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Constitutions of the IUB Student Sustainability Council

With an expanding membership, increased programming, and oversight for the newly established IU Sustainability Fund, the IUB Student Sustainability Council in April 2011 decided that some restructuring was in order.

The original constitution of the SSC served the organization well as it laid its foundation and began making cross-campus connections. However, it became apparent that under the initial framework, the Council would not have enough support in logistics and programming from member representatives alone. In order to decrease the burden on member representatives, and as well to extend participation to students not connected to one of the Council’s member organizations, the Council passed a new Constitution.

Information for students from other colleges, universities, and technical schools

The SSC has proved a tremendous asset for the sustainability movement at IU Bloomington. Having a unifying organization for all student groups with interest in sustainability issues gives us the legitimacy to claim broad representation of the student body as well as the human-power to garner significant support across all University departments and to make big strides, like the creation of the IU Sustainability Fund.

Forming an organization like the IUB SSC

If your school is interested in forming an organization similar to the IUB SSC, we would be glad to share information about our evolution, how the SSC works at our campus, and challenges we've faced. We also welcome you to read through our constitutions and take any parts that you think would suit your organization well. And we are more than happy to hear about success at your campuses, and to receive feedback about our organization and programs. Feel free to email us at iubssc [at] indiana [dot] edu.

Forming inter-campus connections

We are also excited about forming connections with other universities, colleges, and technical schools across Indiana, the Midwest, and the country. We feel that as a strong coalition of student groups here at IUB, we are well-stationed to represent the students of IUB in a regional or national institution. We are currently working with students and student groups in the region to develop such an intermural organization. Much like the formation of our own council, we think it is important to bring as many parties (i.e. representatives from different colleges/universities/technical schools) together to discuss and begin the process of formalization. Please contact us if we're not already communicating with your school!

from another university?

Interested in starting an organization like the IUB SSC on your campus? Shoot us an email! We'd be happy to discuss our successes and challenges, the organizational structure of the IUB SSC, and how something like it might be right for your school.

download the constitutions

Download a copy of the current IUB SSC Constitution, or the original Constitution.

The IUB SSC Constitutions are open and free for anyone to use, copy, alter, translate, or whatever else you might want to do with them, according to this Creative Commons license. If you have any questions or comments, don't hesitate to let us know.