WHEREAS A proposition has been adopted by the recognized assembly of elected representatives duly named the Indiana University-Bloomington Professional Council (IU-BPC) whereby professional staff members of the Bloomington Campus may be recognized for their dedicated service and exemplary performance of duty.

WHEREAS Gwendolyn Paulk, under the direction of Dr. Herman Hudson, was instrumental in the administration and growth of the Minority Achievers Program (M.A.P.).

WHEREAS Gwendolyn Paulk served as immediate past director of the African American Culture Center and fostered an environment of support services emphasizing academic achievement and mutual respect.

WHEREAS Gwendolyn Paulk, a devoted wife and mother, performed professionally in such a manner that students and many peers considered themselves "family" and solicited her advice on issues ranging from social concerns, to campus assimilation, to religious direction.

THEREFORE, we the Indiana University-Bloomington Professional Council, do hereby publicly wish to recognize Ms. Gwendolyn Paulk for her contributions as a professional level staff member leading to great improvements on the IU-Bloomington campus and in the lives of students affected by her dedicated and loyal support and service.

Presented by Jim Sims, member of the IU-BPC, on this 21st day of January 2002 on behalf of the Indiana University-Bloomington Professional Council.


Diana L. Humphrey, President

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