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Resources Mostly for Elementary  [ Top ] [ Previous Page ]

Everyday Math guideposts/learning goals, assessment materials, etc.
Jump to a grade-level specific site to get learning goals
Ways to Assess Student Understanding by Sally Steele
Assessment Options per Unit by Select Cadre Teachers facilitated by Linda Afdahl
Jump to a grade-level specific site for an Assessment Grid of Assessment Opportunities or click here for your grade level: 
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  Math and Literacy [ Top ] [ Previous Page ]
These materials were created by Select Cadre and Fort Wayne teachers

Agendas for Professional Development to connect math and literacy
shared by Fort Wayne teachers:

Algebra Agenda    
  Examples: Extensions and Writing Prompts for the following books:  
    Pigs by Robert Munsch     
   Spaghetti And Meatballs For All by Marilyn Burns  
Computation Agenda  
Data and Probability Agenda  
Geometry Agenda
Measurement Agenda  
Number Sense Agenda  

Sample math/literature connections created by the IMI Select Cadre: [ Top ]

Operations & Computation: A Fair Bear Share by Stuart J. Murphy  
Computation, Problem Solving: Two of Everything by Lily Toy Hong  
Geometry: The Greedy Triangle (Brainy Day Books) by Marilyn Burns
Measurement (Money): Alexander Who Used to Be Rich Last Sunday by J. Viorst
Number Sense (Fractions): The Doorbell Rang by Pat Hutchins  


  PreK and K Book Recommendations    
  See also your literature connections on each grade-level specific site.    
    Everyday Mathematics Games [ Top ] [ Previous Page ]    
    Presentation on Games by Barbara Smart (for Parent Nights)    
    Games Adjustments to meet individual needs by preK-K IMI Teachers    
    Easier Questions for Algebra Election Game    
    See also the Everyday Mathematics link to the Online Games below    
    Everyday Math Game Recording Sheets by Julie Pearson
    Addition and Subtraction of Decimals Location, Location, Location    
    Angle Tangle Multiplication Top-It    
    Collecting Organizing Displaying Data Multiplication Wrestling    
    Decimal Top-It My Addition Strategies    
    Division Dash My Subtraction Strategies    
    Factor Captor Scorecard Subtraction Target Practice    
    Fraction Top-It Touch and Match Quadrangles    
    Gold Medal Math Where Am I?    
    Songs, Rhymes and Chants [ Top ] [ Previous Page ]    
    Songs, Rhymes, and Chants by IMI Teachers at IMI follow-up meetings    
    Place Value Songs by Select Cadre Teacher Karen Leff    
    I Have, Who Has Activities   [ Top ] [ Previous Page ]
    Jump to the grade-level specific site for Grade 2, Grade 3, Grade 4, or Grade 5    
    The Tip of the Week from IMI Everyday Mathematics Teachers  [ Top ]
These tips were shared by teachers in their learning logs and on the IMI Forum. Some great ideas!
    Tips from 2004-2005      
    Tips from 2003-2004    
    Wright Group (Everyday Math Publisher) and University of Chicago (Developer) Sites [ Top ]    
    Wright Group Publisher's Web Site    
         Play Everyday Mathematics games online.
For access to all of the games, you or your school needs to purchase a license.   However, if you do not have a license, you can click on the words Click Here to View Demos to see some of the games.
Go HERE for technical support with the demo site.
         If you need help with the Wright Group Site, click on
         contact link
    University of Chicago Developer's Web Site    
    Other Recommended Web Sites Specifically for Elementary [ Top ] [ Previous Page ]    
    University of Northern Iowa Department of Mathematics    
    More Basic Fact Strategies    
    Basic Facts Strategies    
    "Mathematics University" - The Unofficial Everyday Mathematics Help Site contains sites for teachers, parents, and administrators with grade-level resources, including links to games and virtual manipulatives which can be played on your computer, plus more. (This was formerly everydaymath.org.)
  Rina Iati, an Everyday Mathematics Math Coach, has an excellent Web Site which includes resources for of teachers, parents, and students.
    RekenWeb From the makers of the Rekenrek to teach operations, this Web site provides online interactive problem solving.activities for children ages 5 to 12.
  Also see Other Recommended Web Sites for ALL Grade Levels above.

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