Indiana University Bloomington


IUB Professional Council

Business Meeting Minutes

Union Street Center, Cedar Hall Auditorium

September 16, 2015


Council Members in Attendance:  Rob Aspy (Office of Affirmative Action Ex-officio), Pauline Campbell, Patricia Crouch, Tony Emmons, Chris England, Linda Gales (CWA Ex-officio), Sarah Hatch, Liese Hilgeman, Melody Lynch-Kimery, Gwen McCay, Amanda Peterson, Robert Ping, Roger Rhodes, Katie Saur, Shannan Stryjewski, Kelly Thacker, Mark Traas, Babita Upadhyay, Jacob Warner.


Proxies:  Tony Emmons for Julia Jennings, Jill Scott for Suzanne Ryan (UHRS Ex-officio).


Guests:  Kyle Newnum, Residential Programs & Services.


Members Not in Attendance:  Susan Fleener.


Meeting Minutes


A motion to approve the August, 2015 minutes as written was made, seconded and passed, with one addition. Under Guest Speaker: Jackie Braspennininx, Manager, Healthy IU, add the following statement: “Wellness programs are to protect the privacy of personal health information. Employees do not have to disclose personal medical information to co-workers.”


Finance Report


Sarah has updated a budget request form to BOX.  Anyone wishing to use BPC funds should complete the form and forward it to Sarah for consideration by the Executive Committee.


Council Resignations and Plans


This past month BPC members Cassandra Franks and Melissa Kish each submitted their resignations.  The council wishes to thank both Cassandra and Melissa for their past work with the BPC.  Robert Ping is in the process of contacting potential replacements for these positions from the list of those who received the next highest amount of votes in the most recent election.


Meeting with UHRS (John Whelan) and Domestic Partner Benefits Update


Amanda and Kelly met this past month with Suzanne Ryan and John Whelan. Highlights of the meeting were:

  • Domestic partner update – As discussed at our August meeting, changes to the domestic partner policy are in final approval stages.
  • John will visit with the BPC in October to talk about this year’s open enrollment.
  • FLSA will soon be issuing new regulations for exempt and non-exempt employees. No details are available yet, because the final ruling has not yet been handed down. After the final ruling, a university-wide review will be performed in order to put IU in compliance with the new regulations.

Standing Committee Reports and Discussion


Executive Committee – Chris England

Thursday, September 10, 8:30-9:30

Present: Kelly Thacker, Amanda Peterson, Sarah Hatch, Robert Ping, Chris England

Key Topics

  • Resignations – Robert is working with remaining candidates from 2015 election voting results
  • HR Items (mostly with John Whelan)
    • Working with HR on some concerns with former representative Rachel
    • John Whelan to attend BPC meeting (not as formal speaker)
    • Centralized staff evaluation process in discussion
    • Healthcare cost/salary breakdown
    • PAO vs PAE discussion at Department of Labor level
    • New staff “portal” as a part of orientation
  • Follow-up on Domestic Partner Benefits
  • Good fiscal meeting with Sarah and Rozzie, discussed funds and pay increase for office staff
  • Survey discussion – it was determined that doing surveys every 5 years or so should suffice
  • Communications channels: New staff email comes from Teresa (through Communications & Marketing)

Speakers Update

  • September: Confirmed, Aaron Neal from UITS on One.IU (see September Agenda)
  • October: Assistant Dean Leslie Fasone and Associate Dean Carol McCord, Dean of Students Office, Women’s and Gender Affairs
  • November: Sacha Thieme, Executive Director of Admissions, Office of Admissions
  • December: UNPLANNED
  • January: SKIP SPEAKER (spend time on 6-month progress/goals)
  • February: Jenny Fleetwood, from Work-Life Balance
  • April: Amanda Turnipseed, Director, Office of IU Parking Operations

Communications and Marketing Committee – Jacob Warner

The Communications and Marketing committee of the IU BPC met online on September 8, 2015.

Attendees Present:  Liese Hilgeman, Susan Fleener, Patricia Crouch, Roger Rhodes, Jacob Warner, Chris England

Absent:  None

Information Updates

  • We will include information about the One.IU transition to September's edition of Behind the Scenes.
  • We will try to have the BPc pop-up banner completed by the Fall Forum.

Action/Discussion Items

  • For the full committee:  does it make more sense for the new employee welcome email to come from Teresa using the official BPC email address?
  • For the full committee:  we will show the new newsletter template at the next council meeting.
  • Jacob Warner will follow up with Tony Emmons (chair of Outreach and Advocacy) to discuss possibility of transitioning event marketing to this committee (email and post on social media about Get to Know Your Campus or other events).

Additional Items discussed at today's business meeting:

  • The new employee welcome email has been placed on BOX.
  • The new design for Behind the Scenes will be added to BOX.
  • The BPC banner should be ready in time for the fall forum.
  • The committee will look into getting a tablecloth to be used for BPC events.

Outreach and Advocacy Committee – 9/1/2015 – Julia Jennings

    • DATE: September 1, 2015
    • LOCATION: CIB Room 107A
    • PRESENT: Tony Emmons, Julia Jennings, Katie Saur, Melody Lynch-Kimery
    • NOT PRESENT: Gwen McCay, Robert Ping
  • Meeting Notes:
    • General discussion:
      • Cassie has resigned from IUBPC to focus on her new position. We will miss Cassie, but wish her the best of luck!
      • Tony set-up both at Enrollment Fair for IUBPC on November 10th. He will inquire about the total time of the event. We will likely open up staffing of the event to Council members.
      • Katie and Robert met with Donna Stevens regarding New Employee Orientation. Katie will post summary to Box.
      • IUBPC was approached regarding having a discussion on the use and benefits of solar panels. The request was passed along to OAC. We discussed this request and feel that the request does not fall within the OAC or IUBPC mission.
  • Get to Know Your Campus - Updates:
    • August 2015: Lilly Library (Tony)
      • Went really well and would be something to do again
      • Booked to capacity
    • September 2015: Sage Tour (Melody)
      • Everything is set for September 28-29th
      • There will be two tours each day
      • Tours are capped at 10 participants each
    • October 2015: GISB (Katie)
      • Katie will contact in a couple of weeks to let everyone get settled
      • GISB is also having an open house in October
    • November 2015: Mather's Museum? (Tony to inquire)
    • December 2015: NO TOURS
      • Hilltop Garden & Nature Center (Robert to inquire)
      • Federal Room
      • President's House (Has to wait until Spring 2016)
      • School of Journalism
      • Kinsey Institute
      • Art Museum
  • Fall Forum:
    • DATE: October 22nd from Noon-3:00 (includes set-up, tear-down and networking event)
      • Awaiting updates from Gwen
      • Will be held in Frangipani Room
      • Discussed budget items
        • Will be set for $500 for forum and $50 for networking
  • Action Items:
    • Julia to draft minutes
    • Katie to upload summary of meeting with Donna Stevens
    • Tony to confirm time of Enrollment Fair, will then extend invitation to staff the booth to the Council
    • Tony to let Council know that we will pass on the solar panel discussion that was proposed to IUBPC
    • Julia to post drafted budget to Box


Professional Interests Committee – 9/3/2015 – Babita Upadhyay

Present at the Meeting:  Stryjewski, Shannan; Campbell, Pauline Angela; Hatch, Sarah; Babita Upadhyay

  • Discussed Grant money source
  • Decided to go ahead with Dine to Donate event
  • Each one of us will identify few restaurants that we feel comfortable contacting
  • Once we compare our list (making sure there is no duplicates), we can start calling them (hopefully next week)
  • Our goal is to set up dine to donate dates for the entire year (first one to start in October)


We recently found out that our last event at Panera had only 6 flyers turned in with $105.03 in sales. Panera required at least 20 flyers or $200 in sales in order to donate. Having said that, we would appreciate each one of the council members’ help to advertise and participate actively to make these events successful.


At today’s business meeting, Babita announced that The Bloomington Sandwich Company will host a Dine to Donate event on October 13.


Ad-hoc Committees


Technology Committee – September, 2015

  • IUBPC Web site:
  • Mark Traas met with Teresa Spiegel on 9/9 to walk through the IUBPC web site and application used to update the web site.
  •  Adobe Creative Suite 5 (CS5) v.6.0 is currently used to update the web site, but CS5 is no longer supported by Adobe or UITS.  Creative Cloud (CC) and CS6 are currently being supported.
  • Teresa has administrator privileges but not publisher privileges to update the site.  As such, only the content (inserted text, pictures, etc.), but not the overall layout of the site can be changed.
  • The publisher username/password necessary to modify the layout of the site is not known.
  • IUBPC election process (E-Vote):
  • Mark Traas met briefly with Ranji Abraham, Director of Auxiliary Information Technology about setting up a demonstration of the e-Vote system in the near future.
  •  Anyone interested in attending the e-Vote demonstration please contact Mark Traas to be included on the invitation to the meeting.
  • The Technology Committee met on 9/11 at CIB (present: Mark Traas, Robert Ping, Tony Emmons, and Jacob Warner). 
    • It was agreed that the IUBPC web site application (CS5) should be updated to CS6 or Creative Cloud, both of which are supported by UITS.
    • Mark Traas and Jacob Warner will meet with Teresa again on 9/23 to walk through the web site and CS5 application to get more information about how it is set up, including the WCMS (web content management system) being used.
    • Mark Traas will send a support ticket to UITS to regain the username/password for ownership of the web site.
    • Mark Traas will arrange a date and venue for the e-Vote demonstration.
    • Robert Ping will meet with Amanda Peterson to go over the details and requirements of the election process prior to the e-Vote demonstration.


Campus Committees


Campus-wide Committee on Accessibility – Gwen McCay

The next meeting will be Friday, September 25. Tony Emmons has volunteered to attend the meeting as a proxy for Gwen.


Staff Merit Awards – Katie Saur

The committee will meet later this month.


Search and Screen/Review Committees


Dean, School of Education

The BPC has not received word as to who has been chosen to serve as a PA staff representative on this search.


Director, Healthy IU

At today’s meeting, Rob announced that a new search has begun to replace Jackie Braspenninx, who has accepted another position outside IU.


New Business


FLSA (Fair Labor Standards Act) Review


The university will be making updating its policies regarding exempt and non-exempt employees, including an increase in salary caps, based on new FLSA regulations. However, since the final FLSA ruling has not yet been delivered, there have been no changes to date.




The October business meeting will be held Wednesday, October 21, from 3:00-5:00 pm, in Union Street Center, Cedar Hall Auditorium.


The meeting was adjourned at 4:00 and committee chairs were asked to meet briefly with the Executive Committee.  In addition, Tony Emmons provided a brief demonstration on for those who were interested.