Brent Molnar

Program Manager / Dir. On Air Promotion

WTIU, Indiana University Bloomington


Public Television Programmer’s Association/

Public Broadcasting Service Annual Meetings


In recent years, WTIU has experienced funding cuts at the state and national levels.  While we have been successful in stretching our limited resources to maintain services so far, learning how to better leverage our assets in the best ways possible is more critical than ever. 


The PTPA and PBS Annual Meetings were designed to teach new and efficient strategies for making the most of our assets.  There is no better opportunity, than this combined meeting, to gain so much knowledge in one place throughout the rest of the calendar year. 


The meetings also offered excellent opportunities to network with colleagues from across the country, and to jointly problem solve/create new strategies for serving our local communities in the most effective ways possible.


Featured speakers, the latest research, information-sharing, brainstorming, discussion and networking left me with a greater understanding of audiences, additional scheduling tactics, and new ideas to bring back to our local station.

The PTPA as well as PBS Annual Meetings not only provided me opportunities to build upon my knowledge of how to thoughtfully serve a diverse audience, but also allowed me to gain critical information which will support other WTIU/Radio TV departments as well. 


Current knowledge of programming available to the public broadcasting community allows me to provide support to WTIU’s Corporate Development, Major Giving, Membership, and Outreach departments - for the purpose of raising funds for the station. 


Having up-to-date knowledge of the content available through a variety of program distributors also allows me to encourage new content development in previously unexplored areas, while at the same time, delivering the best and most current programming available to WTIU’s viewing audiences, including faculty and students in the Indiana University community.


The PTPA and PBS Annual Meetings are vital to my position, and I was extremely grateful for the financial help IUBPC was able to provide to offset our station’s costs.  It made a big difference.  Thank you!