Indiana University Bloomington


IUB Professional Council

Business Meeting Minutes

Kelley School of Business, Room HH406

August 20, 2014


Council Members in Attendance: Tony Emmons, Cassandra Franks, Mary Kern, Rachel Lawmaster, Eric Love, Maryanne McDonnell, Lauren McHugh, Kyle Newnum, Jennifer Pearl, Amanda Peterson, Robert Ping, Roger Rhodes, Babita Upadhyay, Tony Walker.


Proxies: Roger Rhodes for Patricia Crouch, Eric Love for Gillian Johnston, Tony Emmons for Gwen McCay, Eric Love for Jon Riveire, Amanda Peterson for Kate Sartori.

Guests:  Rob Aspy, Office of Affirmative Action.


Members Not in Attendance:  Emily Liverman.


Meeting Minutes


A motion to approve the July, 2014 minutes as written was made, seconded and passed.


Ask an IUBPC Question


Blank note cards were provided today for members to write any question they might have about the IUB Professional Council, its practices and/or procedures.  Each question will be reviewed by the Executive Committee and will be answered at an upcoming BPC business meeting.

Approach to BPC


The Executive Committee wants to encourage as much coordination and cooperation as possible among the standing committees this year.  Please share any feedback with a member of the Executive Committee.


IUBPC Expectations and Policies

  • Attendance Policies – Lauren McHugh

Attendance at BPC business meetings and standing committee meetings is equally important.  Each member may have a maximum of two absences and two proxies per year at business meetings and standing committee meetings. Please refer to Section 6.7 of the BPC Bylaws.

  • Presence and Participation – Jen Pearl

In keeping with attendance policies listed above, Jen encouraged each BPC member to be actively involved in the council’s work and activities.  In addition, she asked that everyone keep mobile device use at a minimum during meetings.

  • Robert’s Rules of Order – Amanda Peterson

Amanda gave a brief review of general procedures.  For any item to be brought to a vote, a motion must be made and seconded.  In most cases, a simple majority vote is all that is required.

  • Coordination with Committees and Reports – Jen Pearl

In order to make the most of the meeting time every month, each committee is asked to submit its report electronically to the BPC office at least one week prior to the monthly business meeting.  Each BPC member should review all committee reports prior to attending the business meeting.

  • Guest Speakers – Jen Pearl

All members are reminded that the time commitment for the monthly business meetings is two hours, generally from 3-5 pm.  This time may or may not include a guest speaker.  Everyone is asked to be present for the entire meeting.  From time to time, it is possible that the business meeting may be changed to the last hour in order to accommodate a guest speaker’s schedule.

  • Open Brainstorm
    • Executive Committee Liaisons – it would be helpful for liaisons to attend standing committee meetings.
    • Some members would like the Executive Committee to post a synopsis of its monthly meetings.


Filling one Empty Space on IUBPC

  • Current Representation across IUB – Lauren McHugh

There are currently 20 of 21 positions filled on the IUB Professional Council.  These 20 individuals work in the following departments:

  • Academic Support & Diversity                    3
  • Center for Survey Research                       1
  • COAS – Office of Advancement                  1
  • Cyclotron                                                   1
  • FMS                                                            1
  • Psychological & Brain Sciences                   2
  • Public Health                                              1
  • Residential Programs & Services                3
  • Russian & European Institute                    1
  • SPEA                                                          1
  • University Student Services                       1
  • VPIT                                                           3
  • Wells Scholars                                           1
  • Proposal: allow two weeks for nominations from BPC members, request statements by next business meeting, vote at next meeting – Jen Pearl

Currently there is a vacancy on the BPC due to the resignation of Rosanne Emerick.  A motion was made to invite BPC members to submit nominations to fill this one-year term by September 3.  Candidate statements will be due to Amanda Peterson by September 10, and a final vote will be taken at the September 17 business meeting.  This motion was seconded and passed.  A suggestion was made to create a template that candidates might use for their statements.  In addition, Robert Ping will provide a list of current IUB departments in Box, to be used for reference.


Retreat Debrief – Rachel Lawmaster


At its most recent meeting, the Executive Committee discussed the annual retreat, which was held July 30.  Rachel asked for input from members at today’s business meeting as to what they saw as the positives and negatives of the retreat.  Comments were:

  • Hold officer elections prior to the retreat – NOTE: Current Bylaws state that officers will be elected at the first business meeting of the year (July).  In order for officers to be elected prior to the July business meeting, a change must be made to the Bylaws.
  • Create a template for candidate statements for officers.
  • Must the retreat be held in July? The answer is, no, but the retreat offers an opportunity for new members to receive orientation, and committees can begin their work for the year.
  • Offer a brief explanation of how the business meetings work.
  • The location was good (the display screen was especially helpful).
  • The food was good.
  • Committee breakout sessions went pretty well.
  • Could we review how we met (or did not meet) last year’s goals, and then look at this year’s goals, narrowed down to one or two?
  • We could require new members to attend a meeting prior to July or have a separate orientation.
  • Prepare a history (PowerPoint) and add it to the BPC website.

If there are other suggestions or comments, please send them to Rachel at


Spotlight: Teresa Spiegel


BPC members had the opportunity to ask Teresa about some of the BPC’s history.  In addition, she explained some of the functions that she is responsible for in the BPC office.

  • Manage the BPC listserv account
  • Update discount information on the Perks Page
  • Update information on the BPC website
  • Verify employment and prepare grant applications for review by the Professional Interests committee
  • Prepare the monthly business meeting agenda
  • Take notes at the monthly business meetings
  • Manage the annual BPC silent auction
  • Field phone calls and emails that come through the BPC office

One suggestion that resulted from the conversation today is to leave BPC retiree names on the listserv, unless they specifically ask to be removed.  This would allow them to continue receiving information about Know Your Campus events.


Standing Committee Reports


Communications and Marketing – 8/20/14

The committee held its introductory meeting today, prior to the BPC business meeting.  In attendance were:  Mary Kern, Amanda Peterson and Roger Rhodes.


Executive Committee – 8/13/2014

Present: Jen Pearl, Lauren McHugh, Kyle Newnum, Amanda Peterson

Not present: Rachel Lawmaster



  • Housekeeping items: EC meeting schedule and expectations
  • Assessment of our financial situation and outstanding questions
  • Kyle will meet with Rozzie Gerstman 8/25 to learn more about our accounts
  • He will provide whatever updates possible in the meantime
  • Retreat recap - ideas for next year include:
  • Request candidate statements earlier – perhaps hold the election in advance?
  • Schedule the new member orientation first and clarify all expectations. Consider a PPT on the history of the BPC.
  • Allow newly-elected EC to meet and talk during a break in the meeting
  • Provide more materials to new chairs, so they have a better understanding of what they need to do for their committees.
  • Whiteboarding on our accomplishments was useful
  • Cover:
  • How business meetings work
  • What each executive committee member does
  • Worksheets for individual standing committees – handed out as specific tasks – check at what’s on Box
  • Updated bylaws
  • Work with committees:
  • Goal: coordinate IUBPC strategy across all committees
  • Jen will work to meet with committee chairs as a group
  • Need to address attendance policies for committees
  • EC liaisons to committees will work with chairs to attend committee meetings
  • In the past, it has seemed to work best when committees meet in person
  • Business meeting agenda: developed
  • Future topics of discussion
  • Communications priorities
  • Coordination and meetings with UHRS
  • Guest speaker schedule and time – each quarter have a business only meeting
  • What are IUBPC outcomes?


After the Executive Committee met, they were approached about a situation of a professional staff employee who is dealing with a serious illness.  Former BPC President, Rob Aspy, stated that, although he did not have his notes from previous years, he remembered a time when this topic was explored. Due to various issues, including possible tax ramifications, the Council was unable to develop a workable plan for a sick leave bank. Jen will talk with Suzanne Ryan about whether or not the BPC might pursue this topic further.


Outreach and Advocacy – 8/12/14 – Cassandra Franks


PRESENT: Lauren McHugh, Cassandra Franks, Tony Emmons, Rob Ping

  • Get to Know Your Campus – Updates:

    • August Event: Lauren
      • Tour is all set for August 15th, neither the noon nor the 4:00 tour is full yet, roughly 27 participants signed up for each tour, 40 is capacity
    • September Event: Rob

      • Discussed September events and decided on either a tour of the new addition to the football stadium, or a tour of the Hoagie-Carmichael room
        • Rob to follow up for both and determine which can be done for Sept.
    • October Event: Cassandra
      • Decided to do the IU Ghost Tour of campus for October, Cassandra to follow-up with Folklore Department contact to facilitate
    • November Event: TBD
      • Discussion of November event, Lauren mentioned that Student Central mentioned November as a good time for a tour, and whichever tour is not done for September, we could move to November time frame
      • University Curator for a tour of IU art
      • University tour of Union and new organ/bell tower
  • Hoosiers for Higher Education:
    • Discussed for follow-up item
  • My Sister’s Closet Service Event:
    • Not discussed
  • Other Items:
    • R. Ping suggested using the “IT Training” page as a mechanism to send out the tour and sign-up information – this would keep track of the list on the user end and eliminate the need to review all received emails. R. Ping to implement for September tour
    • Suggestion of a general “Introduction” to be written and presented before each tour so individuals know how IUBPC was involved
    • Suggestion of a document to explain “Expectations & Procedures” for the facilitator of the tour for the month – a checklist of sorts so new committee members can make sure all items are taken care of
  • Action Items:
    • IT Training for upcoming tour events – R. Ping
    • September event planning – R. Ping
    • October event planning – C. Franks
    • Draft instructions/expectations document for tours – L. McHugh
    • Draft “Introduction” document for language used for tours – L. McHugh

Professional Interests – Tony Walker

Professional development grants were awarded to the following individuals:

  • Mazias de Oliveira – School of Public Health, Bloomington
  • George Rehrey – Center for Innovative Teaching and learning
  • Timothy Slaper – Kelley School of Business, Indiana Business Research Center
  • Shannon Stryjewski – Applied Health Science
  • Tanner Terrell – Office of Disability Services for Students

2014-2015 Vision Work


At 4:20 members broke into committees to discuss survey results and to set priorities for the year.  At 4:40 the groups came together to discuss priorities and a plan of action for the upcoming year.


  • Communications and Marketing Committee
    • Based on survey results, email is the most effective way to communicate with professional staff
    • Work is needed on the BPC website, in the form of a re-design
  • Executive Committee
    • Focused on the question of what policies or services the IUBPC should advocate to improve.  These included parking and benefits packages. 
  • Outreach and Advocacy Committee
    • Get to know BPC
    • Network more with professional staff
    • Add a half hour after Know Your Campus events for networking – provide light refreshments
    • Ask each Executive Committee member to attend at least one event
    • Keep retirees on the listserv
  • Professional Interests Committee
    • Many employees feel they don’t receive significant training
    • People want to know about university programs – Forum opportunity?
    • Employees want opportunities to network with other professional staff
    • Fundraiser – dine to donate
    • Offer more professional development opportunities/larger forums



The September business meeting will be held Wednesday, September 17, from 3-5 pm in KSOB CG3055.


All committee reports should be submitted to the BPC office by noon on Wednesday, September 10.


Meeting was adjourned at 5:00 pm.