Indiana University Bloomington


IUB Professional Council

Business Meeting Minutes

Kelley School of Business, CG3055

October 15, 2014

Council Members in Attendance: Patricia Crouch, Tony Emmons, Cassandra Franks, Linda Gales (CWA Ex-officio), Gillian Johnston, Mary Kern, Rachel Lawmaster, Emily Liverman, Gwen McCay, Maryanne McDonnell, Lauren McHugh, Kyle Newnum, Jennifer Pearl, Amanda Peterson, Roger Rhodes, Jon Riveire, Suzanne Ryan (UHRS Ex-officio), Kate Sartori, Jennifer Schepers, Babita Upadhyay, Tony Walker.


Proxies:  Tony Emmons for Robert Ping.


Members Not in Attendance:  Eric Love.


Guests:  Julia Jennings, Susan Norrell, Deb Speer.


Meeting Minutes

A motion to approve the September, 2014 minutes as written was made, seconded and passed.


Updates on Ongoing Conversations

  • Cyclotron Update and BPC’s Role
  • Lauren McHugh stated there have been no updates since her report in September.
  • The role that BPC can play in the Cyclotron closing is to serve as a means to network with those individuals who will be affected by the closing. 
  • Bloomington Faculty Council Meeting – 10/7/2014 – Rachel Lawmaster
  • Sexual Misconduct policy – UA-03
    • Comment period ends 10/29
    • Not the university’s response to sexual assault
    • Strictly complying with federal government requirement that the university have such a policy
  • Jim Sherman, BFC President met with John Whelan
    • Talked briefly about open enrollment
    • IUQP plan being replaced
    • Should be fairly small change in prices of health plans
  • Searches
    • Director of Art Museum – ongoing
    • VP for Research – ongoing
    • Dean of Media School – should be bringing in finalists soon
  • Reviews
    • Dean Goldsmith review completed 9/26
    • Larry Singell – 3 year review
    • Tom Gieryn  - assembling committee
  • Guests  - Jerry Minger and Laury Flint (Chief of IUPD)
    • IU has obtained 6 M-16 rifles from the military at no cost
      • Those using them are specially trained – only 1 has been deployed – other 5 are double locked in property room
      • Lots of concern among faculty about young people having access to these but they don’t…..only those that go through special training and certification
    • 3 members of IUPD on countywide CERT (SWAT) team
    • IU Cadet Program – qualifications, etc.
    • Annual Security Report – published 9/2014 -

At today’s business meeting, some concern was expressed regarding the possession of M-16 rifles by IUPD and by the fact that little to no notice was given to staff regarding the acquisition.  A question was raised as to whether a petition has been started regarding the presence of M-16 rifles on campus.  Also, has the Bloomington Faculty Council taken a position on this?  It was determined that more research was needed before BPC could form a statement.  Rachel will continue to look into the matter.

  • IUBPC IT Permissions


Lauren is working with Michele Kelmer from UITS and with EXECIT to define ownership of the BPC email accounts, specifically the IUBPC email account and the BPC events email account, as well as committee access to these accounts as needed.

  • Public Comment on IUB Sexual Violence Policy
  • This policy, as written, is meant to be a response to a mandate set by the federal government.  It is not meant to be seen as an end-all IU policy.
  • The public comment period for the policy ends on October 29.
  • A question was raised at today’s meeting as to how professional staff should respond when they hear of a possible incident.  Is there a set of instructions for staff, protocol that should be followed?  As a result, a motion was made to have the BPC put forward a statement asking for clarification for professional staff.  The motion was seconded and passed.  An ad-hoc committee, consisting of Jennifer Pearl, Rachel Lawmaster, and Patricia Crouch, will work on this.  Jon Riveire offered assistance as needed.

Finance Updates – Kyle Newnum

  • At today’s meeting, Kyle distributed the finalized form that BPC members and committees should use when requesting funds from the BPC account.
  • Kyle is still working with a couple of the August grant recipients to distribute funds.
  • A meeting has been scheduled for tomorrow, October 16, with a representative from the IU Foundation to discuss the BPC’s account there.

BPC Auction

At today’s meeting, Gillian distributed a list of potential donors for this year’s silent auction.  Each BPC member was asked to sign up to contact these potential donors as well as to add any others they might be aware of.  This list, as well as a call script, will be placed in the BOX account.  Members are asked to begin their call campaign beginning October 20.  In addition, a letter will go out to the BPC listserv, soliciting donations from PA staff employees.  All donations should be collected and delivered to the BPC office by November 21.  The auction will run from December 1 through December 12.


Standing Committee Reports


Communications & Marketing Committee – 9/22/2014 – Kate Sartori

Meeting Attendance

  • Present
    • Kate Sartori, Amanda Peterson, Roger Rhodes and Mary Kern
  • Not Present
    • Patricia Crouch & Emily Liverman

Project Area Discussion

  • Newsletter & Email Digest (Patricia)
    • Mary will now help with any necessary editing
  • Website (Roger)
    • Roger is looking to completely overhaul the website
    • Looking to create a test site in the near future
  • Social Media (Kate)
    • Kate is posting items that are passed along to her
  • Press/Communication (Emily)
    • Emily has been on maternity leave, however we talked about turning this position into more of the survey chair, will discuss further upon her return
  • Informational Materials (Mary)
    • Mary has been providing new employee guide to new folks
    • Mary will work to pass on information to each project area to help with more a more well-rounded communication and marketing approach

IUBPC Meeting Discussion Points

  • Survey Priorities
    • The areas that fall under Communications and Marketing are directly related to the website which Roger is working towards revamping and hopefully redoing
    • We will do our best to help advertise and promote any events, surveys, etc.
  • Auction Donations

    • We will help with promotional materials
      • Once told what information the committee would like to share, we’ll work to get that information out to everyone
    • Utilizing social media to gather donations?
    • Is there a way to show pictures of items up for auction?
      • Discussed the minimum bid idea as to not under-sell our items
  • Publication Deadline Request
    • Roger asks that information be submitted for the website ten days in advance
    • Patricia will follow the timeline created by previous committee members

              In addition, at today’s business meeting, Patricia distributed a timeline with deadline dates for items to be included in the Inside IUB publication.


Executive Committee – 10/08/2014 – Jennifer Pearl

Present: Rachel Lawmaster, Lauren McHugh, Kyle Newnum, Teresa Spiegel, Jen Pearl

Not present: Amanda Peterson

Cyclotron update (Lauren)

  • Closure date remains the same
  • UHRS recently had an information session with employees, including Jenny Fleetwood there. UHRS contracted with OI career consultants and have provided some helpful resources. Employees can schedule half hour one-on-one sessions. A few people have found new jobs around IU.
  • Skillsets of employees seeking jobs: project management, technical positions, IT
  • Jen will contact Suzanne about informing Cyclotron folks about BPC

Meeting with Suzanne in UHRS (Rachel and Jen)

  • Suzanne’s role: employee relations for IUB (essentially IUB HR director)
  • History of Suzanne’s work with BPC
    • Began when Diana Dupree was president 10 years ago
    • Over time, BPC set up the ex-officio system
    • BPC used to have a salary and benefits committee
    • Over time, UHRS under Dan Rives began to advocate more for BPC budget
    • BPC had time at Trustees meetings years ago, until 2002.
  • Suzanne’s approach:             
    • Focus on common interests and issues we want to solve together
  • Programs that BPC started over the years
    • Rewards and incentives program: a program that units can use to provide bonuses to employees. This still exists.
    • Performance management for professional employees.
  • Best practices for work with UHRS
    • Open communications and a good relationship with UHRS VP
  • Cyclotron closure
    • A few of the employees have been placed so far.
    • Career consultants are offering career coaching and assessments
    • BPC’s best way to contribute: networking and sharing information on vacancies prior to their posting. NOTE: BPC cannot reach out directly to employees affected by RIF due to privacy issues.
  • RIF
    • Jennifer Chaffin started RIF coaches under BPC
    • UHRS already provides some services, BPC is there to complement existing services of UHRS, unemployment office, and job bank
    • Suzanne sees the BPC RIF coach more as a listener/network. However, this may be limited and BPC would want to know when to direct back to Henry/Meredith in HR.
  • Grievances
    • Should not be confused with corrective actions
    • BPC should know these two separate policies
    • BPC members serve as a witness/stakeholder in meetings but cannot speak for the employee. All employees facing corrective action may have a witness that isn’t an attorney.
    • It is typical that employees may only know late about their hearing. They can reach out to Suzanne to request a reschedule so their advocate can attend.
  • Meeting with John
    • Share survey information and point out inequities across the system
    • ID priority items and where HR can help

Speaker schedule (Rachel)

    • Jenny Fleetwood of Work-Life Balancethis month
    • Rob Aspy: Title IX presentation – 4:15 pm
    • Bill Brown, Director of Sustainability – 3:00 pm
    • Videoconferencing is available for free. Will stream live + can archive. IT would bring in a mobile videoconferencing unit. Rachel will confirm with speakers that all are comfortable with this arrangement

Ex-officio letters (Jen)

  • All but two letters have been sent out. Awaiting Black Faculty and Staff Council contact from Gwen. Rachel reached out to IUSA president
  • For bylaw review: inclusion of graduate students?

Grievance/corrective action process (Kyle)

    • Filled in for Amanda this past week and met with an employee seeking an advocate.
    • Frank Epperson of UHRS offered to come speak to BPC about ADA. May consider this just for advocates. 
    • Kyle feels like it’s good to have this service, but we have to do it right.
    • Proposal: have an ad hoc corrective actions committee with more than one representative who can meet with employees, since it can be hard to schedule at the last minute.
    • Kyle will talk with Amanda about this proposal, then Suzanne from UHRS, then council if all are agreed that it is a good course of action.

Finance updates + subcommittee request form (Kyle)

    • Looked at survey results with Tony – big issue raised by BPC constituents is the amount provided by grants. Tony and Kyle discussed moving grants from 3x per year to 2x per year ($600 per grant instead of $400 per grant).
    • Plan to continue doing auction in fall, add spring dine to donate event.
    • Would need to adjust spans of time for when grant must be spent.
    • Question: should each committee have its own budget? Need to discuss with chairs.

Updates on recording IUBPC processes on Box (Lauren)

    • We have Outreach draft procedures for Know Your Campus and staff recognition; Communications is mainly done.
    • New member orientation items to go on Box (Teresa).

State of the University – remember to watch it next week.

IUBPC IT permissions (Lauren)

  • Lauren will follow up with IT accounts ownership
  • EC recommendation is that Teresa will own accounts as our only constant, with access given to committees.

Business meeting agenda: created

Meeting with UHRS Associate Vice President John Whelan: end of October. Preparation for meeting will occur via email.


Outreach and Advocacy Committee – 10/07/2014 – Lauren McHugh


PRESENT: Jennifer Schepers, Lauren McHugh, Tony Emmons, Rob Ping, Gwen McKay

NOT PRESENT: Maryanne McDonnell, Cassandra Franks

•       Get to Know Your Campus – Updates:

o      September Event: Rob

▪       Athletics tour led by Chuck Crabb - Update-Two tours were offered in September and had approximately 32 on the first tour and 30 on the second.

o      October Event: Cassandra

▪       Update from Cassandra about ghost tour for October tour –

•       Per discussion, Cassandra to write up memo to request funds from Exec. Committee and present at September meeting – to include details about time, purpose, date, etc. -Update- due to limited availability of this tour at this time, this option will not be pursued further this year, as a Know Your Campus Event. Instead, tours at the Jordan Greenhouse have been confirmed for the following dates:

•       1st tour: Friday October 24th from 12:00-1:00 (max 15 attendees)

•       2nd tour: Friday October 31st from 12:00-1:00 (max 15 attendees)

o      November Event: Lauren  - Update - Outreach Committee does not intend to pursue KYCE options November-January due to holidays and start of spring semester.

▪       Update from Lauren, about Student Central – originally November worked best for SC and Lauren will follow-up to see if that will work for tour

•       Back-up would be the tour that is NOT done in September


▪       University Curator for a tour of IU art (Cassandra to inquire)

▪       University tour of Union and new organ/bell tower (Robert to inquire)

▪       Final Cyclotron tour (Lauren to inquire)

▪       Hilltop Garden & Nature Center (Robert to inquire)

•       Hoosiers for Higher Education:

o      Update - Rob joined, has not heard anything back (over a month).

•       My Sister’s Closet Service Event:

o      Not discussed

•       Healthcare Event:

o      Discussed briefly as an idea for an event this year

•       Spring Forum:

o      Lauren noted that Exec. Committee had discussed submitting request for funds

o      Gwen suggested a panel discussion from all directors – discuss plan for going forward - Update - Gwen currently moving forward with coordinating this event.

▪       Discussion of First Nation house

▪       Cost of roughly $400 for food and speakers

•       Recognition of Outstanding Professional Staff:

o      Update - Gwen to lead the coordination of lunch for Professional Staff Merit Award recipients. Lauren has draft processes posted on Box for this committee task. Rachel Lawmaster contact for this event from Campus.


•       Other Items:

o      Welcome to new Council and Outreach Committee member, Jennifer Schepers!

o      August: R. Ping suggested using the “IT Training” page as a mechanism to send out the tour and sign-up information – UPDATE: R. Ping determined this was NOT feasible

o      August: Suggestion of a general “Introduction” to be written and presented before each tour so individuals know how IUBPC was involved – UPDATE: Lauren has drafted and has posted on Box.

o      August: Suggestion of a document to explain “Expectations & Procedures” for the facilitator of the tour for the month – a checklist of sorts so new committee members can make sure all items are taken care of – UPDATE: Lauren has drafted and has posted on Box.

o      September: R. Ping suggested submitting a yearly budget to Exec. Committee for use of funds for Spring Forum, networking events, items such as ghost tour, etc.

▪       Discussion of fiscal year vs. calendar year

▪       Update - Rob working on draft budget for this committee to run through June next year. Plan is to route through this committee before submitting to EC.

o      September: Discussion of Networking events – derived from review of the survey and the need of more networking events around campus

▪       Idea is that at the end of the monthly tours, a half hour “networking meet and greet” will be tacked on where individuals introduce themselves and mingle

▪       Light refreshments to be included

•       Gwen noted that we would have to verify this with the tour coordinator to make sure it would be permissible to have food/drinks in the building

•       Would need to make this a case by case basis depending on the tour location

o      September: Brief discussion of soliciting help from other committees if workload is too much for group

o      September: Discussion about moving O&A committee meeting to first Tuesday of each month so more time to draft minutes and so Lauren can attend BEFORE the Exec. Committee meeting – all in agreement to meeting moved to first Tuesday of month

o      September: Discussion about folder permission in Outlook for Events email – Lauren to inquire if all can get permission to see folder in own personal Outlook - Update - Lauren communicating with Michele Kelmer on this topic.

o      September: Staff Merit Awards: Lauren discussed and shared that procedures were available for O&A involvement

▪       Winners usually announced in November

▪       Gwen offered to attend on behalf of O&A - Update - added as major task item above.

•       Action Items:


o      Reach out for Spring tour ideas – R. Ping, C. Franks, Tony Emmons, Jennifer Schepers

o      October event planning – C. Franks (Jordan Greenhouse)

o      February event planning - T. Emmons (Alumni Hall)

o      March event planning - J. Schepers (IU Cinema)

o      April event planning - R. Ping (Hoagie Carmichael)

o      April forum planning  - G. McCay (Culture Centers)

o      Draft instructions/expectations document for tours – Update - All committee members to review before next meeting.

o      Draft “Introduction” document for language used for tours – Update - All committee members to review before next meeting.

o      Update - Draft "New Committee member" document/checklist - Lauren to draft

At today’s business meeting, Cassandra announced that, due to the popularity of the upcoming Jordan Greenhouse tours, two additional tours have been added to accommodate more people. 


Professional Interests – 10/01/2014 – Tony Walker

Attendees:  Tony Walker, Babita Upadhyay, Jon Riveire, Kyle Newnum


  • Silent Auction
  • Misc.


  • Silent Auction:

Gillian was unable to attend to discuss her progress on a contact script, list of donor contacts, etc. However, she will have those items ready for the council meeting. In this way, the council should be able to start thinking about soliciting donations for the silent auction.

Tony provided some stats on donations and proceeds from the previous auction that gives some insight into what items might perform well this year. Those stats will be shared at the next council meeting.

Kyle would like to set a goal of raising $2000 in the auction. We also discussed some strategic issues surrounding funding, transfer of funds, and use of accounts. These topics can be discussed at the next council meeting.


Ad-hoc and Campus Committees


Campus-wide Committee on Accessibility – 10/03/2014 – Gwen McCay

Those present included:  Lindsey Breitwieser, Karen Correll, Frank Epperson, Nancy Gambrell, Pete Goldsmith, Gwendolyn McCay, Bob Richardson, Brian Richwine, Shirley Stumpner, June Wickboldt, Sherrril York, Kurt Zorn

The meeting was called to order at 3 p.m. by Pete Goldsmith

After introductions, the status of the elevators in Ballantine Hall was discussed. It was reported that the elevators are no longer locked to prevent access to the first three floors. This removed a long standing barrier to access to Ballantine particularly in the evening.

This led to discussion of some other facilities concerns that members had including:

  • Access to the lower level of the library;
  • Access to the women’s locker room in  the School of Public Health; and
  • Full access to Student Central on Union Street with the addition of some staff in that building.

Bob Richardson took some notes and said he would talk with Hank Hewetson about these issues.

We then turned to Committee Reports.


Facilities Committee: In Hank’s absence, Pete reported that there was no new news on the updating of the map to identify accessible routes.  Julie Knost indicated that she would assume responsibility for this project and Lindsey Breitwieser suggested that the Graduate and Professional Students Organization (GPSO) could be helpful in identifying students who have the interests and the skill to help with this project.


Education and Training Committee: Sherril York shared some resources. The first is an official publication for the 25th anniversary of the Americans with Disabilities Act. This publication is $7.95 per copy. Julie offered to buy 20 or so copies. The distribution of these can be decided when they arrive. In addition, Sherril had information about a webinar on Nov 12 entitled: ADA Innovative Approaches to Campus Access. Pete offered to make arrangements for this webinar. Details will be sent to the Committee as soon as they are available.


Technology and Electronic Resources: Brian Richwine reported that accessibility discussion within UITS has resulted in the creation of an ADA Coordinating Group and an ADA Working Group that will focus on accessibility issues university-wide for hardware and software. This led to a discussion of the need to continue this work within out committee. The conclusion was that we should continue our committee because we are uniquely focused on the Bloomington campus and have broad representation to identify areas of concern.

We then had a general discussion about the committees. Were there others that need to be included? After some discussion, we agree that an Event Planning Committee ought to be created to attend to non-classroom events like meetings and conferences for which accessibility is becoming a bigger concern. Pete invited the committee members to send in their preference for a committee. This will be discussed at the next meeting.

We ended our meeting with a discussion of our agenda for the coming year. The only additional issue raised was one that dealt with temporary closures. Are these coordinated with all departments within the facilities area so that all accessible routes are not closed?

Committee members also asked that a list of committee members be distributed. The meeting was adjourned at 4 p.m.


Staff Merit Awards Committee – Rachel Lawmaster

We met as a full committee on September 23rd.  From there we broke into 3 subcommittees – Professional Staff, Support Staff, and Service/Maintenance Staff.  Rachel is chairing the Professional Staff subcommittee.  Each subcommittee is meeting on its own and conducting its review and interviews independently.  Professional staff being considered for interviews will be notified by the end of the month.  The Staff Merit Awards event is Monday, December 15th at 3:30 p.m. in the IMU Frangipani Room.


Guest Speaker:  Jenny Fleetwood, IU Work-Life Coordinator

Jenny provided a brief overview of the services her office provides.  The office was created almost two years ago to cover some of the services that had formerly been provided through the Office for Women’s Affairs.  Their website is located at In addition, full-time staff employees who are eligible for benefits through IU have access to  The link is:


The Work-Life Balance office will be a part of the open enrollment employee benefits fair on November 12, from 9:00-3:00 in the IMU, Alumni Hall. In addition, the office may be contacted for one-on-one strategy sessions, as well as workshops and seminars.  Please send any feedback or ideas to




At today’s meeting, the BPC welcomed new member, Jennifer Schepers.  Jennifer will serve as a member of the Outreach and Advocacy Committee.


The November business meeting will be held Wednesday, November 19, from 3-5 pm in KSOB CG3055.


All committee reports should be submitted to the BPC office by noon on Wednesday, November 12.


Meeting was adjourned at 4:40 pm so that the Executive Committee could meet with standing committee chairs.