Memorial Resolution

Joseph (Joe) Fratter

Director, Capital Financing & Tax Management

(September 10, 1939 – March 22, 2001)

On March 22, 2001 we lost a treasured member of the IU and the professional staff family, Joe Fratter.

Joe touched lives in amazingly simple and profound ways. Those that shared the physical space of the Poplars building with him will never forget (and sadly miss) the heart felt greetings, the radiant smile, and the genuine interest he conveyed in your life. His colleagues in the Poplars building have been left with an emotional void that will be difficult to fill.

Joe truly loved IU. He received his bachelor’s and master’s degrees from IU in the 60’s. After establishing his accounting career in the private sector, Joe came to IU in 1988 working for the Treasury operations as the Manager of Endowments. Over the years, Joe was promoted into the role of the Assistant Director of Tax and Investment Management, and finally, into the Director, Capital Financing and Tax Management.

Joe’s professional colleagues here at IU and across the country have offered testimonials to his abilities in this arena. A close IU associate relates, "Joe was a quiet, yet strong leader. He elicited cooperation with good manners and through establishing reasonable expectations. Sometimes we forget about being good citizens when we are all busy and we have a problem. Joe never forgot. I always looked at Joe as someone I should strive to emulate. A true professional who knew his business and people." A colleague from an investment banking firm in New York adds, "In all our work Joe was truly a pleasure to work with him. He had a great laugh and saw the fun in what we had to do. Life is short. We work too much. And I cherish the people that I work with who can see the lighter side, or maybe it’s the 'lighted' side. Joe saw the lighter side of our lives and he helped so many of us share that vision." Another IU associate also spoke to Joe’s positive influence on those he encountered; "Over the past couple of years, I have had the pleasure of working with Joe and getting to know him better. For me he was always like bottled sunshine on a dreary winter's day. He was selfless. A simple encounter with him in the hallway or the stairwell reminds us of why we work here - it’s the people."

Joe’s concern for people extended beyond his immediate circle of co-workers. He served as a proxy and volunteer for the Bloomington Professional Council (BPC), and maintained an interest in the activities of the BPC throughout his time with IU.

He is survived by his loving family, his wife Judy, his three daughters and two sons, and four grandchildren. His cousin, Rich Macek, IU employment manager, was like a brother to Joe and a regular companion for their lunchtime walks. We extend our condolences and prayers to his biological family and all the others who were so touched by Joe Fratter to have felt to be part of his family.

This resolution is part of the minutes of the Professional Council. The President of the University shall send copies to his wife and family.


Todd J. Schmitz

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