Indiana University Bloomington


Professional Council

Business Meeting Minutes

Kelley School of Business, Room 3055

June 18, 2014


Council Members in Attendance: Rob Aspy, (Office of Affirmative Action Ex-officio), Lisa Cooper, Tony Emmons, Gillian Johnston, Rachel Lawmaster, Emily Liverman, Eric Love, Gwen McCay, Lauren McHugh, Jennifer Pearl, Jon Riveire, Suzanne Ryan (UHRS Ex-officio), Babita Upadhyay, Tony Walker.


Proxies:  Tony Emmons for Michele Kelmer, Jon Riveire for Maryanne McDonnell, Jennifer Pearl for Kyle Newnum, Rachel Lawmaster for Amanda Peterson, Jon Riveire for Kelly Thacker.


Members Not in Attendance:  Rosanne Dye, Karen Garrett.


Meeting Minutes


A motion to approve the May, 2014 minutes as written was made, seconded and passed.


Old Business


Annual BPC Retreat Update

The retreat is scheduled for Wednesday, July 30, from 9:00-5:00 in CIB Multi-purpose Room.  Maryanne is working on the agenda for the retreat. More details will be passed along as they become available.


Grant Proposal Process Re-design – Jon Riveire/Tony Walker

Tony presented a proposal for revisions to the BPC grant application process.  After some discussion, a motion was made to vote on the proposal today.  The proposal was seconded, and a vote was taken.  The final count was 3 in favor, 15 against, and one abstention.  Tony was asked to send the final proposal to members for a vote that will be taken via email, with a deadline of June 30.


One comment was made that stemmed from the survey that was recently conducted by the Communications and Marketing Committee is that $400 is not enough.  A possible restructuring of how funds are disbursed will be discussed by the Professional Interests Committee at this year’s retreat.


Financial Update (Fiscal Year-end) – Jon Riveire

Year-end balance of the IU Foundation account is $29,081.08.  Anticipated annual interest for this account is $719.66.  The 10-account will be zeroed out at year end.  Rozzie continues to be an advocate for our organization and has said she is open to supporting us getting additional funding from IU.


BPC Survey Results – Communications and Marketing Committee

The Communications and Marketing Committee thanked Michele Kelmer for getting the survey online. 


Prior to today’s meeting, Jen Pearl distributed the results of the survey to all BPC members.  At today’s meeting, next steps were discussed.  The question was raised, “What is the advocacy role of the BPC?”  All members were asked to review the survey responses prior to the retreat.  At the retreat, each committee will be asked to determine points of action that will be in line with the mission statement of the council.


Software Perk for IU Professional Staff Retirees

Suzanne Ryan reported the following retirement numbers for PA staff:  from 2011-2013, there were 293 retirements across all campuses.  Of that number, 159 were from the Bloomington campus.  Although there is nothing new to report concerning the possibility of a software perk for retirees, these numbers will help create some perspective as we move forward.


New Business


Executive Committee Officer Nominations

All BPC members are urged to consider running for a position on the Executive Committee.  The open positions are:  President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer and Parliamentarian.  New BPC members are eligible to run for these offices, with one exception:  in order to run for President, you must have served at least one year on the council.  Self-nominations are encouraged.   The election will be held at the July business meeting.


Selection Committee Sheets for 2014-15

Each BPC member is required to complete a committee preference sheet prior to the July business meeting.  Each person should complete this form, whether or not they wish to serve on the Executive Committee.  After the officer election has been conducted, the incoming Secretary will assemble the committees for the upcoming year based on these preference sheets.


Recognition of Outgoing Members

At today’s meeting, Jon recognized three BPC members whose terms will end June 30.  They are:


  • Lisa Cooper, Environmental Health and Safety
  • Karen Garrett, VPIT
  • Kelly Thacker, Residential Programs and Services


Each of them will receive an engraved paperweight as a small token of appreciation for their years of service.


Standing Committee Reports


Executive Committee –  6/04/14 – Maryanne McDonnell

Attendees: Kelly Thacker, Maryanne McDonnell, Emily Liverman and John Riveire. Met via Conference Call, 3pm-3:30pm

Not in attendance: Rhonda Deckard


  • Both Kelly & Maryanne will not be able to attend June’s Business meeting.  Rhonda will need to run meeting with assistance from Jon.
  • Created June 2014 Business Agenda
  • No Guest Speaker for June to allow for Standing Committees to report on their year in review.
  • Jon & Teresa have discussed funding for gifts for outgoing council members.
  • Decided to list individual Search & Screen Committees on Agenda
  • Maryanne suggested we track those Search & Screen Committees we know of that we were not asked to be a part of. (Example Dan Rives replacement). All agreed to tracking, but outside of meeting minutes and that the Secretary should track this in Box.
  • Discussed pay raise for Teresa. Jon was going to email Rozzie and cc: Suzanne Ryan about this.
  • Maryanne to schedule a meeting to discuss/plan retreat


Communications and Marketing Committee – Rachel Lawmaster

  • IUBPC Survey - Survey opened May 22 and remained open until June 13.  Reminders went out via the digest and on Facebook.  Jen will discuss this more at length during the meeting.
  • Email Template/Digest - First four email digests have gone out.  We received some concern about it being in a JPEG format for accessibility reasons.  Rachel is having a hard time connecting with IU Communications.  Michele Kelmer is providing guidance.
  • New Professional Staff Orientation Document - Document is done and up on website.  It can be updated as new requests come in.
  • Newsletter - Jennifer Piurek is leaving IU Communications.  We have three new contacts to send newsletter articles to.  We also asked for “click” information for our articles.  We are not getting a lot of hits in general, but our articles regarding the grants are getting the most traffic.
        • 5/15/14 - Lesa Hatley Major to speak at next IUBPC meeting: 34 clicks
        • 3/27/14 - ‘A Diversity and Inclusion Discussion and Panel’: 40 clicks
        • 3/13/14 - IUBPC grants, Proton Therapy Center: 53 clicks
        • 3/5/14 - Professional Council meeting (IUB): 45 clicks
        • 2/27/14 - IUBPC grants due April 1: 132 clicks
        • 12/5/13 - Bloomington Professional Council auction (online): 90 clicks
        • 11/14/13 - Professional Development: 122 clicks
  • Website - Give Now button has been added.  August 1 grant deadline has been added. 
  • Social Media - Facebook now has 154 likes.  Kyle is working on a format where professional staff can ask questions for the speakers before the meeting.
  • Informational Material - 35 emails to new and transferred professional staff were sent out for May.  The New Professional Staff Orientation Document link will be added to the emails.
  • “How To”/Recommendations - Members of the committee will make “how to”/recommendation lists for incoming members of the committee.  These will be posted to Box.


Outreach and Advocacy Committee

The next Know Your Campus event is a backstage tour of the theaters at the Lee Norvelle Theatre and Drama Center on June 24.  There are 42 signed up for the tour thus far.


Professional Interests Committee

Please refer to the Grant Proposal Re-design Process, under “Old Business.”



Ad-hoc and Campus Committees


Work-Life Balance Advisory Committee – 6/09/14 – Amanda Peterson


  • Susan Brewer, University HR (chair)
  • Jenny Fleetwood, University HR, Work Life Balance Coordinator
  • Cheryl Haium, CWA
  • Carolyn Calloway-Thomas, Faculty Council 
  • Catherine Dyar, Office of the Provost 
  • Laura Galloway, Affirmative Action 
  • Katherine Emerson, Graduate and Professional Student Association
  • Amanda Peterson, Bloomington Professional Council


  • Welcome Cheryl Haium, CWA
  • Having a Baby Webpage
  • Work-Life Balance events for fall semester
    • Format change    
      • Same location/time
      • Alternating sessions
    • IU Faculty and professionals for sessions (Sue Whiston, Julie James, Brandon Seig)
    • Webinars and/or recordings for website
  • Benefits fair in November
    • Discussion

Future meeting

  • Next meeting August 25, 2014 – First day of classes


Search and Screen/Review Committees


Associate Vice President & IUB Vice Provost for Research – Gillian Johnston

Gillian has been appointed by the Provost to serve on this search committee.


Vice Provost for Undergraduate Education – Rachel Lawmaster

The VPUE Search Committee has sent its final recommendation to the Provost for her review.





At today’s meeting, it was announced that BPC Member and Secretary, Rhonda Deckard, has tendered her resignation, effective immediately.  The Council wishes Rhonda all the best in her future endeavors.


The July business meeting will be held in conjunction with the annual retreat.  The date of the retreat is Wednesday, July 30, from 9-5, at the CIB Multi-purpose Room.


The business meeting was adjourned at 4:30 p.m.