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MATH 262 Linear Algebra and Differential Equations

Experimental Section
Differential Equations and Chaotic Systems in Science

Spring 1998, 4 CR, C825, MW 11AM-12:40PM, LD 002

  • Office hours: MW 10-11AM
    • Raima Larter, LD 326 N,, 274-6882;
    • Wei-min Liu, LD 224 D,, 274-8481
  • Text:Blanchard, Devaney and Hall: Differential Equations, Brooks/Cole, 1998
  • Course description: This new interdisciplinary section will introduce linear algebra, differential equations, discrete dynamic systems, and chaotic dynamics with applications in various branches of science. The introduction to differential equations is mainly from a geometric point of view. In addition to traditional analytic solutions, you will learn qualitative methods for linear and nonlinear systems, as well as solving differential equations and plotting solutions with MATLAB and MAPLE. Topics include first-order differential equations: analytic, qualitative and numeric methods; linear systems; nonlinear systems: equilibrium point analysis, limit cycles; discrete dynamic systems and chaos; chaos in experimental systems. Also see the Bulletin of the School of Science.
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