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3rd Annual Hoosier Debate Camp

Click Here to Register For the 2014 Hoosier Debate Camp! Early registration deadline is April 25th! Final Registration deadline date is June 15th [If Capacity Allows]!

Dates For Policy, LD, PF and Congress: debate camp 2013

2 Week Policy Scholars (Policy only): June 25th - July 12th - Tuition - $1100.00

2 Week Option: June 28 - July 12th - Tuition - $1075.00

1 Week Option A: June 28 - July 5th - Tuition - $600.00

1 Week Option B: July 5th- July 12th - Tuition - $600.00

Normal Fee Registration Deadline: April 25th, 2014. After this deadline, a 50.00 fee increase will be added to tuition costs.

Registration Deadline is June 15th! After this deadline registration cannot be guaranteed. Non-registered students/parents please direct your inquiries to the Director of Debate:

Brian L. DeLong

Registered students and parents should send an email to our dedicated camp email address: hoosierdebatecamp@gmail.com

A Winning Curriculum: Learn the Fundamentals Femi

The Hoosier Debate Camp is dedicated to building a curriculum that teaches debaters to become self-sufficient. We will make sure that each graduate of our program is well prepared to tackle all future competitive debate obstacles. After attending the Hoosier Debate Camp, students will show an advancement in their understanding of argumentation and debate theory, research methods, and audience analysis and adaption. Students should be able to walk into the 2014-2015 season with confidence in their speaking abilities to perform well against any form of competition. After spending one- or two-weeks with us, the student will be provided with a road map of success for the rest of the summer through the start of the season and beyond. Attending debate camp is one of the most important decisions to make if your goals include preparing for success at your state, national qualification, and national championship tournaments. It is never too early to prepare for success!

Each student will be organized into their respective interest in debate activity: Congressional Debate (with assistance from the Center on Congress), Policy Debate, Lincoln Douglas, and Public Forum. Classrooms will be comprised of two to three lab leaders per section. Students will receive instructions via daily lectures in lab as well as mass lectures on topics that cross-debate style and thought. Practice debates, evidence production, and one-on-one student-faculty interaction will occur within these lab rooms. The lab rooms and lecture halls will be located within the Briscoe residency dorms.

intra-iuArgumentation and Debate Theory: How do the best debaters seem to have an uncanny ability to take apart even the strongest arguments? If you know the basics of how arguments are produced and defended, you can reveal and challenge the weaknesses of any of your opponent’s arguments. Furthermore, learning the language and culture of debate and its theoretical background will provide students with the tools to make debate into what they want it to become. Students should walk away with a substantial increase in their knowledge of the language of debate.

  • Research Methods: In a world where nearly everyone has the ability to produce written text, we are at risk of “overload” of information on any topic of discussion. The ability to efficiently locate as well as process qualified evidence is the essence of being a good debater. Students will learn how to rapidly navigate quality online resources and college library resources as well as methods of organizing vast amounts of information into usable formats. This skill is highly valuable for the future academic success of the student and is a great resource for future employment.
  • Speaking and adaption: Practice makes perfect. Our lab leaders will be instructed to integrate several speaking drills and practice debates into their lab time. Their instruction will center on a key concept of adapting to audiences of varying degrees of belief and perspective. We will teach methods for campers to learn the language of one’s audience. Truly successful debaters will need to learn to speak to audiences from around the state as well as the country.
  • Tournament: Each camp will end with a two-day tournament. Total rounds will depend on entries. Awards will be provided for top speakers and debate teams. Two-week attendees will participate in two tournaments!

Early Policy Scholars Lab: This lab is for students who already have experience in policy debate. These students will spend more time with the IU director of debate as well as our policy lab instructors before the rest of the camp arrives. We will use this additional camp time following a rigurous schedule of practice debates, faculty example debates, and speaking drills to help remove those off-season cobwebs!



The faculty will be comprised of the IU Director of Debate, college debate coaches, the Indiana Debate team, and high school debate coaches from the region

Faculty: Brian DeLong (Scholars), Luke Morgan (PF), Adam Abelkop (Policy), Kyle Vint (Policy) Chris Vincent (LD), Kegan Ferguson (Congress), will be joining us this summer as well as IU Debate team members. Future hires will be posted soon!

Debate Events

Our camp will have labs for the following debate events: Lincoln Douglas, Public Forum, Policy Debate, and Congressional Debate.

Cost and Registration

Early registration for attendees must submit a non-refundable registration deposit of $100.00 by April 25th. You can register by going to the IU Conferences secure payment page early registration will confirm your spot in the camp in the event of space limitations. After the April 25th deadline, tuition will increase by an extra $50.00. The absolute final registration deadline is June 15th. Full payment for the camp is due by June 21st.

The IU debate camp provides all the benefits of other camps in the Midwest without the cost. You will save anywhere from $200 - $800 on our two week camp!


Two Week Full Tuition: $975 + $100 deposit: $1075.00*

One Week Full Tuition: $500 + $100 deposit: $600.00

Commuter 2 Week Tuition: 550.00 + 100.00 deposit: $650.00

Commuter 1 Week Tuition: $350 + $100 deposit: $450.00

Commuter (no meals) 2 Week Tuition: $400 + $100 deposit: $500.00

Commuter (no meals) 1 Week Tuition: $250+ $100: $350.00

Students in need of tuition reductions should contact the camp director. Some funds are available for students who can prove a need: 2014 HDC Scholarship Application.



Dorm Life and Mealsbobby

Students who elect to have the "meal plan" (most do) will be provided with meal cards and access to the cafeteria facilities on campus. The meal cards will cover expenses for lunch and dinner for the duration of their stay. Typically students intermix their cafeteria meals with local restaurants duiring their stay leaving a remaining balance on their card. The remaining balances on the card can be used for breakfast or excess food for late night snacks. Depending on the weather, we will also provide opportunities for 2-week students to walk over to 4th Street to try some of Bloomington's best ethnic and local food options.

Students will stay in the Briscoe dorms (Click Link for Pictures). Dorm rooms will be gender segregated. Lab leaders and assistants will be present in Briscoe 24-hours a day in case of emergencies. All faculty and staff will have a complete background check before their hiring. An office phone will be monitored 24 hours a day in case a parent or legal guardian attempts to contact their child.

Briscoe is located across the street from the Indiana University Outdoor Pool (Click Link for Info). Last year was extremely hot. If temperatures are reasonable we will include time so students can take advantage of this perfect summer amenity. Basketball courts and open fields for other games are also within walking distance.

Students should bring blankets and pillows for a single bed. Briscoe can provide these materials for an additional charge.

Briscoe is air conditioned. The rooms do not have a fridge or microwave.

Student meal cards and keys will be the student's responsibility. Students will need to make sure they lock their own rooms and secure their items during their stay. We highly recommend keeping your cash and valuables on one's person during your stay.

Pre-camp Social Networking:

Facebook Page: Join our Hoosier Debate Camp 2014 facebook page. Join future campers in a dialogue before camp starts.

Twitter: @IndianaDebate. We will use this account to post camp information and updates just before, during, and after the camp.





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