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Hoosier Policy Debate

IU debate is highly interested in recruiting debaters with high school policy debate experience for the 2013-2014 season. Incoming debaters will take advantage of an exciting time in IU debate history. We are currently in the process of rebuilding the team into a consistently competitive national policy squad. Indiana's location as well as the support from the University guarantees a national travel schedule. All we need now is motivated students like YOU to help us grow. We are also going to host the 2014 National Debate Tournament and CEDA national next spring!

The educational benefits of Indiana Universities as a Big Ten institution with top rank programs (SPEA, Kelley school of business, Jacob's School of Music, Communication and Culture, School of Journalism, and so on) along with the benefits of joining a small team are immense. Incoming debaters, as leaders in the program, will be treated to a travel schedule that spans the nation. Our qualified coaching staff, with rotating additions of graduate teaching assistants, will assure that you are provided with the time needed for a regimen of one-on-one skill building exercises to help you transition into one of the top collegiate debaters in the country.

Four year scholarship opportunities are available and will be offered to qualified applicants. Please see the "Scholarship's Tab" on the left. Interested debaters should contact Brian DeLong as soon as possible. Indiana also provides several opportunities for a large contingency of automatic merit based grants and scholarships for incoming students. More opportunities are available depending on your major of interest including application to the honor college. Please be aware of deadlines - Automatic Academic Scholarships are available until November 1st!

Interested high school seniors and juniors are encouraged to schedule a campus visit to see our beautiful campus as well as to meet the coaches and team.

Squad Room and SPEA Support:

IU Debate is currently housed and supported by the prestigious and highly ranked School of Public and Environmental Affairs.

Students are highly encouraged to look into directly admitting into SPEA. Direct admit students are eligible for an additional $5,000 in scholarship funds.

Please note the write up located here:

"The School of Public and Environmental Affairs (SPEA) proudly offers the SPEA Direct Admission Scholarship. The SPEA Direct Admission Scholarship is a $5,000 award per academic year, disbursing as a $2,500 award for each fall and spring semester at IU Bloomington. Only completed Selective Scholarship Applications will be reviewed by the SPEA Direct Admit Scholarship committee, and SPEA will communicate scholarship decisions via email in early March. If scholarship recipients remain in good standing, both academically and non-academically, as well as enroll in and complete at least nine credit hours of SPEA coursework with the fall and spring semesters, the scholarship will be eligible for renewal for up to four total years of undergraduate study and a maximum award amount of $20,000.
An advantage of being eligible for Direct Admission to SPEA is working with a SPEA advisor early on to begin formulating which special SPEA programs may be available to you. Overseas study, a semester internship in Washington D.C., multiple internship opportunities, and an accelerated Master's degree are just a few of the programs available."

Other Opportunities

IU debate has other opportunities for debate enthusiasts to be apart of our squad. If the time and dedication needed to be apart of the travelling competitive team proves too time consuming, we are always looking for interested individuals who wish to engage in public debates, assist with tournament preparation and hosting. More information and opportunities for being apart of the debate culture can be found by contacting Mr. DeLong.

Is college debate for you?

Dr. Allan Louden of Wake Forest debate fame provides interesting questions and points on whether college debate is the right choice for you: http://www.wcdebate.com/7others/78louden.htm

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Last updated: 06 February 2013
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