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The Indiana University debate team cordially invites all interested high school debate students to Bloomington, IN for the 68th annual National Debate Tournament. We are excited to announce that the University has set aside 40 rooms on an isolated (used only by us) campus dorm floor to provide interested students a low-cost option for attending this amazing national championship event. At $25.00 a night, each student will be provided with an authentic college debate room experience, including bedding and linens. While staying in Eigenmann Hall students will be just a short walk away from the tournament's competition rooms.

Our staff will provide monitored rooms with strict check-in and check-out policies for attending students. Students who attend will be expected to respect event staff and IU policies throughout their stay. Due to the significance of this event and the opportunity provided, we will enforce a strict zero tolerance policy for misconduct. Attending students will need to send a signed version of the following document (LINK) to IUDebateTournament@gmail.com before attending the NDT. Confirmation of the student's signature will be assured during check-in.


Cost, Fees and Meals

Students will have the option of selecting which nights they will be staying at Eigenmann during the NDT. NDT events will begin Thursday March 27th and will conclude Monday March 31st. Attending students will have the opportunity to check-in Wednesday night the 26th through Tuesday April 1st.

Nightly Cost: $25.00: This fee covers bedding (linens, pillow) and a bed in a gender segregated dorm room in Eigenmann.

Registration fee $12.00 : Each registrant will need to pay a $12.00 fee. This charge covers the IU Conferences processing fees.

Meals are not covered: Students will be expected to pay for all meals at the National Debate Tournament. There are several low cost options for meals on campus including restaurants in the Indiana Memorial Union(this is where all round announcements will be!), the dorm cafeterias, delivery food (pizza, subs etc.) and restaurants located on Kirkwood.

Why no meals? While meals will be served to competitors at the National Debate Tournament, our conference space does not have the seating capacity to expand meals to non-competitors, coaches, and judges. Students will be able to attend all non-meal related events (rounds and round announcements). Furthermore, we are attempting to reduce costs on attending high school students. Meals catered through the NDT will come with a charge of $150.00 per person. Frugal students should be able to eat cheaper during their stay.

*No Refunds*: The purpose of this policy is to guarantee that we only receive serious applicants. We have a strict cap of 40 student participants. Late withdrawals will result in other students missing out on the opportunity of attending the NDT.

Can coaches attend? We encourage coaches to attend along with their students. Any coach who is above the age of 18 will be expected to pass a background check before staying in the dorms. We will have limited single room space.

Why are we doing this? We want to expand opportunities for high school debaters to observe really great debates while enjoying their time on the Indiana University campus. As a Big 10 university with several highly ranked undergraduate programs (SPEA, Music, Kelley, Education, A&S degrees, etc.), we are always interested in providing our visitors with information about joining us at IU in the future. This does mean that we will prioritize Freshmen-Juniors and possible IU commits before seniors who have already committed elsewhere. Seniors are still encouraged to apply and register.

Registration Link

The live registration link can be located here: Live Registration Link https://indianauniv.ungerboeck.com/prod/emc00/register.aspx?OrgCode=10&EvtID=6178&AppCode=REG.

All payments must be received before the start of the event. You can pay by credit card or check. Instructions for payment are located in the IUCONF registration page.

Answers to Questions:

Will Students be Charged the $150.00 NDT Observer Fee? No you will not be charged the observer fee. This does have consequences, you will not be included in the meals or conference space seating space in Alumni hall. The Hall can only sit 450 people, the addition of HS students beyond this number means we will be beyond sitting capacity. Participants will need to use available standing room during award events.

Student vehicles? In order to assure our check-in and check-out policies, students who drive their own vehicles to Bloomington will need to park their vehicle in the IU Football Stadium Lot. Students will need to give their keys to our staff to ensure compliance with our policies. Keys will be returned during check-out.

Dorms? There are several dorm room types and styles. Most include two to three beds in a large room with a shared bathroom for the room.

Will rooms be gender segregated? Yes. Gender segregation will be enforced. Any violation of this policy will be grounds for removal.

WIFI and computers? Internet access is free on campus through the AT&T network. Students are encouraged to bring whatever material they deem necessary to help take advantage of this opportunity. Many students flow rounds on their laptops.

Tournament Schedule? The tournament schedule is attached here (Link). A more complete packet of information, including meal opportunities will be released soon.





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