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Volume 1 no. 1, Fall 1997 (138 KB PDF)
__ Revitalizing Mathematics: MTC shows students how useful math can be
__ "From the Directors" column
__ Professors Teach the Stats on Crime
__ NSF Meetings
Volume 1 no. 2, Winter 1997/98 (108 KB PDF)
__ Mathematics in Action: Business and math combine to solve social and industrial problems
__ "From the Directors" column: A Good Start: Solid fall for courses, evaluation
__ A Win-Win Situation: Success for South Bend students and industry
__ Mathematics and Art: Unforseen `perks' exist for MTC course developers
Volume 2 no. 1, Fall 1998 (166 KB PDF)
__ Math as a Social Tool: IUPUI course delves into census data, teaches historical lessons
__ "From the Directors" column: A Productive Year: New courses, evaluation, and dissemination
__ Mathematical `Synergy': NSF evaluators optimistic about interdisciplinary efforts
__ A `One-of-a-Kind' Course: Speech and hearing sciences boost students' advantage in field
Volume 2 no. 2, Summer 1999 (96 KB PDF)
__ MATC Workshop: IU Bloomington to host national participants of NSF program
__ "From the Directors" column: A Productive Year: New courses, evaluation, and a national workshop
__ Playing Games: Mathematics and economics
__ Acting as a Pump, not a Filter: Keynote speaker shares lessons in interdisciplinary education
__ MTC Evaluation: The evaluator's perspective
Volume 3 no. 1, Fall 1999 (2.24 MB PDF)
__ MATC Workshop: IU Bloomington hosts national participants of NSF program
__ "From the Directors" column: Spreading the Word: Focus on materials and dissemination
__ Seek Nothing Less than Radical Reform: Keynote speaker offers challenge, encouragement to MATC
__ MTC at IU Southeast: Business, psychology, and biology motivate math
__ The Map is not the Territory: Appropriateness of models stressed in math/biology course
Volume 3 no. 2, Spring 2000 (2.07 MB PDF)
__ Art, Finance to Hold Summer Workshops: MTC workshops in Pennsylvania and Indiana invite teachers
__ Catching the Waves: Honors calculus at IPFW focuses on undergrad research
__ What the Numbers Mean: MTC course addresses math skills of journalists
__ Mathematics for Changing Times: Math/finance course prepares students for careers

Volume 4 no. 1, Fall 2000 (631 KB PDF)
__ Math/Biology Courses Reaches Teachers: Textbook attracts instructors at Montana workshop
__ "From the Directors" column: Learning by Doing: Workshops continue dissemination
__ Evaluators Contribute to Dissemination: Papers, presentations, an important part of evaluators' job
__ Math, Finance, and Mission Control: Real-world finance focus of workshop
__ Lessons in Mathematics and Art: VIEWPOINTS 2000 participants learn by doing

Volume 4 no. 2, Spring 2001 (305 KB PDF)
__ The Right Course at the Right Time: Math/politics course anticipates election excitement
__ "From the Directors" column: Dissemination at the National Level
__ MTC Course Developer Wins Award: IPFW's Peter Hamburger honored by school
__ MTC at the Joint Meetings: Booth, presentations generate interest
__ Math and Art Combination is Contagious: Classroom experiences shared at VIEWPOINTS 2000'

Volume 5 no. 1, Winter 2001/2002 (742 KB PDF)
__ Practice Makes Perfect: Revision, collaboration keys to biomechanics course
__ "From the Directors" column: Still Going Strong: Grant extension sustains our momentum
__ Math and Art at Clarion University: Courses takes cues from MTC developers
__ Workshops Flourish in 2001: Speech & hearing, physics, art, blend with math

Volume 5 no. 2, Summer/Fall 2002 (400 KB PDF)
__ Packing Our Suitcase: MTC steps up presence at national meetings
__ "From the Directors" column: A New Chapter: A new year brings new opportunities
__ My Personal Tutor: Software to go beyond assessment
__ Reaching Out on All Fronts: A miscellany of dissemination efforts

Volume 6 no. 1, Summer/Fall 2003 (1.9 MB PDF)
__ MTC Workshops: Hands-on approach attracts teachers
__ A Place to Tell Our Story: Teaching and learning book features MTC
__ Publications and Presentations: Texts, articles, talks disseminate courses

Volume 7 no. 1, Spring/Summer 2004 (1.1 MB PDF)
__ A Fresh Point of View: Educator visits, writes about MTC
__ Invention and Impact: MTC disseminates in Washington
__ Dissemination continues: Meetings, publications, workshops disseminate courses

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