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Statistics for Business and Economics

Target Audience

Undergraduate majors in business and economics as well as MBA students.


  • Economics
    • A first course in either micro or macro economics

  • Mathematics
    • Finite mathematics
    • Basic calculus

Course Features

  • Based on "Headline" situations
    • timely current events
    • short focused case studies
  • Incorporates Microsoft Excel laboratories

Example Topics

as seen in Examples of Excel Use and test questions on the course web page

  • The weight of pennies
  • Duration of economic expansions
  • Bank robberies
  • Expected lottery winnings
  • Multiple choice tests
  • Required time for exams
  • Selling loaves of bread
  • Thickness of sheet metal
  • Price of unleaded gas
  • Absenteeism
  • Death and speed limits
  • Pricing of housing
  • Wine consumption
  • Election fraud

Published Material About This Course

  • Textbook: Statistics for Business and Economics Using Microsoft Excel 97
    by William E. Becker, S.R.B Publishing, 1997.

  • Article: "Engaging Students in Quantitative Analysis with Short Case Examples from the Academic and Popular Press", in American Economic Review, May 1998, pp. 480-486.

  • Chapter 12 in Teaching Economics to Undergraduates: Alternatives to Chalk and Talk,
    edited by William E. Becker and Michael Watts, Edward Elgar Ltd., forthcoming, 1998.

Statistics for Business and Economics web page

For Further Information, contact ...

  • William E. Becker, Indiana University Bloomington Department of Economics

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