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Group Involvement

The basic unit of the Student Sustainability Council is the independent IU student organization. The original SSC was formed with the principal intent of bringing many diverse student groups together to facilitate collaboration and communication, and that purpose is still foremost. 

If you are a member of an IUB student organization, and you think your group would benefit from participation on the Council, we guarantee that the Council will benefit from your group's membership. 

So, why should your group join the SSC?

Event planning & coordination

The SSC provides a wealth of opportunities for groups large and small to make a bigger impact on the IUB campus. With access to the membership and resources of all other members, planning and executing successful events has never been easier. The SSC has developed a network of connections across all departments of the University, which means you'll have access to all the right people. And when groups overlap in mission, concerted efforts in event programming mean less duplicated effort and greater output for the invested energy.

Input in campus sustainability initiatives

As a member of the SSC, your group will have opportunities to send clear messages to University administration on the importance of sustainability initiatives. Member organizations vote on resolutions on issues that matter to them---anyone can sponsor a resolution, and the Advisory Sub-committee on Resolutions will help draft official language. Possible future resolutions include statements on the American College and University Presidents' Climate Commitment, the present state of recycling at IUB, and the purchase of cage-free eggs instead of battery-cage eggs.

Transforming campus with input on the IU Sustainability Fund

In the Fall semester of 2010, the SSC collected more than 11,000 student signatures to create an optional student fee. During registration for classes, students will have the option of checking a box to donate $5 to this fund, which will be managed by the Council. Member organizations will have opportunities to suggest uses of the funds, and will vote to determine how they will be spent.

Why should your group join the SSC?

  • Facilitated communication with 17+ student groups and governments
  • Access to volunteers from all other members
  • Access to the resources of the entire council
  • Input in transformative campus sustainability initiatives