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Indiana University Bloomington

David V. Baxter

David V. Baxter Professor
Condensed Matter Physics (Experimental)

B.S., University of Alberta, 1979.
M.S., Caltech, 1982.
Ph.D., Caltech, 1984.
Postdoctoral Positions: Caltech, McGill

Office: SW 153 ; CEEM 151
Phone: (812)855-8337
Email: baxterd at

Curriculum Vitae
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My present research is focused in the area of neutron scattering, with an emphasis on the development of new neutron instrumentation and the application of that instrumentation to important problems in materials research. The instrumentation work is split between the development of novel neutron moderator designs and materials (in collaboration with scientist at several of the World's leading neutron facilities), and a new project devoted to instrumentation that exploits manipulation of the neutron spin to enhance resolution without sacrificing intensity and to provide novel probes of magnetic structure and dynamics in materials (in collaboration with Roger Pynn here at IU and Bill Hamilton at ORNL). Neutron scattering is also being used to investigate the structure of fluids in confined geometries and hierarchical materials such as bone. In addition to this work with neutron scattering, I continue to conduct fundamental investigations of novel materials, including structural, magnetic, and transport studies of nanostructured materials.

Selected Publications

  • High Temperature Hall Effect in Ga1-xMnxAs, D. Ruzmetov, J. Scherschligt, David V. Baxter, T. Wojtowicz, X. Liu, Y. Sasaki, J.K. Furdyna, K.M. Yu, and W. Walukiewicz, Phys. Rev. B 69, 155207: 1-6 (2004).
  • "Self-assembled virus-like particles with magnetic cores," X. Huang. L. M. Bronstein, J. Retrum, C. Dufort, I. Tsvetkova, S. Aniagyei, B. Stein, G. Stucky, B. McKenna, N. Remmes, D. Baxter, C. C. Kao, B. Dragnea, Nano Letters. 7 (8), 2407-16 (2007). ( )
  • "Neutronic Design and Measured Performance of the Low Energy Neutron Source Target Moderator Reflector System," C. M. Lavelle, David V. Baxter, M. A. Lone, H. Nann, J. M. Cameron, V. P. Derenchuk. H. Kaiser, M. B. Leuschner, W. Lozowski, H. O. Meyer, R. Pynn, N. Remmes, T. Rinckel, W. M. Snow, and P. E. Sokol, Nucl. Instr. Methods, A 587, 324-341 (2008). (
  • "Measurements of the Neutron Brightness from a Phase-II Methane Moderator at the he LENS Neutron Source," Y. Shin, C. M. Lavelle, W. M. Snow, David V. Baxter, Xin Tong, H.Yan, and M. B. Leuschner, Nucl. Instr., Meth A 620 375-381 (2010). ( )
  • "Microscopic Model for the Neutron Dynamic Structure Factor of Solid Methane in phase II," Y. Shin, W. M. Snow, C-Y Liu, C. M. Lavelle, and David V. Baxter, Nucl. Instr. Meth. A 620 382-390 (2010), arXiv: at.phys-0705.0824. (
  • "Magnetic virus-like nanoparticles in N. Bethamiana plants – a new paradigm for environmental and agronomic biotechnological research”, X. Huang, B. D. Stein, H. Cheng, A. Malyutin, I. B. Tsvetkova. David V. Baxter, N.B. Remmes, J Lubiez-Verchot, C. C. Kao, L. M. Bronstein, and B. Dragnea. ACS Nano. 5, 4037-45 (2011).
  • "Performance of a polarized neutron cryo-flipper using a high-Tc YBCO film”, S. R. Parnell, H. Kaiser, A. L. Washington, F. Li, T. Wang, D. V. Baxter, and R. Pynn, Nucl. Instr. Meth. A 722, 20-23 (2013).
  • “Superconducting magnetic Wollaston prism for neutron spin encoding,” F. Li, S. R. Parnell, W. A. Hamilton, B. B. Maranville, T. Wang, R. Semerad, D. V. Baxter, J. T. Cremer, and R. Pynn, Rev. Sci. Instr., 85, 053303 (2014).
  • “Enhancing Neutron Beam Production with a convoluted Moderator”, E. B. Iverson, D. V. Baxter, G. Muhrer, S. Ansell, R. Dalgliesh, F. X. Gallmeier, H. Kaiser, and W. Lu, Nucl. Intr. Meth. A762, 31-41 (2014).