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Indiana University Bloomington Professional Council

Year End Reports 2006-2007

Reports from the Officers

Reports from the Committees


In the past year, the Executive Committee concentrated on several issues that impacted IUB and professional staff. These include;

  • Addressing the lack of Professional Staff representation on the search and screen committee for IU President. In their communications as well as in the final list of search and screen committee members and advisory groups, the IU Board of Trustees failed to include Professional Staff. This oversight was brought to their attention in a letter from the BPC, expressing a need for clearer understanding on the part of IU Trustees of the various IU constituencies. Following the correspondence, members of the executive committee had an opportunity to meet with the Trustees during a luncheon arranged by the Office of the Trustees.
  • The Anthem and Bloomington Hospital negotiations were a major concern and a topic of discussion at regularly scheduled meetings with Human Resources administration. Fortunately, the negotiations came to an acceptable conclusion.
  • The decision by IU Trustees to explore outsourcing as a means of cost savings was addressed by the Executive Council, and brought forth for broader discussion at the monthly meetings. The resulting letter to the Trustees related the BPC position on outsourcing of Indiana University departments and resources.
  • IUBPC representatives have been assigned to serve on critical committees that will impact our campus.
  • The Executive Committee addressed the proposed state constitution amendment banning gay marriage. This issue was brought to the BPC for discussion, and resulted in the passing of a Resolution against the amendment.
  • The Executive Council participated in the appointment of professional staff to serve on a variety of search committees. These include searches for the new Provost and for the new Dean of Libraries and the Dean of HPER. A BPC member was appointed to the review of the Dean of the IU Jacobs School of Music. In addition, members of the Executive Committee met with all five candidates for the position of IU Provost, and forwarded an opinion document to the BPC representative on the search committee.

The President of BPC attended meetings of the Bloomington Faculty Council, and both the President and Vice-President attended meetings with the administration of IU Human Resources. The Treasurer served as BPC representative on the IU Budgetary Affairs Committee.

Members of the Executive Committee worked coordinated with the Professional Interests Committee in an effort to increase the amount of the funds available for professional development grants. This is still a pending issue.

One of the goals for this year was to provide increased opportunities to hear from IU administrators. Guests included Neil Theobald, Steve Keucher, Violet Bloom, Terry Clapacs, and Dan Rives.

The Executive Committee also undertook the task of revising the committee structure of the BPC to better reflect the advocacy mission of the Council.

Submitted by Christina Kuzmych
IUBPC President

Indiana University Bloomington Professional Council
Vice-President’s End of Year Report 2006-2007

Activities for the 2006-2007 year:

  • Attended all Executive Committee monthly meetings.
  • Attended bi-monthly meetings with IUBPC President Christina Kuzmych, Dan Rives and Suzanne Ryan regarding issues facing the professional staff at IU.
  • Served on the Compensation System Initiative Steering Committee.
  • Presided over IUBPC meetings for President Christina Kuzmych in her absence.
  • Assisted with new council member orientation.
  • Lead the discussion at the IUBPC Annual Retreat in order to analyze and set the Council’s agenda for the upcoming year.

Based on the results of our Annual Retreat discussions, our Council’s agenda for this past year included the following priorities:

  1. Salary issues – cost of living vs merit increases, communication, equity, CSI – etc.
  2. Healthcare issues – communication about the process, part-time coverage, state legislature involvement – etc.
  3. Performance management issues – enforcing mandatory performance evaluations, training for supervisors – etc.
  4. Transportation issues – parking tags, parking places, bus passes – etc.
  5. Retirement issues – cost of life and health insurance – etc.
  6. Fee Courtesy issues – erosion of tuition benefit due to new and increasing fees, other add-ons – etc.

Upon reflection, I would say we made some progress on priorities 1 and 4 – we have a much better handle on the salary issues after inviting Neil Theobald, Stephen Keucher and Terry Clapacs to our Council meetings and some progress has been made with upcoming parking places (new garage) and bus passes. Of course, the Outsourcing issue arrived shortly after our annual retreat and became a big priority that has and will continue to take time away from other priorities. Another area of progress has been visibility of the professional staff and the Council – the meetings with the Board of Trustees and the new marketing initiative have helped in this area.

I have enjoyed serving in the role of Vice President and on the Executive Committee.

Thank you for your support and your service to the Bloomington Professional Staff.

Dan Ondrik
IUBPC Vice President

Communications Committee Year-End Report

Committee Members:

Jim Brown (Chair August-November)
Isabel Piedmont (Chair November-June)
Jim Sizemore
Tracy Smith

Volunteer: Kathleen Chmelewski (website)

Goals for the Year:

At our September retreat, we developed the following goals for 2006-07:

  1. Launch new and improved website
  2. Host forums on items of interest to professional staff
    • Health care
    • Retiree benefits
    • Racial climate on campus: involve the Human Race Machine, which shows individuals what they might look like if they were a different race (Eric Love of the Office of Diversity Education was planning to bring this to campus)
  3. Publish regular bi-monthly newsletters
  4. Assist in other communications to support BPC projects (e.g. Silent Auction)


  1. Hosted two public forums
    • Your Face, Different Race – forum on race at IUB, including an opportunity for professional staff to experience the Human Race Machine
    • The Future of Health Care at IU – forum exploring trends in health care as well as what UHRS and the Health Care Commission are discussing regarding health care for IU employees
  2. Published five newsletters
    • August, November, January, March, May
    • Solicited feedback for two surveys: “Toot your own horn” and “Professional development funding in your unit”
  3. Developed new website design – some content to explain BPC workings to lay people are still needed
  4. Organized community outreach activity in December – donations to Monroe County Head Start program
  5. Assisted in planning annual BPC reception on May 16
    • Ordered catered food and brought drinks
    • Created invitations for mailing by BPC staff
  6. Helped publicize the annual BPC Silent Auction


We made significant progress toward our goals this year. We had intended to launch the new BPC website before the end of the 2006-07 year, but since we are relying on the volunteer pro-bono service of Kathleen in the Office of Creative Services, we did not feel we could push the timeline. We are confident the website will be ready for launch soon. We published 5 newsletters instead of six, but we made good use of the published issues to highlight upcoming events and activities, as well as to remind staff of the professional development grant deadlines. So the timing of the newsletters worked well. We would have liked to host one or two other forums this year, but all committee members were very busy in their day-to-day jobs as well as with other commitments such as search committees and other university committee assignments. We feel the two forums that were held were very interesting and informative. We suggest that a greater publicity effort be launched before BPC forums next year to ensure good attendance.

Overall, we had a successful year, and I would like to thank all committee members and Kathleen, our volunteer, for their time and efforts.

Submitted by Isabel Piedmont
2006-2007 Chair, Communications Committee

IUBPC Nominations & Elections Committee
Annual Report 2006-2007

The nominations and elections committee was chaired by Janet East. Sherry Bennett, Nicole Roales, and Dee Verostko were committee members. Mike Halla, UITS, and a former council member, assisted us with the nomination and elections database. Our primary charge was to run the nominations and election process. This year, 403 people voted for the nominees. Last year, the committee listed as a future potential issue, the foundation of a university-wide staff council. Improved communications and the formation of a coalition might be of benefit to all staff members at Indiana University. Next year’s committee may wish to research this issue.

Submitted by Janet East
2006-2007 Chair, Nominations and Elections Committee

Bloomington Professional Council
Professional Interests Committee Annual Report


The Professional Interests Committee has spent the majority of its year on two tasks.

The first was the development and marketing of a database designed to collect information about the great value of varied experiences and talents the professional staff bring to the University. At this time, we have had only 5 staff members contribute their information. Perhaps an interactive site on the new website will offer us a chance to see more involvement in this project.

The second, and more regular, task was the decision of which of the 25 deserving professional staff members would be awarded with the limited funding from the Professional Development Grant program. The honored recipients are listed below. Again, with the new website, we might build a database from this information with a goal of increasing the visibility of this amazing opportunity.

  • Dawn Bakken, $400 - Associate Editor, Indiana Magazine of History --who was selected (by invitation only) to attend the National Historical Publications and Record Commissions (NHPRC) Institute for the Editing of Historical Documents conference in Madison, WI
  • Gilbert Brown, $400 - Associate Dean of Students, Division of Student Affairs --to present his research at the American College Personnel Administrators (ACPA) and National Association of Student Personnel Administrators (NASPA) joint conference in Orlando, FL
  • Dazhi Jiao, $400 - System Analyst/Programmer, IU Libraries Digital Library Program -- to present at the XML Conference in Boston, MA
  • Catherine A. Johnson-Roehr, $400 - Curator of Art, Artifacts, & Photography, The Kinsey Institute -- to attend “The Fine Art of Printmaking” workshop at New York University, and
  • Thomas Kenyon, $400 - Coordinator of Exploratory Student Resources, University Division Academic Advising --to present at the International Personal Tutoring and Advising Conference in Edinburgh, Scotland
  • Howard Lacer, $200 - Assistant Chief Engineer, Radio TV Services -- to attend the National Association of Broadcasters’ (NAB) Broadcast Engineering Conference in Las Vegas, NV
  • John Larkin, $200 - House Manager, Indiana University Auditorium --to attend the International Association of Assembly Managers (IAAM) Tradeshow and Conference in Salt Lake City, UT
  • Phil Meyer, $400 - Station Manager, WTIU (Radio/TV) -- to attend (by invitation only) the PBS Content Summit in San Francisco, CA
  • Dawn Ollila, $200 - Senior Editor/Project Manager, Indiana University Press -- to attend the Association of American University Presses Annual Meeting in Minneapolis, MN
  • Sari Pascoe, $400 - Grant Manager, Center for Latin American and Caribbean Studies -- to attend the Technological Innovation and Cooperation for Foreign Information Access (TICFIA) Conference in Albuquerque, NM
  • Suzanne Phillips, $400 - Assistant Dean of Students, Division of Student Affairs -- to attend the American College Personnel Administrators (ACPA) and National Association of Student Personnel Administrators (NASPA) joint conference in Orlando, FL
  • Premkrishnan Radhakrishnan, $200 - Senior GIS/Database Administrator/Developer, Indiana Geological Survey -- to attend the Frameworks Conference in North Bethesda, MD
  • Shauna Robbins, $200 - Assistant Director, Division of Recreational Sports --to attend the National Intramural-Recreational Sports Association (NIRSA) National School of Recreational Sports Management in Charlotte, NC
  • Susanne Schwibs, $400 - Producer/Director, Radio-TV Services --to attend the International Public Television (INPUT) conference in Lugano, Switzerland
  • Rhonda E.L. Spencer, $400 - Director of Admission & Placement, School of Library and Information Science -- to present/recruit at the Military Librarian Workshop in San Antonio TX.
  • Sally Todd, $400 - Assistant Director, Biocomplexity Institute/Physics -- to attend the National Science Foundation (NSF) Regional Conference in Oklahoma City, OK
  • Kathy Wyss, $200 - Development Officer, Department of Biology -- to attend the Council for the Advancement and Support of Education (CASE) V District Conference in Chicago, IL

Submitted by Mark Goodner
2006-2007 Chair, Professional Interests Committee