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Why you should vote in Bloomington
DADT is Un-American – Debate with College Republicans
Perspectives from the IU College Democrats
Fox 59 Faceoff: Is Our Country Heading in the Right Direction?
Spring 2011 Call Out Video
Socialism is real – Fall 2011 Call Out video

In the news

Indy Star: “Student vote in Indiana, elsewhere, can turn tide in election” ft. Chris Babcock
IDS: Fall 2012 Callout
IDS: “Early Voting” ft. Melissa Calero
Huffington Post: Youth Vote 2012 Turnout: Exit Polls Show Greater Share Of Electorate Than In 2008
IDS: “Campus Gun Laws Could Change” ft. Aaron Dy
IDS: “Bill could prevent out-of-state students from voting in Indiana”
IDS: “Voting for House bill delayed” from when we testified before committee
IDS: “About HB 1311″ our joint statement with the College Republicans
IDS: “Advocate discusses health care mandate” our event with Dr. Rob Stone
Madddow Blog: “Indiana students, left and right, oppose bill to block them from voting”