Indiana University Bloomington

IUB Professional Council

Business Meeting Minutes

Kelley School of Business, CG3055

February 18, 2015

Council Members in Attendance:  Rob Aspy (Affirmative Action Ex-officio), Michael Brooks, Tony Emmons, Cassandra Franks, Sarah Hatch, Melissa Kish, Rachel Lawmaster, Emily Liverman, Gwen McCay, Jennifer Pearl, Amanda Peterson, Roger Rhodes, Suzanne Ryan (UHRS Ex-officio), Kate Sartori, Jennifer Schepers (via telephone), Jim Sizemore (BAAC Ex-officio), Tony Walker.


Proxies:  Kate Sartori for Patricia Crouch, Tony Walker for Gillian Johnston, Kate Sartori for Mary Kern, Kate Sartori for Kyle Newnum, Tony Emmons for Robert Ping, Tony Walker for Babita Upadhyay.


Members Not in Attendance:  Julia Jennings.


Guests:  Tammy Brooks; Rivkah Cooke; Diane Coon; Mazias de Oliveira, Jr.; Susan Norrell; Laura Sargent; Kathy Shepley; John Whelan.


Guest Speaker: John Whelan, Assistant Vice President, University Human Resource Services


Today was John’s first visit with the BPC as a group.  He spoke briefly about his role with the university as his office focuses on initiatives such as work environment and benefits. John expressed a desire to work with members of the BPC in an effort to improve employee satisfaction in the workplace.


Additionally, John urged anyone with questions or concerns about the recent Anthem breach to go to for the most up-to-date information.

There was a brief question and answer period.

  • What are the short term and long term goals of your positon as laid out to you by the University in your offer letter?  Specifically do these goals include centralizing HR services and if yes, how does the centralization of HR services fit in with responsibility centered management?

    • Goals of this position include finding ways to increase levels of satisfaction with work life at Indiana University.  There has been no specific directive to centralize human resource services.  We will continue to work on strengthening the network of HR people across the university to work together in a consistent manner.
  • Are there plans to offer another retirement buyout within the next year or two?
    • There are currently no plans for another buyout.
  • What is IU's minimum hourly wage?
    • The minimum hourly wage for IU employees who are classified as “temporary” is $8.25.  The federally and state mandated minimum wage is $7.25.

John then asked the group to break into smaller groups and form answers to four questions:

  • What does HR do well at Indiana University?

  • Where are the gaps (i.e. service, efficiency)?

  • If you could wave a magic want and could have HR do anything, what would it be?

  • What risks do you see in the future if the status quo is maintained?

Each group was asked to provide written responses to these four questions.  All responses were submitted to the Executive Committee.  They will be assembled and presented to John for review.


The BPC appreciates John’s willingness to work with them and looks forward to future collaboration.


Meeting Minutes


A motion to approve the January, 2015 minutes as written was made, seconded and passed.


IUBPC Bylaw Review – Amanda Peterson


Several BPC members have contacted Amanda and expressed a willingness to serve on this year’s Bylaw review.  Anyone else who is interested should contact Amanda as soon as possible.  The first meeting will be scheduled for early March.


Finance Updates


There have been no changes this month.  Kyle continues to organize the IUBPC budget and information on its accounts.  He also plans to prepare a summary of IUBPC’s accomplishments over the past year to share with Rozzie Gerstman (who operates as the BPC fiscal officer), so she may have an overall understanding of IUBPC outcomes.


Spring Forum Updates – Gwen McCay


Gwen has spoken with each of the presenters, and a timeline has been established for each presentation.  Complete details for the forum can be found in the Outreach and Advocacy’s committee report.


Standing Committee Reports


Executive Committee – 2/10/2015 – Jennifer Pearl

Present: Rachel Lawmaster, Kyle Newnum, Jennifer Schepers, Amanda Peterson, Jennifer Pearl

Welcome to the EC, Jennifer Schepers!

Recap of recent EC activities

  • Mid-year orientation: On 1/28, we held a mid-year orientation for new IUBPC members, which we hope to use as a springboard for revamping our July retreat. 

  • IU Sexual Misconduct Policy: On 2/6, Jen attended the town hall on IU’s newly-revised sexual misconduct policy. She plans to connect with Emily Springston, IU Title IX Coordinator, to discuss how IUBPC might help spread the word about the updated policy. 

  • Bloomington Faculty Council meetings: Jen attended the 1/20 and 2/3 regular meetings, which included presentations on :

    • eTexts and the Unizin Initiative, a consortium of universities with IU that will create its own learning management system (a new generation of Oncourse) by Prof. Brad Wheeler, Vice President for Information Technology and CIO 

    • IU energy initiatives by Tom Morrison, Vice President for Capital Planning and Facilities and Jeff Kaden, Director of Engineering 

    • Sustainability, Strategic Planning, and the Living Lab by Bill Brown, Director of Sustainability 

    • IU-Indiana government relations by Mike Sample, Vice President, Public Affairs and Government Relations and Jeff Linder, Associate Vice President, State Government Relations 

    • The meetings also featured discussion on University Faculty Council representation and a potential BFC Resolution on the American Association of University Professors Centennial Declaration 

  • Staff appointment to the search committee for Tom Gieryn’s position: Emily Liverman was the first to volunteer, so her name was submitted

  • Reinvest IU: graduate student leader met with Jen to provide updates on their efforts to encourage the IU Foundation to do a self-study on divestment from the top 200 fossil fuel companies. The IUF will not pursue this proposal, so the students are regrouping. Jen indicated that the students could contact IUBPC if they sought contacts/expertise in determining how to move forward. 

  • Office of Sustainability Tracking Report: intern Kiryssa Kasprzyk met with Jen to gather information on how staff are involved in university policy and planning processes, for this external sustainability report. 

  • Bylaw review committee: we’ve received a couple of volunteers – thank you!

University Human Resources:

  • Quarterly meeting with AVP John Whelan: Rachel and Jen met with John and Suzanne Ryan to continue discussing ways to collaborate. 

  • Next business meeting: John will speak to the IUBPC at 3 pm for an hour. He will cover his charge as AVP and gather thoughts from the group.  

Grievances and corrective actions: 

  • Rachel has contact UHRS to set up a training for IUBPC grievance/corrective action volunteers.

  • During the UHRS quarterly meeting, Rachel and Jen also mentioned how the current grievance/corrective action policy does not mention that employees can bring a witness to their meetings. UHRS will take a closer look at this item.

Finance updates

  • Kyle continues to organize the IUBPC budget and information on our accounts. 

  • He plans to prepare a summary of what IUBPC has accomplished in the past year, to share with Rozzie Gerstman (who operates as our fiscal officer), so she may have an overall understanding of IUBPC outcomes.

At today’s meeting, Jen reported on the Bloomington Faculty Council meeting she attended on February 17:

  • A report was presented on IUB fraternities and sororities

  • Online course policy revisions were discussed

  • A sub-committee has been formed to rewrite the policy on reorganizations of academic units on campus.  The BPC has been asked to participate in this discussion.

Communications and Marketing Committee – 2/02/2015 – Kate Sartori

  • Attendance
    • Mary Kern, Kate Sartori, Emily Liverman, Roger Rhodes
    • Absent: Patricia Crouch (no-proxy)
  • Area Updates
    • Behind the Scenes
    • Website
      • Roger still does not have access to our site since we do not have access to passwords/user credentials
        • Can this be something we look into when reviewing by-laws this coming spring?
          • Potential for a position description within the Executive Committee to be the “keeper of credentials”
      • Roger will start creating a “Wordpress” site, carrying over all information that is currently on our active site
    • Social Media
      • No new updates, continue to post and keep folks current
    • Survey/Feedback
      • No need to continue digging deeper here
    • Informational Materials
      • Still going out to new employees, no questions or issues
  • Six Month Goals
    • Banner
      • Emily will be working towards finalizing a banner design with University Marketing
      • This will help us create a bigger brand for the entire organization and stick to IU specifications
      • Emily will also find the best price and vender
    • HTML Newsletter
      • Roger will be looking into this through his contacts
    • Promotional Flier
      • Kate will develop a quarter sheet flier to be used for the remainder of the semester
    • Promotional Items
      • Mary is looking into prices for items to handout during campus events, etc.
      • See attached spreadsheet for product information
    • Finances
      • Annual Expenses
        • Promotional Fliers, Promotional Items, Printing costs, HTML newsletter, etc.
      • 3-5 Year Expenses
        • Banner, Note Cards, etc.
      • Potential to use but hopefully not exceed $1,000

At today’s meeting, Kate distributed examples of a card/flyer to promote BPC and the upcoming spring forum.  After some discussion, the council decided to go with the “black and white” option.  Kate will get the items printed and have them available for distribution by the March business meeting. 

In addition, Kate handed out photos of several marketing ideas (i.e. giveaway items), along with pricing information.  Anyone who wishes to offer input on any of these items should contact Kate.

Emily provided an update on the banner.  She spoke with someone at IU Communications regarding artwork.  Using this group to provide artwork for the banner is cost prohibitive, so we might have to go with a stock photo or examine other options for the artwork portion of the banner.


Outreach and Advocacy Committee – 2/03/2015 – Cassandra Franks

    • LOCATION: CIB Room 250A

    • PRESENT:, Cassandra Franks, Tony Emmons, Rob Ping, Gwen McCay, Jennifer Schepers, Julia Jennings, Michael Brooks

    • NOT PRESENT: n/a

Meeting Notes:

    • Fall Forum: John Whelan confirmed to do the Fall Forum in October – dates still to be confirmed

      • John Whelan, AVP-HR, Susan Brewer Director-HCB, Deb Dunbar, DIR Compensation, Suzanne Ryan, Director, EE Relations, Julie Knost, Director Affirmative Action/Equal Employment, Keith Braunscheidel, Director  WC, Vacant-Dir. Retirement Benefits

    • Community Project: do we want to do this? Resources? Will keep as agenda item to discuss.

Get to Know Your Campus – Updates:

    • No more tours scheduled until February 2015 due to weather and holidays

      • February 17th, 2015: Alumni Hall - Union (Tony E.)

        • Will also include networking event in the Union after the last 4:00p tour

      • March 11th & 13th, 2015: IU Cinema (Jennifer S.)

      • April 2015: Carmichael Room (Rob P.)-networking event also

      • May 2015: Admissions (Jennifer S.)

      • June 2015: Observatory (Cassie)

      • July 2015: Campus Curator Tour (Julie)

      • August 2015: TBD (Michael)


      • University Curator for a tour of IU art (Cassandra sent email chain to Julie for planning)

      • University tour of Union and new organ/bell tower (Robert to inquire)

      • Hilltop Garden & Nature Center (Robert to inquire)

      • Federal Room

      • Kirkwood Observatory

      • President’s House

      • School of Journalism

Spring Forum:

      • Tuesday - April 14th, 12:00-2:00, Georgian Room
      • Gwen updated group on the Spring Forum – noted that 140 or so attended last year
      • “Save the Date” will be sent out – Julia presented graphics for postcard to be sent

      • RSVP will be sent to IUBPC mailbox – Michael B. to review and respond to questions

        • Also track questions for submission for panel of speakers (will be screened to review for DEMA related questions)

        • Gwen scheduled to meet with each panelist to determine timing, questions, etc.

        • IUBPC newsletter to include event for next couple of months

        • Recommendation of signage to be used in Union, will include Julia’s graphics

      • Panel of Speakers:

        • Melanie Castillo-Cullather (Asian Culture Center)

        • Lillian Casillas (La Casa/Latino Cultural Center)

        • Stephanie Power-Carter (Neal-Marshall Black Culture Center)

        • Brian Gilley (First Nations Educational and Cultural Center)

        • Charles Sykes (African American Arts Institute)

        • Doug Bauder (Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, Transgender Student Support Services)
    • Staff Merit Awards:

Action Items:

    • Send email to new members on how to set-up IUBPC Outlook folder (C. Franks)

    • Upload GTKYCE email template to BOX – includes the IUBPC logo (C. Franks)

    • Robert to inquire with Union for refreshments for networking event

    • Michael to follow-up with Union for Tony to see about using signs

    • Julia to finalize graphics for Spring Forum “Save the Date”

    • All members to send description of tour to Kate Sartori to include in marketing materials

Cassandra and Michael represented BPC at the annual Statehouse visit on Friday, February 13.

Thanks to IMU for donating snacks for the networking event that was held Tuesday, February 17, following the IU Cinema tour.


Professional Interests Committee – Tony Walker

Tony reported that their committee spoke with a representative from Verizon concerning retaining discounts for retired staff.  They were informed that this is not a condition of the current contract, and the contract cannot be altered, so retired staff will not be eligible for the discount.


Search and Screen/Review Committee Reports


Search – Vice Provost for Faculty and Academic Affairs – Emily Liverman

Search for the Vice Provost for Faculty and Academic Affairs met on Monday, February 9th. It was the first meeting. The committee received the call to action, discussed the job description, as well as the general timeline. The current VPFAA and Provost Robel will be asked to read the description to ensure it matches what is currently covered.  At the next meeting, the description will be finalized, and the committee will work on a notice to go out to all faculty members, informing them and soliciting nominations. The search will be internal only. The next meeting is not yet set, but is anticipated to be held the last week of February.




The State of the Campus address will be given Tuesday, March 3, at 3:00 pm.

The March business meeting will be held Wednesday, March 25, from 3-5 pm in KSOB CG3055. (Please note:  this is one week later than normal, due to spring break.) A representative from IUSA will be our guest at 4:15.

All committee reports should be submitted to the BPC office by noon on Wednesday, March 18.

Meeting was adjourned at 4:50 pm to allow time for the Executive Committee to meet with Standing Committee Chairs.