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Executive Committee: 

The Executive Committee of the IUB SSC comprises the five Division Directors. The Executive Committee as a whole is responsible for setting the calendar of meetings of the General Assembly and for overseeing all working committees of the Administrative Body of the SSC. All offices of the Executive Committee are elected positions, and have a duration of one semester. There is no limit to the number of terms a student may serve on the committee. Voting procedure can be found in the Constitution. A listing of the director positions, their responsibilities, and the students currently holding office follows.

Logistics Director: Benjamin Hardy Cowley

The Logistics Director is largely responsible for making sure all functions of the Council are operating smoothly. The Director reserves meeting locations, sets meeting agendas, presides during voting, and ensures fluidity in day-to-day operations of the council. Specific responsibilities of the Logistics Director can be found here.

Contact Ben:

Membership & Publicity Director: Sydney Alderson

The Membership & Publicity Director is responsible for maintaining records of meeting attendance and votes as well as for overseeing all recruitment, outreach, and advertising efforts. The Director manages the Publicity Committee. Specific responsibilities of the Membership & Publicity Director can be found here.

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Advisory Director: Makayla Jane Bonney

The Advisory Director is responsible for representing the Council to the University and the broader community. The Director serves on various University administrative boards, meets regularly with staff of the IU Office of Sustainability, and oversees the Committee for Resolutions. Specific responsibilities of the Advisory Director can be found here.

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Projects & Events Director: Kristen Billings

The Projects & Events Director is responsible for oversight of planning and execution of all projects and events sponsored by the Council. To this end, the Director manages the Events Committee and the SustainIU Committee. Specific responsibilities of the Projects & Events Director can be found here.

Contact Kristen:

Finance Director: Jack Billimack

The Finance Director is responsible for maintaining the Council's general account as well as the IU Sustainability Fund account. The Director oversees the Fundraising Committee and the IU Sustainability Fund Committee, which are responsible for preparing budgets and vetting proposals for uses of the IU Sustainability Fund. The Director works closely with the Projects & Events Director and the Membership & Publicity Director. Specific responsibilities of the Finance Director can be found here.

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Past Executive Committees

Term Logistics Membership & Publicity Advisory Projects & Events Finance
Spring 2010 Nathan Bower-Bir Lauren Gersbach Jacob Bower-Bir Benji Fraser Chris Sarkesian
Fall 2010 Jacob Bower-Bir Ian Kaelble Gerrell Williams Lauren Kastner Ben Calvin
Spring 2011 Jacob Bower-Bir Ian Kaelble Martin Sorge Lauren Kastner Ben Calvin
Fall 2011 Ben Calvin Stephanie Hopkins Meredith Dowling Rachel Geiger Ian Kaelble
Spring 2012   Ben Calvin Stephanie Hopkins Meredith Dowling Rachel Geiger Ian Kaelble
Fall 2012   Emily Jackson Skyler Roeshot Laura Appelt Clayton VonDras Ben Calvin
Spring 2013   Emily Jackson Nick Norder Laura Appelt Faith Liveoak Thomas Ladendorf
Fall 2013   Madeline Griffitt Erin Kilhefner Andrea Kalasountas Faith Liveoak

Renne Payne

Spring 2014 Madeline Griffitt David Cohen Chloe Jacobson Faith Liveoak

Ellie Symes

Test Madeline Griffitt David Cohen Chloe Jacobson Faith Liveoak

Ellie Symes