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News and Results

2013-2014 Results Sheet

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Wayne State Trophy Vandy TrophyHIT 2014 awards

POLICY DEBATE Tournament Records Outrounds Speaker Awards Wins Over Opponents

Georgia State

Sept 21-23

Smale/Peculis (3-5)

Murphy/Patel (3-5)

Hoffman/Ferguson (2-6)

    Louisville, Georgetown, Georgia, Florida, Emory, KCKCC, and Clarion, Houston.

Wayne State

Sept 27-29

Galbreath/Pilgrim (4-4) (W) Finals JV Pilgrim 1st JV Clarion, Augustana, Wayne State

Univ. Kentucky

Oct 5-7

Murphy/Patel (4-4)

Peculis/Smale (3-5)

Ferguson/Hoffman (1-7)

    James Madison, UT Dallas, Oklahoma, MSU, Georgia State, Binghamton, Lakeland, Central Florida


Nov 1-3

Murphy/Patel (3-3)

Ferguson/Hoffman (3-3)

Smale/Peculis (1-1)*

Novices (1-17) [click for team pics!]

*Smale digitally debated with Peculis while at home in Indiana. Due to illness, Peculis had to debate maverick rounds 3-6, making him ineligible for wins.


Emory DK (AFF) v IU FH (NEG) Loss ( 3-0).

  Emory, Georgia, Georgia Tech, Samford, Wake Forest

Wake Forest/Mountaineer Classic

Nov 16-18

Smale/Peculis (4-4)*

Murphy/Patel (3-5)

Ferguson/Hoffman (3-3)**

Sublette/Chaltraw (1-5)***

*First breakround at a major

**Just missed on speaks

***Second novice tournament!

    Augustana, Arizona State, Gonzaga, James Madison, Kansas U, Cornell, Clarion, Mercer, U Cent. Oklahoma, Southern California, Wyoming  

Ferguson-Hoffman (3-4)

Murphy-Carley (3-4)

Peculis-Smale (3-4)

    Texas, MoState, Augustana, Georgia State, Wyoming, Houston
North Texas

Peculis-Smale (4-3)

Ferguson-Hoffman (3-4)

Murphy-Rabbitt (3-4)

IU PS (AFF) vs. Kansas BM (0-3) Jason Russell, Dan Stout, Richard Tews   Wash U, Kansas, K-State, Texas, North Texas, Trinity, JCCC, KCKCC.
Hoosier Invite (Indiana)

Hoffman-Ferguson (4-3)

Smale-Peculis (3-4)

Murphy- Patel (2-5)

JV - Pilgrim-Galbreath (5-1)

Novice - Gomez-Tock (1-4)

IU HF (NEG) vs MSU (AFF) (0-3) Casey Kelly, Brad Meloche, Kelly Young


8th Open

Michigan State, Minnesota, Louisville, Michigan, Wayne, Lakeland College.




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