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Hoosier Holiday Classic

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Link to flyer

Secure Online Payment Link [Click Here for all payment options]: 1) Pay later with check, mail or provide check at registration 2) Purchase Order 3) Pay Now With Credit Card.

Tournament information:

The Indiana University debate team cordially invites the high school speech and debate community to the first annual Hoosier Holiday Classic tournament.
The tournament will be held on our beautiful campus in Bloomington, IN on Saturday, December 15, 2012. Our tournament will feature varsity and novice competition in fourteen speech events and four debate events. Students can double enter within speech events but cannot double in speech and debate. We will present awards to the event finalists as well as team sweepstakes, and a special sweepstakes for schools with smaller entries.
Embodying Hoosier hospitality, our tournament will provide three meals (Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner) for competitors, coaches, and judges in an attempt to assure quality competition and student enjoyment. Fees will be assessed to cover the meals per-tournament participant.

Debate Events:
Policy Debate, Public Forum, Lincoln Douglas, Congress

Speech Events:
Discussion, Drama, Impromptu, Original Oratory, Poetry, Scripted Duo, Memorized Duo, Original Performance, United States Extemp, International Extemp, Humor, Declamation, Prose, Radio Broadcasting.

We will be using www.Tabroom.com for all entries. The deadline for new entries is noon Wednesday December 12th. Free tournament drop deadline will be Thursday December 13th by noon. Drops and adds should be emailed to iudebatetournament@gmail.com. Student drops after this date will be assessed the regular entry fee.

With IU out of session starting the 15th, we will have full access to classrooms across campus. Since this is our first attempt with hosting high school teams, an entry cap may be necessary if attendance is beyond expectations. Early entries will be rewarded for helping us predict turnout. Ballantine Hall, with 70+ classrooms will serve as the hub of the tournament. If more rooms are necessary, we will use Woodburn and the Indiana Memorial Union.

Judging Requirements

For every 2 (or portion thereof) debate entries in each event, one judge must be provided (1 per 2 for PF, 1 per 2 for LD and 1 per 2 for CX). For every four (or portion thereof) indivdual event entries, one judge must be provided. For Congress, please provide 1 per 5 entries. A $50 charge will be assessed for every fully uncovered commitment, or $25 for half commitments. Please be advised that judges who are filling the obligations of an entered team Only those judges hired by the tournament will be paid.

Hotel: IMU Biddle Hotel

A hotel block has been secured at the Indiana Memorial Union for Friday December 14th. The block rate is $105 for double-doubles. Hotel block code is HSDT. For online registration click here: IMU Biddle Hotel

Tentative Schedule

7:00 -7:45 AM Breakfast from the Bakehouse and Registration in Ballantine Hall
8:00 AM Extemp Prep, Policy, LD and PFD (double-flighted)
8:30 AM All speech events except Discussion (with doubling allowed) and Congress Session 1
9:00 AM Discussion Rd. 1 (participants can double [not triple] if they speak first in the other events in the first 30 min.)
10:15  AM Extemp Prep, Policy, LD and PFD (double-flighted)
10:45  AM All speech events except Discussion (with doubling allowed) and Congress Session 2
11:15  AM Discussion Rd. 2

12:00 Lunch Provided: Award Winning Mother Bear’s Pizza

1:00 PM Extemp Prep, Policy, LD and PFD (double-flighted)
1:30 PM All speech events except Discussion (with doubling) and Congress Session 3
2:00 PM Discussion Rd. 3
3:15  PM Extemp Prep, Policy, LD, and PFD (double-flighted)
3:45  PM All speech events except Discussion (with doubling) and Congress Session 4
4:15  PM Final Round Discussion

5:00 PM Dinner Provided: Jimmy Johns

5:30 PM Final Round in Extemp Prep, Policy, LD, and PFD***
6:00  PM Finals All speech events except Discussion (with doubling).

7:00 PM Awards 

*** We are open to modification in round #'s if the demand exists for more outrounds. Scheduled rounds may be extended to deal with a large pool in PF/LD. Three options exist: 1) removing a flighted round to increase the number of available rounds 2) increasing the number of outrounds in LD/PF to two 3) a modified single outround option where 1 seed hits 2 for first/second place, and 3 hits 4 for third/fourth place.

Tournament Procedures

Event Rules

Indiana High School Forensic Association (IHSFA) rules apply for all events except where indicated below.  For more information such as event descriptions and time limits, please refer to the IHSFA constitution at http://www.ihsfa.org (click on the link that says “Constitution”).

Discussion - HHC Discussion Topic: Fiscal Cliff. We will provide subtopics before each round.HHC Discussion Topic: Fiscal Cliff. We will provide subtopics before each round.

Contestants in Discussion can enter in other speech events. .


Those entered in impromptu must go to their impromptu round first.  Given the nature of the event, expect anything (a quotation, word, object, etc.).  But IHSFA time limits still apply.

Radio Broadcasting

Contestants in Radio can double enter.  The HHC will provide radio copy for Rounds 1 and 2.  Round 1 will feature commercial copy, Round 2 editorial copy.  For Round 3, contestants will be expected to present a two-minute newscast prepared before the tournament and brought to the tournament.  In the final round, a picture from USA Today (from the previous two weeks) will be provided along with a brief caption that includes the time and place of the event depicted.  The contestant assumes he or she is “on the spot” and reports for two minutes.

Congress - The following topics will be used for the first congress:

Final Congress resolutions


1. The Tab Room will remain open to coaches at all times.

2. Preliminary rounds have one judge.  Finals and out rounds will have three judges.

3. Ties in preliminary rounds are broken by the guidelines set forth by the National Forensic League (available in the District Tournament Manual).

4. Team sweepstakes trophies will be awarded to the top three teams in the Small School Division and the top three teams in the Open Division.  Team points are based on final round results only.

Entry Form

1.  Entries are due, with full names, by 5:00 p.m. EST, Monday December 10, 2012.

2.  We are using www.Tabroom.com, please go to tabroom to enter your students and judges.

3. Tentative Entry fees: $20.00 per-participant, observer, judge, and/or coach. The fees will cover three meals and trophies. The goal for this tournament is to break even. The fees will change in the event that the $20.00 fee fails to cover judging, meals, and tournament overhead costs.

4.  The tournament will provide the option for hiring judges at $50.00 for a “full”or $25.00 for a "half" commitment. Each team should strive to fulfill their judging commitments.

6.   Additional fees will be assessed for drops after the entry deadlin.

Please email Brian L. DeLong (brdeong@indiana.edu) or call 812-856-7585 for any inquires.

PAYMENT INFORMATION (Link is at the top of the page)

IU Debate cannot handle money directly. There will be three methods for payment, Credit card, purchase order, or check. Credit card payments will be through a secure website managed by Indiana University Conferences. Checks will need to be sent to a PO Box handled by Indiana University Conferences located in Indianapolis. The website will be live by Mid-november.

Tabroom.com Registration

1) Setup a registration account at tabroom.com (The top right of the screen has a "sign up" link).

2) To find our tournament, go to calendar, and search for or scroll down to "Hoosier Holiday Classic." Otherwise use this link: https://www.tabroom.com/index/tourn/index.mhtml?tourn_id=1665

3) Click on the event that you would like to add a student to. On the right side you will have a list of students (This list will be blank if this is your first time on tabroom).Click on "Add Students to Roster." You should add ALL of the students that you will travel. Go back to the event (Congress, Duo, Policy Debate for example) that you want to enter a student in. Now click on the students name and "Add Entry." That's it!

4) Add your judges:We will have two judge pools Speech or Debate. Just like the student roster, you will need to add judges to your roster. We may need to borrow judges from other pools, but I hope to keep the pools seperate as much as possible.


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