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Organization of the Council

The Council is separated into two entities: The Administrative Body and the General Assembly. The SSC Constitution governs the Council's structure and operations.

Administrative Body

The Administrative Body is responsible for logistical affairs of the Council, including meeting agendas, event programming, maintenance of financial accounts, and representation of the Council to the campus and community. To carry out these functions, the Body is separated into the following five divisions: Logistics, Membership & Publicity, Adivisory, Projects & Events, and Finance. Divisions are headed by Directors (who compose the Executive Committee) and are supported by committees. Any IUB enrolled student is welcome to participate on committees or run for a director position.

General Assembly

University-recognized student groups and governmental organizations are allowed (and encouraged!) to become members of the SSC. Each member organization selects up to two students to represent that organization in the SSC General Assembly. At the General Assembly, members (through their representatives) vote on Council resolutions and determine how to distribute money raised through the IU Sustainability Fund. Hence, the General Assembly serves as the collective voice of the constituencies of the member organizations on issues of campus and community sustainability. Current membership on the Council can be found here. Organizations interested in joining the Council should visit the "Get Involved" page and contact the Membership & Publicity Director.

as a student... can support the Council in one of the following ways:

  • serve on the Administrative Body by participating on a committee or running for a Director postion,
  • represent a student group you're involved with in the General Assembly, or
  • participate in SSC-sponsored events.

as a student group... can join the Council as a member, and send representatives to the General Assembly. There, your group will be able to lend its voice to Council decisions, help decide how to spend money from the IU Sustainability Fund, and advance issues important to your group's mission.