Indiana University Bloomington

IU Bloomington Professional Council

E-mail and E-mail Lists

E-mail to the Council

The Council's Communications Committee maintains an E-mail account which serves the common communication needs of the Council. The Council can be contacted by sending e-mail to this address:

E-mail to Council Representatives

Council Members welcome and encourage fellow professional staff to contact them with their concerns and issues. Individual Council members can be contacted via e-mail at: Council Members, Officers, and Volunteers

E-mail to Professional Staff from Council

The Council, in cooperation with Human Resources and University Computing Services, maintains seven electronic mail lists as moderated, closed-subscription lists on the listserve computer ( maintained by UCS. The lists are named iubpc_dist1, iubpc_dist2, ... iubpc_dist7, with one list for each of the seven IUBPC Election Districts.

The Council uses the lists to send e-mail to all IUB professional staff members on topics of current interest, informing staff of the activities of the Council and of current issues affecting the professional staff. Staff members who do not wish to continue receiving Council e-mailins need only to request that their e-mail addresses be removed from the list.

The Communications Committee periodically updates the lists, based on the most current staff information from Human Resources. If you are not receiving Council e-mailings and want to have your name added to the list, please identify your IUBPC Election District and send your name, email address, and council district number to This may be necessary to insure you receive Council mailing during first weeks or months if you are a new university employee, and your appointment information has not yet been picked up from Human Resources by an update of the mailing lists.

If at any time you wish to communicate with the Council or your elected representative, you may also send e-mail to the list representing your district. The message will be forwarded as appropriate to your Council representative or another member of the Council. Communications or replies sent to any of the district mailing lists by the general public are not recirculated to all members of the lists, but instead go to the account, to which only the IUBPC has access.

The Council encourages in put from professional staff. It helps the Council in its efforts to address issues. Send e-mail at any time on issues you think the Council should address to, or simply reply to or send mail to one of the seven iubpc_dist1, iubpc_dist2, ... iubpc_dist7 lists.

Thank you for your ideas, your interest in our efforts, and your support.