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News and Results

2014-2015 Results Sheet

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POLICY DEBATE Tournament Records Outrounds Speaker Awards Wins Over Opponents

Georgia State

Sept 20-22

Smale/Peculis (4-4) [Open]

Gowda/Ferguson (3-5) [Open]

    Michigan, Harvard, Trinity, Georgia, Michigan State

Univ. Kentucky

Oct 4-6

Peculis/Ferguson (2-6)

Tally/Wake-TB (5-1), [JV Tournament]

Gallina/Samford-Le (3-3) [Novice]

*JV Tournament win!

Tally-Wake Swing partner
2-1 over Miami in Semis to close out with Wake.

  Wayne State, Michigan, Miami, Vanderbilt, Clarion, Michigan State, Wayne State, Navy.
Samford University Oct 17-19 Perry/Samford-Le (1-4) [Novice]     Vanderbilt


Nov 1-3

*First Time at Harvard!

Hoffman/Smale (3-5) [Open]

Ferguson/Peculis (2-6) [Open]


  Trinity, Binghamton, Samford

Butler Tournament

Nov 7-8

Galbreath/Tally (4-2) [JV]

Hoffman/Ferguson (6-0) [Open]

Watkins/Perry (1-4) [Novice]


IU GT Finals
Loss (3-0)
Univ. Northern Iowa

IU HF Finals Loss (2-1)
MoState BH

Ferguson 3rd Speaker

Hoffman 4th Speaker

Tally 1st [JV]

Galbreath 2nd [JV]

MSU, Wayne State, Butler, Missouri State  

Wake Forest


Hoffman/Ferguson (4-4)

    Capital, Cornell, Trinity, JCCC
Miami Jan 1-5

Peculis/Ferguson (5-5) [Open]

Smale/Hoffman (5-5) [Open]

Tally/Liu (1-9) [JV in Open]

Gallina/Perry (4-3) [Novice]

IU SH Doubles
Loss (3-0)
Georgia DG

IU PF missed on points

IU GP missed on points

  Miami, Florida, Vanderbilt, West Georgia, Dartmouth , Navy, Missouri State, Missouri State, Emory
Hoosier Invite (Indiana)

Smale/Hoffman (4-3) [Open]

Ferguson/Tally (3-4) [JV/Open Team in Open]

Galbreath/Yonter (2-4) [JV in open]

Gallina/Perry (6-1) [Novice]

Watkins/Harding (3-4) [Novice]



SH Doubles
Win (2-1)
Michigan State

SH Quarters
Loss (0-3)

IU GP eligible to break as 2nd seed in Novice

JV Semifinals
Win (3-0)
Northern Iowa

JV Finals
Loss (0-3)
Wayne State


Hoffman 7th Open

Smale 8th Open

Galbreath 3rd JV

Michigan State, Northern Iowa, Minnesota, Miami, Wayne State, Florida
Texas-Austin Smale/Ferguson (3-5)     UTD, UNLV, Trinity
NDT Districts Qual

Smale/Ferguson (2-2)

Peculs/Tally (0-4) [JV w/ Open Partner]

FS Missed qual by 1 round
1st Alternative to NDT
  Northwestern, Wayne State

Galbreath/Tally (2-4) [JV]

Gallina/Perry (4-2) [Novice]

GP Octas
Win [2-1]
Liberty DJ

GP Quarters
Loss [0-3]
George Mason
CEDA Nationals Ferguson/Smale (3-5)   Outspoke all 4-4 and several 5-3 teams! Louisville, Texas, Fresno State

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