As a result of discussions during the BPCs annual retreat on September 23, the Council conducted a survey of professional staff September 28-October 5 in order to discover the top workplace priorities on the IUB campus. The survey was conducted using the web-based tool called SurveyMonkey, which was available to us at no extra cost. The staff were asked to rank 9 issues in order of priority, and they could only rank one issue as #1, one issue as #2, one issue as #3, etc. The 9th issue was listed as other, and staff were asked to fill in a text box with an issue that was not already on the list, and then rank that issue. (This was optional.) The survey also provided a space for general comments addressed to the Council.

815 professional staff employees responded to the survey (about 36.5%). For a summary of survey results, please click below. NOTE: The lower the number in the last column, the more important the issue was rated by the professional staff who responded to the survey.

Click here to see a summary of survey results.

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