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Indiana University Bloomington Medical Simulation Center

The Indiana University Bloomington Medical Simulation Center was created in January of 2013 as a joint effort between the School of Nursing and the School of Medicine. The center consists of two inpatient rooms, Labor/Delivery and an ICU. Students begin their simulation experience in one of two debriefing rooms where they typically discuss the objectives of the simulation and select their role within the simulation. Roles can include Nurse, Doctor, Family Member or being an Observer to give constructive feedback during the debriefing of the simulation.

The Simulation Center has four high fidelity programmable manikins and a Harvey Cardiovascular/Pulmonary trainer. The high fidelity manikins include an adult 3G which can be male or female, a SimMom who can give birth, a newborn and a child. The center is staffed by a full time simulation technician who helps school faculty design, build and run the simulations for a variety of nursing and medical curricula.

Simulations can range from simple, allowing students to focus on communication and basic patient assessment to complex involving the need for split second decision and critical thinking skills. Regardless of the type of simulation the experience always concludes with an in depth debriefing, reviewing the simulation, the objectives of the simulation and a discussion in regards to what went well or what could have been done differently and how that might have affected the outcome. The simulation experience allows nursing and medical students to practice their patient care and communication skills in a safe environment.

Third year medical students being introduced to intubating skills.


Sixth semester nursing students practicing their post-delivery and newborn assessment skills.


Nursing students learning the process of a head to toe assessment within a critical care environment.


Sixth semester nursing students using Harvey to practice identifying various heart and pulmonary sounds and behaviors.


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