A look back at all of the past executive boards of the College Democrats at IU. Please report any incorrect information to us using our contact us page.

Current Executive Board

2015 Executive Board
President – Hannah Miller
Vice President – Kegan Ferguson
Treasurer – Nina Wornhoff (Fall), Morgan Murphy (Spring)
Communications Director – Grace Parker (Fall), Jared Thompson (Spring)
Political Affairs Director – Patrick Lockhart (Fall), Vincent Halloran (Spring)
Outreach Director – Nikos Potamousis (Fall), Patrick Lockhart (Spring)
Social Events Director – Bee Smale (Fall), Nikos Potamousis (Spring)
Faculty Adviser – David Pace

2014 Executive Board
President – Melissa Calero
Vice President – Morgan Mohr (Fall), Connor Shaw (Spring)
Treasurer – Brandon Perry (Fall), Kamran Zahid (Spring)
Communications Director – Kegan Ferguson (Fall), Jacy Rush (Spring)
Political Affairs Director – Helen Woeste (Fall), Morgan Mohr (Spring)
Outreach Director – Hannah Miller
Social Events Director – Andrew Ellison
Faculty Adviser – David Pace

2013 Executive Board
President – Aaron Dy
Vice President – Cassady Palmer
Treasurer – Mark Bowman
Communications Director – Lindsey Smith
Political Affairs Director – Jon Sutton (Fall), Patrick Lockhart (Spring)
Outreach Director – Jessie Nejberger
Social Events Director – Melissa Calero
Faculty Adviser – David Pace

2012 Executive Board
President – Chris Babcock
Vice President – Hillary Anderson
Treasurer – Grace Pazak
Secretary – Cassady Palmer
Communications Director – Lindsey Smith (Fall), Connor Mackey (Spring)
Political Affairs Director – Aaron Dy (Fall), Sam Blatt (Spring)
Outreach Director – Anastasia Kilmer
Voter Registration Director – Lissa Pavluk (Fall)
Faculty Adviser – David Pace

2011 Executive Board
President – Logan Souder
Vice President – Chris Babcock
Treasurer – Elizabeth McManus
Secretary – Melody Mostow
Communications Director – Brittany Brown
Political Affairs Director – Daniel O’Donnell
Outreach Director – Hillary Anderson
Faculty Adviser – David Pace

2010 Executive Board
President – Kelly Smith
Administrative Vice President – Scott Williamson
Political Vice President – Logan Souder
Financial Vice President – Anne Rayne
Communications Director – Eryne Richards
Outreach Coordinator – Kaylie Scherer
Publicity Director – Sarah Jones
Policy Director – Daniel Herman
Secretary – Chris Babcock
Faculty Adviser – David Pace

2009 Executive Board
President – AnnElyse Gibbons (Fall), Shawn Walter (Spring)
Administrative Vice President – Daniel Herman
Political Vice President – Maxfield Wollam-Fisher
Financial Vice President – Anne Rayne
Membership Director – Dan O’Dea
External Communications Director – Kelly Smith
Internal Communications Director – Laura Carlson
Publicity Director – Logan Souder
Outreach Director – Faz Mahmud
Graduate Outreach Director – Neville Batiwalla
Community Outreach Director – Kaylie Scherer
Policy Director – Scott Williamson
Secretary – Shanti Knight
Liaison to Students for Barack Obama – Mariah Kick
Faculty Adviser – David Pace

2008 Executive Board
President – Anna Strand
Administrative Vice President – Daniel Herman
Co-Political Vice President – Andrew Hahn
Co-Political Vice President – Kristen Miller
Financial Vice President – Jim Snaza
Communications Director – Brendan Roberts
Outreach Coordinator – Shawn Walter
Publicity Director – Maxfield Wollam-Fisher
Secretary – AnnElyse Gibbons
Faculty Adviser – Michael Ensley

2007 Executive Board
Records missing

2006 Executive Board
President – Emma Cullen
Administrative Vice President – Mandy Swamy
Political Vice President – Adam Newman
Financial Vice President – Amanda Jenkins
Communications Director – Brian Clampitt
Outreach Director – Morgan Tilleman
Membership Director – Megan Trusnik
Policy Director – Ryan Brancamp
Secretary – Alisha Mustafa

Non-voting members:
President Emeritus – Jared Fallick
Webmaster – Leon Smith

2005 Executive Board
Records missing

2004 Executive Board
President – Mandy Carmichael
Political Vice President – Matt Brunner
Administrative Vice President – Peter Cheun
Financial Vice President – Morgan Tilleman

2003 Executive Board
President – Daniel O’Neill
Administrative Vice President – Mandy Carmichael
Political Vice President – Pat Hayes
Financial Vice President – David Meek
Executive Director – Matt Brunner
Internet Director – Nicholas Bannister-Andrews
Communications Director – Mike Reiss
Membership Director – Aimee Dawson
Fundraising Director – Patrick O’Neill
Publicity Director – Brienne Delaney
Secretary – Alexis St. Juliana

2002 Executive Board
President – Daniel O’Neill
Administrative Vice President – Laura Walda
Political Vice President – April Gonzales
Financial Vice President – Vacant
Internet Director – Nicholas Bannister-Andrews
Communications Director – Brian Balta
Membership Director – Aimee Dawson, Grant McFann
Secretary – Matt Brunner, Mandy Carmichael

2001 Executive Board
President – Daniel O’Neill
Vice President – April Gonzales
Secretary – Sarah Baxter
Treasurer – Mark Olley
Political Director – Cassidy Cloyd
Social Director – Laura Walda
Membership Director – Milton Sutton
Publicity Director – Nicole Harris
Recruiting Director – Emi Uchinda
Internet Director – Nicholas Bannister-Andrews

2000 Executive Council
Information – The Executive Council is made-up of seven elected officers and around 20 appointed officers and assistants. Anyone who has shown strong interest in the College Democrats is permitted to vote at Council meetings, except on certain questions as outlined in the Constitution.

President – Travis Thickstun
Vice President – Marc Kelly
Secretary – Tiffany Benjamin
Treasurer – Kal Mehta
Political Director – Soo Han
Social Director – Cloe Mister
Membership Director – Vacant
Publicity Director – Erin Moran
Communications Director – Vacant
Internet Director – Jeremy Wallace
Community Service Director – Katie Smith
Newsletter Editor – Brook Northcutt
Greek Representative – Cassidy Cloyd
Labor Relations Representative – Charles Kukla
Monroe County Democratic Party Representative – Daniel O’Neill
Historian – Nicole Harris