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Clinic Program

Family and Children Mediation Clinic

The Family and Children Mediation Clinic is offered to second- and third-year law students. It offers hands-on mediation experience in a combined 6-credit course and clinical experience in which students mediate real-life disputes involving families with children, such as custody, parenting time, child support, and related disputes between parents in family law cases.

As trained mediators, the students assist low-income families and provide help in reducing court dockets. The mediation process offers a positive, respectful, collaborative course of action designed to reduce family conflict and help return decision-making about children to their parents. Although mediators are neutral, they have an ethical obligation to assist parents in focusing on their children’s best interests.

Students who work in this clinic will gain valuable and marketable legal skills. They will be fully trained and registered domestic relations mediators in Indiana, with experience mediating up to 12 real-life cases over the course of the semester. Most cases involve custody, parenting time, child support, and related disputes between families or guardians. There may also be an opportunity for students to facilitate in child abuse and neglect cases.

During the first three weeks of the semester, students meet each morning for a 3-credit-hour skills course in family law mediation taught by Professor Amy Applegate, communications and mental health professionals, and experienced local mediators. Following the mandatory three-week skills course, students will observe and mediate cases.


Starting the fourth week of classes, students attend two hours of class each week and devote one full day or two half-days to prepare for, conduct, and finalize mediations involving indigent or low-income families with children in Monroe and Owen Counties. Enrollment in this clinic is limited to eight students each semester. Interested students must first contact Professor Amy Applegate to obtain approval to enroll. After participating in the combined course and clinic, some students can continue their involvement by mediating additional cases or serving as student mentors for the clinic students.

Clinic participants will be expected to:

  • Mediate one case each week
  • Keep a journal of your mediation experiences
  • Meet regularly with the clinic director to prepare for and discuss your mediation experiences
  • Take all six credit hours
  • Be available for mandatory attendance every morning during the first three weeks of the semester
Contact the Family and Children Mediation Clinic

Clinic Director: Amy Applegate
E-mail: aga [at] indiana [dot] edu
Phone: (812) 855-9229
Fax: (812) 855-5128
Room: Lewis Building 303

B691: Family and Children Mediation Clinic course description