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Awards for graduate study in UK and Ireland - Campus deadline Mon. Sept. 3. 

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Leadership, Sustainability, Equity in Urban Communities - July 20 - DC



This section of the IUCARE website has two primary purposes. The first is to introduce undergraduate students about what research is why it is important and the second is to provide a central resource for finding research activities and opportunities. 

In a broad sense, research is the gathering and analysis of data and facts for the advancement of knowledge. Your disciplinary orientation and your research objectives will determine what data you gather and how you analyze it and you will undoubtedly advance your knowledge. It is a skill that you acquire and hone through observation, practice and experience. In a research experience, you will be working alongside professors and advanced students and practicing to think analytically and crtically in your discipline. Research experience is often an important factor in gaining admission to medical school and competing for graduate school positions but is universally applicable. Like other skills such as writing computer code, speaking another language, creating a budget or using a spectrometer, having research skills means that you can find a solution to a problem in a methodical manner, submit your data to reliable tests and analyses and compare the results to a hypothesis. 

If you are unsure where and how to start a research project or how to put your research idea into practice, the Undergraduate Research FAQ page provides guidance. The Undergraduate Research Opportunities page will be most useful to students seeking to gain experience off campus. Among the information provided on the site of the Indiana University Journal of Undergraduate Research (IUJUR) are submission guidelines and a rubric. 

Hussain 1Hussain2

Sophmore Hussain Ather spent the summer 2014 at Cornell University conducting research. His stay there was supported by an REU (Research Experiences for Undergraduates) award from the National Science Foundation. Top - Hussain is presenting his research during a symposium. Underneath - with friends at Ithaca Falls.