Indiana University Bloomington


The Center for Design Process conducts research into ways of making designing more user responsive.

Many designers are primarily concerned with the production of static form and pay little or no overt attention to how their work will affect design users. This approach leads to many incompatibilities between designers' conceptions and user needs.

While an increased focus on the user is desirable in application to existing design tasks, it is essential in application to many emerging postindustrial design tasks. In cases such as the making of computer software, the subject of designing is not form at all, but dynamic experience evolving over time. Traditional design methods are completely inapplicable to these new design fields in which the focus is more on process than product.

The work of the Center for Design Process is guided by the belief that designers should explicitly, rather than implicitly, address peoples' actions, perceptions, and experience. The aim of the Center is to conduct research projects exploring the methods through which the design process itself may be altered to make designing more responsive to those who must live with it.

The work of the Center for Design Process is guided by John Chris Jones' writings on design, which set out a radically different way of viewing the design process.