Tom Mitchell is the founder and director of the Center for Design Process, 
    a research lab devoted to exploring methods of user responsive designing. 
    He is also an associate professor of Interior Design at Indiana University. 

    Mitchell is the author of three books on design: Redefining Designing: From 
    Form to Experience; New Thinking in Design: Conversations on Theory and 
    Practice; and Living Design: The Daoist Way of Building (co-authored by 
    Jiangmei Wu). He is presently completing his fourth book, The Architect and 
    Designers' Resource Guide, which will be published by McGraw-Hill in 2001. 

    In addition to writing books, Mitchell has also contributed to a number of 
    other publications including John Thackara's influential anthology Design 
    After Modernism: Beyond the Object (London and New York: Thames and Hudson, 
    1988) and the British journal Design Studies. 

    Wherever possible, Mitchell applies the concepts central to his writing and 
    research in the teaching and supervision of his students. He has been a 
    leader at Indiana University in the use of digital presentation 
    technologies in undergraduate instruction. 

    Mitchell earned a Bachelor of Architecture degree from the University of 
    Tennessee and, after serving as an a World Bank initiated squatter 
    settlement project in Amman, Jordan. He then undertook graduate studies as 
    a Marshall Scholar at the University of Reading, England. He earned a M.Sc. 
    in alternative energy applications, and a Ph.D. for design research which 
    was jointly supervised in fine art and psychology. 

    In addition to his academic work, Mitchell founded, and is Resident Teacher 
    for, the Dromtonpa Buddhist Center, which offers classes in Indianapolis, 
    Brown County, and throughout southern Indiana and northern Kentucky. 
    Dromtonpa Center is a member of the New Kadampa Tradition, a collection of 
    300 Buddhist centers worldwide under the spiritual direction of Venerable 
    Geshe Kelsang Gyatso. More information on Dromtonpa Buddhist Center can be 
    found at: 


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