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How it works

From an Idea to a Reality

When a member of the campus community has an idea about how to make our campus more sustainable, while benefiting students, we want to hear about it!  Specifically, we are looking for capital projects that have the potential to further one of the three pillars of sustainability, economic, social, and environmental, on campus, while creating a direct, measurable, and lasting impact on students and the campus community.  

Have an idea? Check out the Submit your Idea tab! Proposals will be due at midnight the Sunday before Thanksgiving Break every year. 

From here, the Sustainability Fund Committee (explained below) receives these proposals and evaluates their feasibility, selecting proposals to research further.  The committee, with your help, should you choose to join, will present the best proposals to an oversight committee made up of faculty and staff and work with them to determine the most feasible options. The proposals will then be presented to the SSC as a whole for final approval.  If the idea is approved by the SSC, then the necessary money is allocated from the Sustainability Fund and the metaphorical (or literal) shovel hits the dirt.

Questions? Email Jack Billimack, Financial Director:

Download the Sustainability Fund Request for Proposals here and submit your green idea!