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Indiana University School of Nursing Campuses

Founded in 1914, Indiana University School of Nursing has grown into the largest school of nursing in the country. It offers a full range of degrees in nursing, from BSN through doctoral, and actively seeks to promote progression of nursing careers by facilitating continuing education and transitions across all levels of nursing preparation. Almost 40% of the baccalaureate prepared professional nurses in Indiana graduate from the IU School of Nursing each year.

Indiana University School of Nursing's graduate program ranks 9th out of 80 schools of nursing that receive funding from the National Institutes of Health. US News & World Report ranks IU School of Nursing's graduate program 15th overall.

Indiana University School of Nursing is one school with various programs on eight campuses - Bloomington, Indianapolis, Columbus, Gary, Kokomo, Richmond, South Bend, and New Albany. To learn more about the various programs and schools, please visit any of the Indiana University School of Nursing Web sites.

Indiana University Purdue University - Indianapolis
Indiana University Purdue University - Columbus
Indiana University - East (Richmond)
Indiana University - Kokomo
Indiana University - Northwest (Gary)
Indiana University - South Bend
Indiana University - Southeast (New Albany)

Map of Indiana University School of Nursing campuses

Indiana University School of Nursing has been re-designated as a Center of Excellence in Nursing Education by the National League for Nursing (NLN) for 2009-2012. This is a voluntary process that involves preparation of material by the school itself and peer review. Schools must be accredited by a national nursing body to be eligible to apply. The School was first designated a Center of Excellence in 2006.

This recognition is designed to distinguish schools that:

•Demonstrate sustained, evidence-based and substantive innovation in the selected area;
•Conduct ongoing research to document the effectiveness of such innovation;
•Set high standards for themselves; and
•Commit to continuous quality improvement.
The Centers of Excellence Programs sets high standards and serves to truly distinguish and publicly recognize excellent schools.

NLN Center of Excellence designation

Indiana University School of Nursing Vision, Mission, Core Values and Strategic Goals:

Indiana University School of Nursing is leading with excellence in research and education, powered by innovation and partnerships.

The Indiana University School of Nursing exists to lead the "knowledge work" of nurses of today and tomorrow to positively influence the health of communities served by: inspiring learning through excellence in teaching; creating and advancing knowledge through science and research; shaping care through evidence-based practices, innovations and partnerships; and appreciating, developing, and recognizing faculty, staff, and students.

Core Values
Respect, Responsibility, Trust, and Dialogue. These core values are fundamental to the success of the nursing profession and the Indiana University School of Nursing community. These values are the foundation for our work, how we interact with one another, and help guide the strategies we employ to fulfill our vision, mission, and strategic goals. We are supportive of one another’s efforts, loyal to one another, and care for one another both professionally and personally. We embrace, own, and are energized by these core values.

Strategic Goals for 2009-2012

  • Advance IUSON’s reputation as a national leader in educational research, evidence-based educational practices, and progressive educational programs. (Teaching Excellence)
  • Position IUSON as a nationally renowned leader in research and knowledge development. (Research Excellence)
  • Develop new and sustain existing partnerships to support innovations in education and research that address current and future challenges in global health care and health professions education. (Innovations and Partnerships)
  • Integrate the school’s core values into the culture of the organization. (Recognition)
  • Acquire, allocate, and effectively manage resources to support the work of faculty, staff, and students. (Resources)
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Sycamore Hall 4th Floor, 1033 E. Third Street, Bloomington IN 47405
Phone: 812-855-1736 FAX: 812-855-6986