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Analytical Decision Making

Applied Mathematics for Business and Management

Target Audience

  • Liberal Arts majors at the junior/senior level in the Liberal Arts and Management Program (LAMP)

Course Description

A hands-on course to introduce management students to basic statistics, regression analysis, queueing theory, advanced spreadsheet techniques and linear programming.

Course Features

  • Team-taught by Daniel Maki (Mathematics) and Wayne Winston (Business), IU-Bloomington, since 1991

  • Real problems, from businesses and government, are used to motivate the mathematical topics covered

  • All mathematical topics taught in the course are used immediately in the projects

  • Students work in teams using technology

  • Students are required to document, explain, and defend their mathematical work.

Example Project

For Further Information, contact ...

  • Dan Maki, Indiana University Bloomington Department of Mathematics
  • Wayne Winston, Indiana University Bloomington School of Business

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