Indiana University Bloomington


IUB Professional Council

Business Meeting Minutes

Union Street Center, Cedar Hall Auditorium

January 20, 2016


Council Members in Attendance:  Rob Aspy (Ex-officio), Pauline Campbell, Tony Emmons, Chris England, Liese Hilgeman, Julia Jennings, Melody Lynch-Kimery, Gwen McCay, Amanda Peterson, Robert Ping, Roger Rhodes, Suzanne Ryan (Ex-officio), Katie Saur, Shannan Stryjewski, Kelly Thacker, Misty Theodore, Mark Traas, Babita Upadhyay, Jacob Warner.


Proxies:  Chris England for Sarah Hatch, Julia Jennings for Lindsey Hojnowski.


Members Not in Attendance:  Patricia Crouch, Susan Fleener.


Guests:  Rene Henry, Sr. Assistant Director, Student Advocates Office; Sally Jones, Director, Student Advocates Office.


Guest Speakers: Sally Jones and Rene Henry, Student Advocates Office

Sally spoke to the BPC about the Student Advocates Office and the role it plays at IUB.  Advocates are retired faculty and administrators who volunteer their time to work with students to help them solve problems and make progress toward achieving their academic goals.  Advocates assist students in various ways, including academic, judicial and administrative matters.


Another way the Student Advocates Office helps students is financially, both through an emergency loan program and through the Warren Grant.  They also partner with IU’s Financial Literacy Program by enrolling all students who apply for financial assistance through their office in Moneysmarts.


Last year the Student Advocates Office became more aware of the problem of homelessness and hunger among the student population.  As a result, the Crimson Cupboard began. This food pantry is located in the lobby of Campus View Apartments and is currently open Monday and Friday afternoons.  Learn more about the Student Advocates Office by visiting their website at


Rene spoke briefly about the services available for victim of sexual violence through the Student Advocates Office. Rene serves as a confidential victim advocate. More information about policies and assistance can be found on their website at


Meeting Minutes

A motion to approve the December, 2015 minutes as written was made, seconded and passed.


Finance Report

Chris reported, as proxy, that Sarah is working with one additional professional development grant recipient to transfer funds.


Bylaws Review

Robert Ping asked for a few volunteers to review the Bylaws and make recommendations for any pertinent changes. Liese Hilgeman, Amanda Peterson, and Roger Rhodes volunteered to help with this year’s review.  Robert will schedule a meeting for the review.


Discussion on Provost Robel’s Questions

Provost Robel will be in attendance at the February meeting for about ten minutes. Kelly opened the floor for comments and discussion. Several people commented that the responses received from questions posed in the December newsletter seemed to be in line with comments that are frequently heard within the campus community.  Some suggestions offered at today’s meeting were: 

  • Administration should re-emphasize MLK day and its activities to be a day of service as opposed to a day off work
  • Make a calendar of diversity-centered activities available at the beginning of the year so that people can plan accordingly
  • Form a staff leadership initiative (one example could be to allow staff to use the MLK holiday as a floating holiday if they use the day for some type of diversity activity)
  • Initiate a grant program (in addition to the BPC’s professional development grant program) that is focused on improving diversity
  • Increase diversity among job applicants
  • Campus could provide advertising funds to departments specifically for recruiting among diverse populations
  • Unify different schools and departments under the “one.iu” umbrella when out in the community (i.e. job fairs, etc.)
  • Use campus media to produce a video or series of videos featuring students who break stereotypes
  • Use Themester to center on diversity
  • Host a focus group


Anyone other thoughts or ideas should be sent to the BPC office at


Mid-year Reports


Communications and Marketing Committee – Jacob Warner

  • We created a new HTML email template for distribution of the Behind the Scenes newsletter.
  • We purchased a BPC pop-up banner (this was used at the fall forum and the benefits fair).
  • We transitioned the new employee welcome email to come from the official BPC email account, signed by the BPC executive committee.
  • We assigned one marketing committee member to be the lead on the BPC social media accounts.
  • We assisted the other standing committees with marketing needs (Dine to Donate flyer; Fall Forum announcement)

Outreach and Advocacy

  • Get to Know Your Campus Events:
    • To date we have hosted:
    • July GTKYC – SRSC
    • August GTKYC – The Lilly Library
    • September GTKYC – The Sage Collection
    • October GTKYC – Admissions
    • November GTKYC – The Mather’s Museum
  • Fall Forum:
    • October Fall Forum – Make The Connection! Speak with Your Human Resources and Affirmative Action Leaders
  • Other:
    • The OAC organized the IUBPC booth for the November Open Enrollment Benefits Fair.


Standing Committee Reports and Discussion


Executive Committee – 1/14/2016 – Chris England

Present:  Chris England, Amanda Peterson, Kelly Thacker

Absent:  Sarah Hatch, Robert Ping (sick)


Key Topics

  • Speaker reminder:
    • Sally Jones confirmed for 3pm **
  • Website testing is resuming (Chris will contact Tech committee) **
  • Bylaw review for early Spring (Robert, confirmed after meeting) **
  • Feedback items from Provost discussion, to be sent with meeting minutes (Kelly) **
  • Lunch with staff merit award recipients being scheduled (Amanda) **

Business Items

  • Retreat confirmed (date/time/place), Amanda to announce **
  • Mid-year reports (Amanda will contact Teresa)
  • Grant submission inquiry to Kelly (will send to Babita)
  • Attendance discussion (Chris) **
  • Nomination process emails sent to Robert
  • Bio template and drafts (Robert, template developed after meeting)


Items marked with ** will end up on Agenda.


At today’s meeting, Amanda announced that the luncheon to honor Staff Merit Award recipients will be tomorrow, January 21, at 12:00 noon in the Tudor Room. Any BPC members who wish to attend should contact Amanda.


The 2016 BPC member retreat will be held Wednesday, July 20, from Noon to 5:00, at the CIB.


Chris reported that he will be meeting soon with the Tech Committee to review a draft of the new BPC website.


Chris reminded everyone that the attendance policy, as stated in the BPC Bylaws, allows each member to be absent a total of 4 meetings throughout the course of the year (two of those absences may be filled by a proxy). Committee attendance follows the same guidelines as business meeting attendance. The attendance record is updated after each business meeting and is located in the BPC Box account.


Communications and Marketing Committee – Jacob Warner

In attendance: Chris England, Liese Hilgeman, Roger Rhodes, Patricia Crouch, Jacob Warner

Absent: Susan Fleener


Chris provided an update on the BPC website. After some technical delays and the holidays, things are moving again. He'll have the structure ready soon, and then we'll start migrating content. 


Outreach and Advocacy Committee – Julia Jennings

    • DATE:  January 5, 2016
    • LOCATION:  CIB Room 107A
    • PRESENT:                    Tony Emmons, Lindsey Hojnowski, Julia Jennings, Melody Lynch-Kimery, Gwen McCay, Katie Saur
    • NOT PRESENT:  Robert Ping
  • Meeting Notes:
    • General discussion:
      • Reviewed Get to Know Your Campus updates and Spring Forum
  • Get to Know Your Campus – Updates
      • January 2016:  IU Violin Shop (Lindsey is working on finalizing dates)
      • February 2016:  SGIS Building (Katie is working on finalizing dates)
      • March 2016:  WTIU/WFYI (Mel is working on finalizing dates)
      • April 2016:  NO TOUR – SPRING FORUM
      • May 2016:  Hilltop Garden and Nature Center (Robert to inquire)
      • June 2016:  President’s House (Julia to inquire)
    • Open List of Tour Ideas:
      • Federal Room
      • School of Journalism
      • Kinsey Institute
      • Art Museum
  • Spring Forum:
    • The theme for the 2016 Spring Forum will be IU Health Services and Resources.
    • Lindsey will work on securing the room location in the IMU.  It was suggested that the Georgian, Oak or Dogwood rooms would work well.  The Frangipani seemed to be too large of a space at the 2015 Fall Forum.  Rooms should be booked from 11:00am-4:00pm.
    • Potential panelists include:
      • Cathlene Hardy Hansen, Director of Health and Wellness Education Office
      • Someone from Total Family Care
      • Someone from Employee Assistance Program
  • Action Items:
    • Julia to draft minutes
    • Lindsey to reserve room for the Spring Forum.
    • All who hosted tours so far, please be sure to update the Box spreadsheet.
  • Next Meeting:
    • February 2, 2016
    • Video Bridge Info:
    • From a phone, dial: 812-856-7060
    • When prompted use the video bridge:  221942
    • From a video bridge just use the number 221942

At today’s business meeting, it was reported that the January Know Your Campus event at the IU Violin Shop is scheduled for January 27 and January 29. An announcement was sent out to the listserv earlier today, and both times are almost full.


Professional Interests Committee – Babita Upadhyay

Present at the meeting: Mark Trass, Shannon Stryjewski, Paulin Campbell, Misty Theodore and Babita Upadhyay

  • Next Fundraising event at Bucceto’s
  • Past couple of fundraising events raised about $20 (each time)
  • Time for us to discuss (with larger council) whether fundraising is worth doing
  • As Professional Interest committee, should we focus on Professional Development activities?
  • Grant application/web site update


At today’s meeting, it was announced that one additional grant was funded after the deadline, due to an oversight by the BPC office:  Amy Cornell, from The Media School was awarded a grant. Sarah will contact Amy to get funds transferred.


The next Dine-to-Donate event is January 26 at Bucceto’s. The committee will be discussing the dine-to-donate concept and its effectiveness in the coming months.


Search and Screen Committees

Three BPC members expressed an interest in serving on the upcoming Dean of Students search. All three names were given to Catherine Dyar for consideration.


Ex-officio and Guest Discussion

Suzanne Ryan announced that UHRS application site will go live with the people admin system on January 26. This will allow applicants to attach as many as five documents to their application.




The February business meeting will be held Wednesday, February 17, from 3:00-5:00 pm, in Union Street Center, Cedar Hall Auditorium. Jenny Fleetwood will be our guest at 3:00.


The business meeting was adjourned at 4:55 pm.