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Nursing Honors

School of Nursing Honors Faculty

Dr. Deanna Reising, Dr. Amy Wonder, and Dr. Desiree Hensel, School of Nursing faculty, coordinate the honors program for the School of Nursing. Students wishing to pursue School of Nursing honors should schedule a meeting with either Dr. Amy Wonder, Dr. Reising, or Dr. Hensel to discuss the program requirements.

Requirements for graduating with Nursing Departmental Honors

Students may express their intent to pursue School of Nursing honors at any point after being admitted to the nursing major. Nursing honors students must maintain a minimum 3.3 cumulative GPA or 3.3 nursing GPA, and a minimum 3.5 GPA in Nursing honors course work. Students must also be in good standing throughout their honors program.

The student must work with a faculty sponsor, and successfully complete each of the following:

Nursing Honors Proposal Development (3 cr.)NURS H399
Nursing Honors Research (3 cr.) NURS H499
Honors thesis or article for publication, approved by the faculty sponsor, and with a copy provided to the faculty sponsor.
Minimum 3.3 cumulative GPA or 3.3 nursing GPA, and minimum 3.5 GPA in Nursing honors course work.
H399 and H499 may count as electives toward the nursing degree.

Preparing for an Honors project

During the second year of the nursing major, students take H355 Data Analysis and R375 Nursing Research. Nursing Honors Proposal Development H399 is a 3 credit hour individual directed readings/research course in which honors students work directly with a faculty sponsor to design the research project. Nursing Honors Research H499 is a 3 credit hour individualized course in which the student analyzes data from the research project and writes a thesis or article for publication, under the guidance of the same faculty sponsor.


Faculty sponsors will work with honors students in the preparation of grant applications to support the honors research requirements.

Designing & completing an Honors study

The honors research project is a mutually negotiated plan between the faculty sponsor and the student to conduct a nursing research study. It typically involves investigating a substantive topic related to nursing practice, education, or administration.

Advantages & opportunities for Honors graduates

BSN students who pursue honors study at the IU School of Nursing enjoy a supportive environment and academic mentoring from faculty. Honors students wishing to enter graduate programs will have the advantage of advanced preparation in research prior to entering a graduate program. Additional opportunities in the clinical setting may be available to students completing honors requirements.

History of the Nursing Departmental Honors Program

The first group of seniors finished the BSN major on the Bloomington campus in 2005. Students who have completed nursing honors have presented and published their results in scholarly journals and have been successful in achieving admission to graduate school.

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