-time law faculty
  • 6 clinical law faculty
  • 27 adjunct faculty
  • 36% women
  • 13% minority