Vol. 20, No. 3

January 9, 2007


The Bloomington
Professional Council,
representing 2,400
professional staff
employees of Indiana

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In This Issue:

  • Message from the President
  • The BPC Reflects on Possible IU Outsourcing
  • Experience and Forum Discussion: “Your Face, Different Race”
  • Time to Toot Your Own Horn
  • BPC’s Annual Community Service Project
  • 2006 Professional Staff Merit Awardees Recognized
  • Silent Auction Supports Ongoing Professional Development Grant Program
  • Update on the BPC Website
  • Your Council Representatives

Message from the President

Dear Colleagues,

Happy New Year! 

We’re beginning a new year with much on our plate.  The decision by IU Trustees to explore outsourcing as a means of cost savings weighs heavily on our minds as well as on the minds of legislators and concerned citizens.  BPC members discussed this issue at our last meeting, taking into account University needs for future growth and the impact outsourcing could have on individuals and on the region.  Our discussion is outlined below in an item titled “The BPC Reflects on Possible IU Outsourcing.” 

The Anthem and Bloomington Hospital negotiations have not yet matured to the level we would want.  This is a major concern and an issue we will monitor very carefully as the parties continue to talk. We encourage both sides to be transparent in their deliberations, and to embrace the “service above self” spirit.

There are many initiatives under way now on your behalf, and I invite you to read through the minutes of the last staff meeting for details.  A few items merit special mention:

  • The Professional Interests Committee launches an initiative in this newsletter asking professional staff to share their achievements, experience, honors, and other professional information with the Committee.  The purpose of this request is to establish a data base that lists areas of our expertise and reflects on our value to the University.   Please take the time to respond to this newsletter item.  Your information is essential.   
  • The “Human Race Machine” is coming to campus the week of January 15th!  Part of the Martin Luther King commemoration, this contraption sheds a different light on the issue of diversity.  I highly encourage you to look into this activity both for fun and education.  In particular, please consider visiting the machine on January 18 and engaging in the follow-up discussion organized by the BPC (see below).

Thanks to the many individuals who helped make our BPC Auction a success.  The money earned will be well spent in encouraging professional development among our ranks.

As the year progresses, we will continue to concentrate on the issues that affect IUB Professionals. Please feel free to contact your BPC representative with any concerns you have.  We’re here to help you in your professional life at Indiana University.


Christina Kuzmych
IU Bloomington Professional Council President
Representative Unit 1
Station Manager, WFIU
Indiana University Radio & Television Services

The BPC Reflects on Possible IU Outsourcing

At our December BPC meeting, we discussed the recent initiative of the IU Board of Trustees to investigate outsourcing university services.  Below is a summary of our discussion.

  • Indiana University has the fiscal responsibility to manage all its components in an efficient and effective manner.  This responsibility to students, faculty, staff, and Indiana citizens is inherent in its position as a leading institution of higher education and a primary source of economic and cultural development in Indiana.  In this light, it is the position of the IUBPC that prudent fiscal management should be an on-going practice and applied to all academic, administrative, and support operations of IU with regularity and with transparency.  
  • Outsourcing has seen growth in many areas including teaching, research, and a broad array of specialized services that are outsourced in whole or in part.  However, it is only one means of achieving efficiency, and its effectiveness needs to be measured in terms of its impact on the whole economic and intellectual equation and its sustainability.  In tandem with outsourcing, other methods of generating efficiencies should be explored in order to establish a broader arena for decision-making.
  • The matter of control over the IU product and image must be weighed carefully.  Though outsourcing may create capital savings in reduced inventories and equipment, it shifts control of operations from IU interests to corporate interests which could be incompatible with the mission of the University. This in turn could create the perception that IU favors private business over the public good.
  • Decisions that affect the culture of an institution or impact individuals economically create substantial tumult in the community.  Others have raised concerns regarding the potential for wage and benefit suppression in our region. Understandably, the move to assess the outsourcing potential of select IU services has already contributed to unease.  It is the position of the IUBPC that IU Trustee deliberations must be transparent, methodologies clearly articulated, and employment provisions established to benefit the individuals affected by changes.
  • New practices are not always successful.  Should outsourcing be selected as a cost-saving measure for IU, the members of IUBPC would urge IU Trustees to create a feasible reversal plan.   

Experience and Forum Discussion: “Your Face, Different Race”

As part of Martin Luther King Jr. Week celebrations, the Bloomington Professional Council presents an interactive experience and forum discussion entitled “Your Face, Different Race” on Thursday, January 18, 2007.  From 1:30-3:30 pm that day, professional staff and others are invited to experience the “Human Race Machine,” which will be set up on the Indiana Memorial Union Gallery.

The “Human Race Machine,” developed by conceptual artist Nancy Burson, is an interactive computer program which allows individuals to view what they would look like if they were a different race.  The individual’s features are modified to several different races.  Burson’s work includes images from the Human Race Machine with captions such as “There’s no gene for race” and “The concept of race is social, not genetic.”

The BPC invites you to sign up for times to use the Human Race Machine between 1:30-3:30 pm.  We will host an informal chat about the experience in the Georgian Room during the same time.  To sign up for a time, please contact Communications Committee chair Isabel Piedmont via email:

Then at 3:30 that same day, we welcome you to a forum to discuss the experience of race on campus.  The forum will take place in the Georgian Room, and you are welcome to attend regardless of whether you participated in the Human Race Machine experience.   Leaders from various ethnic communities on campus will join as panelists in this discussion.

We encourage you all to take the commemoration of Martin Luther King’s legacy as an opportunity to reflect on issues of race, diversity, and equity in your own lives and in our lives as IU employees.  For a full schedule of campus MLK events, please visit

Time to Toot Your Own Horn

A project of the BPC Professional Interests Committee

Indiana University Bloomington is an academic community comprised of faculty, students, and staff.  As a professional staff member, your role in the success of this community is equally as important as that of the students who attend IUB and of the faculty who teach and conduct research at IUB.  Professional staff members contribute to the “enduring commitments” (providing an outstanding education for our students, advancing the frontiers of knowledge, and engagement in public service) of which President Herbert spoke in his September 26, 2006 State of the University address.  Professional staff members also, in accordance with the unique mission statement of the Bloomington campus of IU, are directly and indirectly involved in the many and varied aspects of creating, disseminating, preserving, and applying knowledge in “meeting the changing educational and research needs of the state, the nation, and the world.”  For IUB to reach its greatest successes, the philosophy of attracting and retaining ‘the best and the brightest’ must be applied not only to the students and the faculty of the IUB community, but also to the professional staff. 

And yet, sometimes, our distinct voice is not heard or our varied interests and unique needs are not considered.  One of the possible reasons for this is that our contributions to the successes of IUB (and to the successes of the students and faculty of IUB) are not as easily noticeable, are not as commonly recognized, and are not as widely advertised.  Your representatives on the Bloomington Professional Council would like to make a change!

With your cooperation, we would like to begin an educational campaign.  The intentions of this project are:

  • We wish to promote our professional staff and to acknowledge our professional staff.  In educating ourselves about the diversity of the professional staff and each of our unique contributions, talents, and skills, we learn more about our community as a whole, and are able to educate other current and prospective members.  A noteworthy and recognized talent pool is likely to attract additional outstanding talents to the University community.
  • We would like to document and to exhibit the value, honor, recognition, and prestige we bring to, and maintain at, Indiana University Bloomington and to demonstrate the risks of losing these valuable resources. 

We ask you to provide us with information about your specific contributions to this academic community.  Please select one or more of the categories we have defined below and describe the value you bring to IUB.  Substantiate your explanation with quantifiable data.  Define any category as broadly and creatively (yet truthfully and realistically) as you please.  Select as many categories for which you are able to provide some evidence.  Think locally, regionally, nationally, and internationally. 

This is no time to be shy.  It’s a time to brag, to toot your own horn, and for the hidden gems of this community to shine!

Please help your colleagues brag on themselves!  Encourage them to complete this form, too. 

Toot Your Own Horn Questionnaire:

Please cut and paste these questions into an e-mail message, and then add your responses.  Send your e-mail replies to Mark Goodner at

In your role as a professional staff member, what value do you bring to Indiana University Bloomington? The categories below are suggestions of ways in which you may contribute honor, recognition, prestige, or service.  Feel free to choose one or more categories, or create your own.

  • Awards and Recognitions
  • Instruction, Presentations, and Training
  • Research and Publishing
  • Acquisitions
  • Leadership and Collaborations
  • Professional Memberships
  • Certifications, Licenses, and Education
  • Service and Committee work
  • Other (please fully explain/describe)




Briefly and simply, describe what you do in your job, please, without using any of the words in your job title.

BPC’s Annual Community Service Project

Each year the Bloomington Professional Council engages in a community service project during the holiday season.  This year the Council collected items for the Monroe County Head Start pre-school.  Head Start is a child development program designed to promote the educational and social competence of three and four year old children and their families. For more information on this program, please see the website of the local agency which hosts Head Start, the South Central Community Action Program:

Council members collected items listed on the Head Start website wish list, including educational toys, winter outerwear, and school supplies.

BPC Communications Committee member Jim Brown delivered the big box of donations to Head Start the week of Dec. 11.  “We are grateful that your Council has selected us to help!” Head Start staffer Rita Moore said via e-mail, “Everything is greatly appreciated.”

2006 Professional Staff Merit Awardees Recognized

In a special ceremony on December 11, staff merit awards were presented to selected support staff, professional staff, and service staff members by Interim Provost Michael McRobbie. “The friendly, dedicated, and highly skilled staff members in these offices go to extraordinary lengths on a daily basis to help students, faculty, staff, and visitors experience the best of the university, “ McRobbie said.  “The Staff Merit Awards recognize a few staff members whose excellent performance inspires others to greater heights. These awards also represent the campus’ gratitude for the invaluable contributions our staff makes to the university as a whole.”

Two professional staff members received awards: Denise Gowan of Residential Programs and Services, and Jim Schutter of the School of Law.  Denise Gowan is the Associate Director of Academic Services.  She is responsible for coordinating a wide variety of academic programs and services in the residence halls.  Gowan says that there are two things she likes about her job: working with great people who care about students, and working with students themselves and watching them develop.  "They are fun and challenging" she says of the students whom she has gotten to know at IUB. 

Jim Schutter is the Associate Director of Financial Aid at the IUB School of Law.  Schutter says that he enjoys "excellent support from the law school administration" which makes him feel appreciated and helps him in his work.  He very much enjoys working with students and helping them resolve their financial issues, and working with colleagues in the Offices of the Bursar and Student Financial Assistance to ensure that students receive the funds they need. 

The Bloomington Professional Council would like to congratulate both of the members selected for awards, as well as the other nominees listed below, for their outstanding contributions to the university.

Teresa Belden, School of Public and Environmental Affairs
Susan Carty, Office of Overseas Study
Lynne Ann Crohn, Computer Science
Nancy Croker, Journal of American History
Mike Edwards, Physical Plant – Electronics
Lana G. Fish, Psychological and Brain Sciences
Don Fisher, Physical Plant – Electronics
Denise Gardiner, Russian and East European Institute
Marilyn Gregory, Dean of the Faculties
John Heavilon, Physical Plant – Elevators
Hollie Lutz, Indiana Memorial Union
Sheila Maben, Apparel Merchandising and Interior Design
Nancy Macklin, Health Center
Nigel Pizzini, Hutton Honors College
Greg Polit, Vice President University Relations – Office of Creative Services
Robbie Stanton, Theatre and Drama
Cheryl Tincher, Physical Plant – Building Services
Jody Vaught, School of Health, Physical Education, and Recreation
Erin A. Woodley, School of Music Undergraduate office

Silent Auction Supports Ongoing Professional Development Grant Program

We would like to thank all individuals who participated in the 2006 BPC Silent Auction, either by donating items or by bidding.  We are pleased to report that the income from this year’s auction was $1,582, an increase from last year’s $1,401.  These funds will help support our ongoing Professional Development Grant program, which has provided supplemental funds for dozens of professional staff members to attend conferences, pay for professional memberships, and obtain training supplies in recent years.  The PDG program has three yearly cycles, with deadlines on April 1, August 1, and December 1.

In December 2006, grants were awarded to eight staff members from a broad range of units on campus.  Recipients were:

  • Howard Lacer, Assistant Chief Engineer, Radio TV Services - To attend the National Association of Broadcasters’ (NAB) Broadcast Engineering Conference in Las Vegas
  • Phil Meyer, Station Manager, WTIU (Radio/TV) - To attend (by invitation only) the PBS Content Summit in San Francisco
  • Dawn Ollila, Senior Editor/Project Manager, Indiana University Press - To attend the Association of American University Presses Annual Meeting in Minneapolis
  • Sari Pascoe, Grant Manager, Center for Latin American and Caribbean Studies - To attend the Technological Innovation and Cooperation for Foreign Information Access (TICFIA) Conference  in Albuquerque
  • Suzanne Phillips, Assistant Dean of Students, Division of Student Affairs - To attend the American College Personnel Administrators (ACPA) and National Association of Student Personnel Administrators (NASPA) joint conference in Orlando
  • Premkrishnan Radhakrishnan, Senior GIS/Database Administrator/Developer, Indiana Geological Survey - To attend the Frameworks Conference in North Bethesda, MD
  • Sally Todd, Assistant Director, Biocomplexity Institute/Physics - To attend the National Science Foundation (NSF) Regional Conference in Oklahoma City
  • Kathy Wyss, Development Officer, Department of Biology - To attend the Council for the Advancement and Support of Education (CASE) V District Conference in Chicago

Congratulations to all, and happy travels!

Update on the BPC Website

For the past year, members of the BPC Communications Committee have been working with volunteer Kathleen Chmelewski from the Office of Creative Services to redesign our website and make it more user-friendly.  The new design is taking shape and will be tested during the coming months.  Look for the unveiling of our new site in early summer!  If you have any specific suggestions to improve our website as a communication tool with professional staff, please send them to Jim Sizemore,

If you have questions or comments about the IUBPC Newsletter, please contact the council office at 5-7418, or send e-mail to

Check out the BPC Web site at
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