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Beth Cavallo Exemplifies Nursing Excellence by Precious Little

Beth (Milletary) Cavallo, RN, BSN, CCRN, never thought of becoming anything other than a nurse.

Cavallo, a 2006 graduate of IU School of Nursing (IUSON) in Bloomington, was a bedside nurse at IU Health Bloomington Hospital in the Cardiovascular Recovery Unit until recently. She cared for patients recovering from open heart, thoracic, and vascular surgeries, post cardiac catheterization and much more.

“I never thought of doing anything else [other than nursing]. When I was still in nursing school and working as a CNA at a nursing home, I realized how much people need your care and how you can really make a difference in their lives. In any situation, it feels good to know I’ve helped someone,” said Cavallo.

Cavallo believes in giving back to IUSON by donating her time, so she has remained an actively involved alumnus. Through her work with the IUSON Alumni Associations’ Advancement Communications Committee, Cavallo connects with a representative for each graduating class to help locate IUSON Bloomington alumni. She is also an active member of IUSON’s Community Advisory Group. 

“I donate my time because I feel a certain pride in having graduated from IUSON.  It made me a very well-rounded nurse and prepared me to be a lifelong learner. I try to remain connected and keep learning because nursing is an ever-changing profession,” said Cavallo.

IUSON is not the only group that appreciates Cavallo’s contributions. IU Health Bloomington awarded Cavallo the Cardiovascular Recovery Nursing Excellence Award twice - in 2008 and 2011. The award recognizes people who have made positive changes in that particular unit - team players, who demonstrate clinical expertise and excellent mentoring abilities. The award includes a scholarship of $1,500 that must be used for continuing nursing education.

Beth’s fellow RN in the Cardiovascular Recovery Unity, Kara McFall, nominated Beth for the CVR Nursing Excellence Award in 2011.
“Beth Cavallo was my primary preceptor during orientation.  The clinical expertise Beth displayed during orientation helped me, as a new nurse, feel comfortable learning and working in a critical care environment. Her patience knowledge and professionalism made her an excellent candidate for the CVR Nursing Excellence Award,” said McFall.

Cavallo utilized the award to not only help improve the scope of practice in the CVR unit, but to provide new information to her fellow co-workers.  Cavallo attended the National Teaching Institute & Critical Care Exposition in Chicago in 2008 and a different nursing conference in 2011. She attended lectures, poster presentations, and spoke with different vendors about the newest technology and nursing gadgets. She then brought back the information that she learned to her unit.

“To know that my peers appreciated the hard work I do made winning the awards a huge honor for me,” said Cavallo. 

Beth Cavallo

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