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Official SSC Paperwork Templates

These document templates can be downloaded and filled in by the appropriate parties, as explained below.

Official Letterhead

This document is to be used for sending official letters. It will be used most often by SSC Directors in their official capacities.

Member's Selection of Representatives Form

Each member organization is required to complete and submit this form before the first General Assembly meeting of each semester. In the form, the member identifies its representative(s). Each representative must sign the form, and so must the executive of the member organization (e.g. president). The form should be given to the Membership & Publicity Director, who will sign it, approving selection of these representatives, as per the Constitution.

General Assembly Voting Record

This document should be filled out by the Membership & Publicity Director for each vote held by the General Assembly. If a roll call vote is held, then each member's vote (or lack thereof) is to be recorded here. The Logistics Director and the Membership & Publicity Directors must then sign the printed copy. The signed record should be scanned and uploaded to the vote record database, as per the Constitution.

Executive Officer Elections Record

Elections are held each semester at the last meeting of the General Assembly. This form should be filled out by the outgoing Membership & Publicity Director, with the names and (if relevant) organizations of each new director. The new directors should sign next to their names, confirming that they accept the responsibilities of their positions, and the outgoing Logistics Director and Membership & Publicity Director will sign the record, certifying the elections. The signed record should be scanned and uploaded to the elections record database.