Indiana University Bloomington


IUB Professional Council

Business Meeting Minutes

Kelley School of Business, CG3055

January 21, 2015


Council Members in Attendance:  Michael Brooks, Patricia Crouch, Cassandra Franks, Linda Gales (CWA Ex-officio), Sarah Hatch, Julia Jennings, Gillian Johnston, Mary Kern, Melissa Kish, Rachel Lawmaster, Emily Liverman, Gwen McCay, Kyle Newnum, Jennifer Pearl, Amanda Peterson, Robert Ping, Suzanne Ryan (UHRS Ex-officio), Kate Sartori, Babita Upadhyay, Tony Walker.


Proxies:  Robert Ping for Tony Emmons, Patricia Crouch for Roger Rhodes, Amanda Peterson for Jennifer Schepers.


Meeting Minutes


A motion to approve the December, 2014 minutes as written was made, seconded and passed.


IUBPC Secretary Election – Amanda Peterson


At today’s business meeting, Jennifer Schepers was unanimously elected (by show of hands) to the office of BPC Secretary.  This was to fill the vacancy created when Lauren McHugh left the council.


Grievances and Corrective Actions


A discussion was held as to whether the BPC should continue its role in representing professional staff employees during the grievance and/or corrective action process.  Suzanne Ryan provided an overview of the procedures for both the corrective action and the grievance processes.  She emphasized  that the BPC role is to serve as a witness, a resource for information, and a source of moral support for the affected employee and not as a legal representative or someone who may speak for the employee. Suzanne urged the council that, if members wish to continue in this role, they should become familiar with the policies governing corrective action and grievances.  She also said that, although BPC members are not called upon to represent employees often, she sees it as a great opportunity to serve fellow professional staff employees.


A motion was made to continue BPC representation of professional staff employees during the grievance and/or corrective action process.  The motion was seconded and passed.


Due to the fact that many times requests for representation come up at the last minute, a call for volunteers to serve was issued.  Michael Brooks, Sarah Hatch, Gillian Johnston, Mary Kern, Rachel Lawmaster, Kyle Newnum, Amanda Peterson, Kate Sartori, and Babita Upadhyay volunteered to serve.  This group will coordinate training with UHRS.


Finance Updates – Kyle Newnum


There is still one grant from the December round that has not been paid out.  There are no other updates since December.


CANVAS Discussion – Gillian Johnston


Recently some professional staff employees have voiced concern over the phasing out of Oncourse. CANVAS, the replacement for Oncourse, seems to be more oriented toward the classroom.  A request was made asking the BPC to advocate for UITS to continue maintaining Oncourse.  BPC member Robert Ping reported that a new platform which can be used for project management is in the works.  He urged everyone with problems or concerns to contact UITS Support directly to see what options might be available.


Standing Committee Reports


Executive Committee – 1/12/2015 – Jen Pearl

Present: Amanda Peterson, Teresa Spiegel, Rachel Lawmaster, Jen Pearl

Absent: Kyle Newnum


Election updates

  • New members added since fall include: Jennifer Schepers, Michael Brooks, Sarah Hatch, Julia Jennings, Melissa Kish. All have been assigned to committees. (Welcome, everyone!) 
  • Jon Riveire notified the EC of his resignation from IUBPC after the December meeting, so the EC filled his position with one of the above members, who received the next-highest number of votes.
  • Orientation for new members will be January 28. 
  • We look forward to having a new secretary soon.

Policy and collaborations 

  • Provost Robel’s office has requested:
    • A staff member to serve on the review committee for Tom Gieryn. We are awaiting more details on the commitment.
    • That IUBPC help distribute the Provost’s strategic plan once it is finalized and help review the plan to determine how staff can best participate in its implementation.
  • University Human Resources (UHRS)
    • Jen and Rachel will meet on 1/28 with AVP John Whelan and Suzanne Ryan to further discuss:
      • IUBPC survey results and policy issues we can tackle together
      • UHRS survey themes
      • Ways to further collaborate
  • Reinvest IU
    • Students from this IU student campaign to encourage the IU Foundation to divest from fossil fuels have reached out to IUBPC, to see if IUBPC can support their efforts. Jen will meet with the students to learn more. The Bloomington Faculty Council has voted to support this campaign. 

Grievances and corrective actions 

  • Jen sat in on a grievance session for a professional staff member in December.
  • As mentioned on the 1-21-15 business meeting agenda, we will discuss as a council if this is a service we wish to continue offering to constituents.

Finance updates

  • As of 1/12, Teresa had collected almost $1200 from silent auction winners. Four items have yet to be paid and picked up. 

Strategic planning

  • The EC drafted lists of accomplishments since August 2014 and goals for the next 6 months to share at the next meeting. 

Communications and Marketing Committee – 12/22/2014 – Kate Sartori

  • Attendance
    • Kate Sartori, Amanda Peterson, Roger Rhodes, Emily Liverman and Patricia Crouch
    • Absent: Mary Kern
  • Area Updates
    • Email Digest
      • New name for the bulletin
        • “IU Behind the Scenes”
      • Boiler Plate
        • Including “advocate”
          • The IUB Professional Council, composed of members elected by IUB’s professional staff, offer advocacy and recommendations in developing university policies that affect us. We encourage professional staff to bring work-related issues and problems to the council, and to attend our monthly meetings.
    • Website Updates
      • Roger is still working with Teresa to update website
    • Social Media
      • Facebook and LinkedIn going strong
      • Welcome to new members on social media
        • Melissa Kish, Sarah Hatch, Michael Brooks and Julia Jennings
    • Survey/Feedback
      • No updates
    • Information Materials
      • No update
  • Old Business
  • New Business
    • Lists to Executive Board
      • List of accomplishments
        • Posted new recipient on the IUBPC website
        • Created a stronger social media presence
        • Purchased note cards to create a more personal touch to our programs
        • Name change for the digest
        • New format for the digest
        • Created new boiler plate
      • List of things we look to accomplish this coming semester
        • Ongoing formatting and design for the newsletter
        • More progress on the website transition
        • Move towards purchasing a banner
        • Create promotional material to hand out during “Know Your Campus” events
      • Itemized budget for the committee moving forward
        • We honestly have no idea where to start with this
  • Next Meeting
    • Monday, January 26, 2014 from 3-4pm in the Teter Conference Room

Professional Interests Committee – 1/07/2015 – Tony Walker

Attendees: Tony Walker, Babita Upadhyay, Gillian Johnston, Sarah Hatch


- Welcome Sarah to the committee

- Auction wrap-up

- Update the BPC website to reflect our new grant policy ($600 grants twice a year)

- Employee perks: extending Verizon discount to retired staff

- Dine-to-donate

- Misc.


1) We are very pleased to have Sarah join our committee. Welcome!

2) We discussed the proceeds from the auction, whether silent auctions are the best mechanism for raising funds, and the future of the auction.

3) Babita agreed to work with Teresa to update the grant application website and materials to reflect the restructuring of the program to allow grants up to $600.

4) Gillian and Sarah will start working with purchasing to extend the Verizon discount to retired staff.

5) Kyle identified our contact for the next step in implementing a dine-to-donate program. Tony and Kyle will draft all of the application and policy compliance documents.


Group Discussion: Mid-year Assessment and Plans for the Next 6 Months


Rachel Lawmaster began the discussion by reviewing last year’s survey results.  The greatest concerns voiced in the survey were: benefits, parking, and professional leadership development. Last July each committee focused its goals on these areas of concern.


At today’s meeting, each committee provided a list of its accomplishments during the past 6 months.


Executive Committee 

Policy work

  • UHRS: Began quarterly meetings with AVP John Whelan in October
  • IU Bicentennial Strategic Plan: IUBPC represented at Provost Robel’s town hall meeting to discuss the plan and submitted feedback to the draft plan in November
  • IU sexual misconduct policy: received a briefing on the policy in November and submitted a response to the draft policy through  

IUBPC membership and committees

  • Thanked Lauren McHugh, Maryanne McDonnell, Eric Love, Roseanne Dye and Jon Riveire for service
  • Elected new members to fill their posts: Jennifer Schepers, Michael Brooks, Sarah Hatch, Julia Jennings, and Melissa Kish
  • Developed committee protocols 


  • Met with Rozzie Gerstman and the IU Foundation to discuss IUBPC accounts
  • Created a funding request process for committees  


  • October: Jenny Fleetwood, Healthy IU
  • November: Rob Aspy, Emily Springston, Jennifer Kincaid; Title IX /sexual misconduct
  • December: Bill Brown, IU Office of Sustainability 


  • Regular IUBPC representation at IU Bloomington Faculty Council meetings
  • Extended invitations to the following ex-officio groups:
    • American Federation of State, County and Municipal Employees (AFSCME)
    • Asian Pacific American Faculty Staff Council (APAFSC)
    • Bloomington Academic Advisors Council
    • Bloomington Black Faculty Council (BBFC) 
    • Bloomington Faculty Council (BFC)
    • Communication Workers of America (CWA)
    • IU Student Association (IUSA)
    • Latino Faculty Staff Council 
    • Office of Affirmative Action 
    • University Human Resource Services (UHRS)
  • Met with IUSA to discuss possible collaboration

Communications and Marketing Committee

  • Posted new grant recipient on the IUBPC website
  • Created a stronger social media presence
  • Purchased note cards to create a more personal touch to our programs
  • Name change for the digest
  • New format for the digest
  • Created new boilerplate language for IUBPC 

Outreach and Advocacy Committee

  • Held six monthly committee meetings:  As of our first gather during the BPC Annual Retreat on July 30, 2014, we held six (6) monthly committee meetings to discuss, recommend, review, and implement Outreach & Advocacy Committee charter. Agenda notification and meeting minutes recorded for each committee meeting.
  • Hosted three Get to Know Your Campus Events and planned future events: Provided multiple tours for each event, with 2 at least for each event
    • August 2014:  Auditorium Tour Event
    • September 2014:  IU Memorial Stadium – North End Zone
    • October 2014:  Jordan Greenhouse
    • November & December:  No tour events due to holidays
    • Advertised the events, took pictures before and during the events.  Worked closely with the Communications Committee in collaboration for successful communications and knowledge of IUBPC’s work to educate, inform, and meet Professional Staff needs.
    • Planned for the following 2015 events:
      • January:  No tour events
      • February:  Alumni Hall Event
      • March:  IU Cinema Event
      • April:  Hoagie Carmichael Room
      • May:  Admissions Office Tour Event
      • June: IU Observatory
    • Additionally, the February and April events will include a “networking” potion to the event. This was a suggestion taken from the annual survey and will be included in our events on a bi-monthly basis if available.
  • Outstanding Professional Staff Awardee:  Scheduled celebratory and acknowledgment luncheon for Outstanding Professional Staff Awardees and the Executive Board.  Two Outreach and Advocacy Committee members attended.
    • Scheduled on Tuesday, December 9th in the Tudor Room and attended by Gwen McCay and Lauren McHugh
  • Planned IUBPC Spring Forum Event for 2015
    • Indiana University’s Cultural Centers Make a Difference:  Commitment to Diversity & Multicultural Affairs. Tuesday, April 14, 2015 IMU Georgian Room, Noon – 2:00 pm
    • Leadership participants from Cultural Centers: 
      • Melanie Castillo-Cullather (Asian Culture Center)
      • Lillian Casillas (La Casa/Latino Cultural Center)
      • Stephanie Power-Carter (Neal-Marshall Black Culture Center)
      • Brian Gilley (First Nations Educational and Cultural Center)
      • Charles Sykes (African American Arts Institute)
      • Doug Bauder (Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, Transgender Student Support Services)
  • Hoosiers for Higher Education:  Committee discussions held.  Will take this topic for planning in 2015. Members to attend the Annual Legislative Forum on February 13th, 2015. 

Professional Interests Committee 

IUBPC Grants

  • Finalized the grant application redesign
  • Restructured grant program to allow for larger grants
  • Awarded grants (two rounds of awards: in August, five grants at $400 each for a total of $2000. In December, eight grants at $300 for a total of $2400)
  • Monitored compliance grants stipulations 


  • Held silent auction
  • Working to implement a dine-to-donate program 


  • Maintained/verified perks page
  • Working with purchasing to get Verizon discount extended to retired staff

After the group discussion, the meeting broke into committees for further discussion as to how BPC could have the greatest impact and to review goals for the next 6 months.


Executive Committee Goals  

Policy work:

  • UHRS: identify and pursue 1-2 areas of focus for collaboration with UHRS
  • Provost’s office:
  • Engage with provost’s office to support implementation for strategic plan, while advocating for continued staff representation within the plan
  • Advocate for continued inclusion on search committees
  • Launch grievance and corrective actions ad hoc group


  • Develop a clear overview of the status of and procedures for all accounts
  • Collect, review, and fund budget proposals from each committee

IUBPC bylaws:

  • Complete a bylaw review and update in spring: request committee members in February, meet in March, present in April, vote in May

IUBPC membership:

  • Conduct member elections in March - April
  • Overhaul IUBPC orientation
  • Review and update all committee protocols for July transition

Communications and Marketing Committee Goals

  • Develop unified branding for IUBPC, aligned with IU Communications to ensure we are aligned with university branding standards
    • Finalize an IUBPC banner for events
    • Upgrade html for the newsletter
  • Continue to gather information on all upcoming events and items to promote
  • Design a promotional item to be handed out at events, including upcoming events

Outreach and Advocacy Committee Goals

  • Connect monthly work with other IUBPC committees
  • Continue Know Your Campus events
  • Implement spring 2015 forum

Professional Interests Committee Goals

  • Complete and launch dine to donate
  • Work with purchasing to get Verizon to extend their discount to retired staff
  • Begin to develop professional development sessions, such as a session on how to apply for BPC grants
  • Continue managing perks page and grants



The February business meeting will be held Wednesday, February 18, from 3-5 pm in KSOB CG3055. John Whelan, Associate Vice President, University Human Resource Services, will be our guest at 3:00.

All committee reports should be submitted to the BPC office by noon on Wednesday, February 11.

Meeting was adjourned at 4:50 pm to allow time for the Executive Committee to meet with Standing Committee Chairs.