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College Policy Debate

Debate Encyclopedia of Terms and Concepts

The Spartan Debate institute's glossary of concepts, jargon, ideas, arguments.

The Permutation

The Permutation is a forum for analysis, opinion, and research from both the academic communication community and the ranks of competitive debate coaches.

Debate Citation and Case List

This community accessible caselist was initiated by Wake Forest Debate as well as Aaron Hardy from Whitman to improve the quality of arguments in the college community. The result has been a reduction in the strategic "fog of war" at debate tournaments in order to allow for more innovation in argument quality. In 2010 Wake with a few other programs have lead the way with a complete opensource format for evidence access. After each debate round each WFU team posts their entire speech document to Wake's opensource wiki. Click here and here to learn more. The hope is to eventually utilize websites like this as a public and academic resourse. The link will take you to the 2011-2012 caselists. Older caselists can be found here

Cross Examination Debate Association

CEDA Debate's website containing posts from the leadership council of CEDA. The page also includes a forum of which is open to all interested parties who wish to discuss college policy debate.

National Debate Tournament Website

The National Debate Tournament began at the United States Military Academy in 1947. It was organized and conducted by the academy at West Point for its first twenty years. Since then the tournament has moved around from host school to host school. In 2011 the NDT will be located in Atlanta. The host school is Emory University. Website is managed by Professor Allan Louden of Wake Forest.

Debate Encyclopedia

A Spartan debate initiative that contains definitions of debate jargon. A great pedagogical tool for new debaters.

Putting the k (kritik/critique) in debate

This website is a onestop location for anyone interested in how critical and performative literature resonates within competitive debate. You can watch videotaped rounds of some of the top debates in the last decade as well as podcasts from debate minds around the nation. The website is managed by Scott Odekirk who is a highly successful debate coach for Idaho State University.


Georgia Debate Union Blog

This blog is highly recommended. The page is consistently updated and administered by Georgia's director of debate Casey Harrigan and Georgia's graduate students. The site contains interesting discussions and material on debate theory, debate norms, and argumentation.


The 3NR Blog

A debate page administered by Scott Phillips, coach for Emory, Roy Levkovitz, Dir. of Debate Woodward Academy coach, and Bill Baterman, Assistant Dir. of Debate at Woodward. 3NR has proven itself to be a testing ground and publication nexus for high school and college debate minds.

Global Debate Blog

Blog administered by Tuna Snider, Edwin W. Lawrence Professor of Forensics at the University of Vermont and leading advocate for World Debate. A great resource for debate news from within the US and around the world.

Planet Debate

Planet debate is a professional website that is maintained by Harvard Debate. The website is a great source for backfiles, topic specific evidence, and politics updates.


College Parliamentary Debate


Public forum for NPDA and NPTE parliamentary debate. Most teams reside in the Midwest, Mountain Region, and the West Coast.


National Parliamentary Debate Association's official page.


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