Indiana University Bloomington


Professional Council

Business Meeting Minutes

Kelley School of Business, Room 3055

March 12, 2014


Council Members in Attendance:  Rob Aspy (Affirmative Action Ex-officio), Mike Baker (AFSCME Ex-officio), Lisa Cooper, Rhonda Deckard, Tony Emmons, Gillian Johnston, Rachel Lawmaster, Emily Liverman, Eric Love, Gwen McCay, Maryanne McDonnell, Lauren McHugh, Sarah Myers, Kyle Newnum, Jennifer Pearl, Amanda Peterson, Jon Riveire, Kelly Thacker, Babita Upadhyay, Tony Walker.


Proxies:  Tony Walker for Rosanne Dye, Ed Vasquez for Linda Gales (CWA Ex-officio), Tony Walker for Karen Garrett, Tony Emmons for Michele Kelmer.


Guests:  Diane Coon, Kelley School of Business; Jenny Fleetwood, UHRS; Keatrick Johnson, UHRS; Dan Rives, UHRS.


Meeting Minutes

A motion to approve the February, 2014 minutes as written was made, seconded and passed.


Old Business


Service Project Update – Outreach and Advocacy Committee

The committee is still waiting to hear back from My Sister’s Closet regarding the venue for their event on April 10.


BFC Meeting Update – Emily Liverman

Provost Robel discussed the proposed strategic plan.  Pertinent items included trying to reduce duplication of efforts across campus, expanding IU’s online presence and the need to facilitate a cultural shift to encourage cooperation between departments.  The BFC will work with the Provost on shared governance.


At today’s BPC meeting, several members commented that the strategic plan does not specifically mention professional staff.  Jen Pearl volunteered to put together a statement in response.  All BPC members will be asked to read, and then vote on, the proposed statement.  The statement would need to be delivered to the Provost no later than the end of next week (March 21).  Review of the proposed statement and the vote to approve or disapprove will be done electronically.


Election Update – Emily Liverman

The nomination piece of this year’s election is currently live.  The link for nominations will remain open until March 18.  The election will begin April 7.


BPC Survey Review – Communications and Marketing Committee

The survey has been modified slightly, based on comments made by BPC members.  Maryanne is working with the Center for Survey Research to get the survey ready for distribution.  It will go out after spring break.


Professional Development Grant Deadline – April 1 – Professional Interests Committee

The deadline date has been published in “Inside IU.”  It will be published again this Thursday, March 13.


New Professional Staff Orientation Document – Communications and Marketing Committee

The list of items to be included in the new professional staff orientation document has been added to the BPC BOX account.  Members may modify the list to include additional items.


Monthly Financial Update – Jon Riveire

Operating Account (10-account) is currently at: $2,736.00, including $1,419.00 from the silent auction.


          IU Foundation Account: $28,385.61
          Projected Annual Income: $719.66


New Business


Bylaws Review Committee Discussion – Emily Liverman

Emily asked each standing committee to review its section of the Bylaws to see if there is any wording that should be changed.  She would like to present a full revision to the BPC in April, to be voted on at the May meeting. (Proposed revisions made to date can be viewed under “Ad-hoc and Campus Committees – Bylaws Review Committee” in today’s meeting minutes.)


Annual BPC Retreat – Date and Location Suggestions – Maryanne McDonnell

Maryanne asked BPC members for suggestions as to possible locations and dates for this year’s retreat.  The general consensus is that everyone likes the location on Union Street.  If we use that location, it might be necessary to schedule the retreat one week earlier than our normal July business meeting.  Possible dates are Wednesday, July 16, and Wednesday, July 23.  Anyone with suggestions for lunch should forward them to Maryanne.


Standing Committee Reports


Executive Committee – 3/5/14 – Kelly Thacker

  • Sent messages on behalf of professional staff concerned about snow and ice removal related to injuries to support and professional staff across campus.
  • Coordinated 2 grievance representative meetings for professional staff member.  Kyle Newnum served as the BPC representative for both of these meetings.
  • Spent time providing historical information related to BPC bylaws. Discussed questions for the Bylaws Review Committee.
  • Discussed by-weekly email template suggested by the Communications and Marketing Committee.
  • Discussed liaison responsibilities and communication with each committee and committee chair.
  • Discussed Dan Rives retirement and exclusion in the search committee.
  • Discussed BPC financials and updates from Jon related to information and lack of information received.
  • On 2/20 Kelly sent a statement to the IDS regarding Provost Robel speaking at our February meeting.
  • Reviewed and approved February meeting minutes.
  • Created agenda for March meeting.


Communications and Marketing Committee – 3/7/14 – Rachel Lawmaster

     IUBPC Survey

Jen received feedback from the committees.  We further edited the survey within our committee meeting.  Jen will make the suggested edits and contact Maryanne about meeting with someone from the Center of Survey Research.


     Email Template

We will be using a template from the IU Branding website.  Lisa will edit in Photoshop, and once complete we will use it as our official IUBPC email template.


     New Professional Staff Orientation Document

Rachel edited document further on Box.  We will begin work on the official document soon.



Know Your Campus March event and BPC Grant deadline information has been submitted for March 13th newsletter.



Amanda has been working with Teresa on the website.  Julia Newnum’s profile and article regarding the grant funds is now on the front page.  Other edits such as news articles, dates, etc. has been updated.


     Social Media

Linked In group has now been set up.  The “group” makes it easier to steer conversations/discussions.  It is an open group, but Kyle has the ability to approve people.  He is also working on changing our Facebook cover photo using the IU Branding website options.


     Informational Material

Lisa has sent out welcome emails to 18 new and transferred employees for February. 


Outreach and Advocacy Committee – 3/4/14 – Lauren McHugh

Present – Gwen McKay, Lauren McHugh, Tony Emmons, Michele Kelmer, Maryanne McDonnell.

Not Present – Sarah Myers (emailed input prior to meeting), Rhonda Deckard.

  • Get to Know Your Campus Events Updates

    • February Event:  RPS Tony – Went very well, received suggestions for future events, one being the IU Auditorium (Doug Booher, contact).
    • March Event:  Cyclotron Clinic Lauren – March 28th
      • Current update after meeting – Invitation for event sent to Communications and Marketing Committee to be included in next IUB online newsletter. Need to send invite to Teresa for distribution to Staff.
    • April Event: Music Bldg.  Michele – choosing date (avoid Little 500 weekend).
    • May EventAdmissions Office – No current update.
    • Summer Events:  Committee decided in January to pend for BPC survey results
      • June Event:  TBD
      • July Event: TBD
      • August Event: TBD
  • Spring Forum April 2014:  Diversity and Inclusion Discussion and Panel:

    •  Gwen Update:
      • Funding has been secured/approved for April forum refreshments - $250 approved by Rozzie Gerstman. Next step is for Gwen to order the refreshments.
      • Save the Date has been sent out! Future invitation to come (registrations/questions).
      • Gwen talked to Deborah Westerfield, Asst. to the Provost - future reference, it would be a good idea to first send any material such as recent Save the Date with Provost, through Catherine Dyer, Chief of Staff for Provost (when reviewing for distribution purposes).
    • Fall Forum:  Discussion:
      • Get input from survey on future events (see below on Survey update)
      • Discuss future funding?
  • Communication & Marketing Committee: Sarah Update

    • Survey update:  Questions, dates, completion
      • The Communications and Marketing Committee has requested additional info, via Sarah – what topics are people interested in? Can our committee come up with a few topics (so that people can select from a predetermined list instead of leaving such an open ended question)? Gwen responded via email with some suggestions, a few others were provided during this meeting that was then forwarded to Sarah. Will let C & M Committee provide further updates.
  • Hoosiers for Higher Education:  On Hold
  • Other:  Lauren reminded members to review By-laws (on behalf of the By-Law Committee) for Standing Committee charges (questions, concerns, etc..). Also a few questions regarding BPC funding (where does funding for annual retreat come from?) – discussion that came about with forum funding concerns.
  • Next meeting:            Tuesday, April 1, 2014,  4:00 – 5:00 pm, Bryan Hall CR

Professional Interests Committee – 3/5/14 – Tony Walker

Attendees:  Babita Upadhyay, Karen Garrett, Tony Walker, Rosanne Dye

1) Dine-to-donate

2) Mentoring



1) The committee is still working through the implementation of a dine-to-donate program. Tony is working on the forms and compliance with policy. Karen is working on a script. Babita and Rosanne have assembled a list of restaurants in Bloomington. We still need volunteers to contact restaurants. 


2) The committee has been considering a number of ways to address mentoring. One idea, is to answer questions, point staff toward resources, etc. via a blog-like (or web forum-like, Facebook page, etc.) resource. A part of this “blog” is allowing staff to submit anonymous questions that can then be answered publicly without the requestor exposing their identity. Babita has contacted the Communications and Marketing committee about providing such a “form” or “link” from the BPC page. Karen is talking to UITS about various implementation issues (e.g., security issues surrounding an "anonymous form”).


Next Meeting:  Wednesday, April 2 @ 10:00 AM, Neal-Marshall Black Culture Center (NMBCC) A227


Ad-hoc and Campus Committees


Bylaws Review Committee – 2/27/14 – Emily Liverman

In attendance: Emily Liverman (Chair), Lauren McHugh, Kyle Newnum, Jen Pearl


Committee met. Committee report at the previous Council meeting was discussed. Exploratory questions from previous committee meeting were discussed.


Section 4.B.4, changed alphabetical to random for the order of names when using paper ballots for elections


Section 6.5.1 and Section were added to clarify the rights of attendance of nonmembers, particularly, non-Council member proxies, at an executive session. In short, they do not have the right of attendance, but it may be granted.

Section 6.7, added “Council” to meeting description to clarify

Section 8.A.1.1, clarify that absences from committee meetings do NOT negatively impact the recorded absences of a member’s attendance to Council meetings

Section 8.A.4, committee report submission timeline changed to bring bylaws in line with practice

Section 8.A.9, delete “in September” as the directed time in which to hold the annual retreat


Attendance policy discussed. Very generous to allow 3 proxied absences and 3 unproxied absences. Conclusion: 2 proxied absences and 2 unproxied absences (a third of the year instead of half the year) allowed. Appeal process maintained and further defined. Note that any FMLA or other University recognized leave does NOT count against a member for attendance reasons.


Added Appeal process to Section 6.7(.1): In addition to the appellant’s written appeal, the process will include a conversation between Executive Committee and appellant’s Standing Committee chairperson. If a Standing Committee chairperson is the appellant, then his/her Standing Committee will select a representative from their committee. If an Executive Committee member is the appellant, then the conversation will include the rest of the Executive Committee and all Standing Committee chairpersons. Transparency and equity is the goal here.


Note:  Executive Committee is designated as a Standing Committee and should therefore give monthly meeting reports.


Hoosiers for Higher Education: Not defunct. The main IUBPC email address is on their email list, for the Council.


Request of Committees:  Please read the description of your Standing Committee’s responsibilities. Suggest amendments to reflect current duties. Keep in mind that language should be both specific to the task and broad for growth.


Next meeting: TBD


Campus Child Care Coalition – Amanda Peterson

One of the child care facilities on campus lost its books due to a flood that occurred during the winter.  The BPC could use this as a service project.  Anyone who would like to donate should focus on books that are appropriate for children ages 3-5 years old.


Campus Sustainability Advisory Board – Gillian Johnston

The Campus Sustainability Advisory Board met with Provost Robel and has proposed changes to the Campus Strategic Plan. The proposed changes and draft letter will be submitted later this week.


Campus-wide Committee on Accessibility –Gwen McCay

Gwen reported that, although the committee had discussed hiring a coordinator, the decision was made that Julie Knost would fill this role.


Search and Screen/Review Committees


Search – Office of Vice Provost for Undergraduate Education – Rachel Lawmaster

The committee will meet for the first time Wednesday, March 26.




The April BPC business meeting will be held Wednesday, April 16, from 3:00-5:00 pm, in Kelley School of Business, Room 3055. 

The business meeting was adjourned at 4:00 p.m., and the BPC welcomed Dan Rives, Keatrick Johnson and Jenny Fleetwood.


Guests:  Dan Rives, Keatrick Johnson and Jenny Fleetwood


Dan Rives introduced Keatrick Johnson, who spoke to the BPC about a tool that is available on the UHRS website.  It is called a retirement readiness calculator.  This tool will enable users to see where they are in terms of what their income will look like, based on investments made.  The tool may be accessed by going to


Jenny Fleetwood spoke about another tool that is available through the UHRS website, access to  This tool can be used to aid employees in finding quality care, either for children or the elderly.  The link can be accessed by going to  Please note that in order to obtain IU pricing for services, you must go through the IU portal, found on the UHRS website.