Sunday April 19th

Dinner and Opening Session, Social
Begin IU EDP by meeting fellow EDP classmates and the EDP Board of Trustees during our welcome dinner and the opening session.  A social will follow the opening session.

Opening Session
Join international speaker, author, and strategist John Kennedy as he once again opens IU EDP with a bang!

From the four stages of culture creation to the step-by-step approach to setting the standards of the "Great game of Business", John will fill your toolboxes with strategies, suggestions and success for the best chance of growth in 2015!

This interactive program will set the tone for the 2015 program.

Monday, April 20th

1st year Students –Transformational Leadership
John introduces the audience members to the concept of the Great Game of Business. The premise is "you can't expect what you can't inspect"...and if we expect a strong and focused effort on the finance side, then there has to be a system to inspect it...John will introduce you to that system.
Speaker: John T. Kennedy, Kennedy Consulting, Corporate Trainer

2nd Year Students-Bridging the Financial GAPS:  Developing Grants , Alliances, Partnerships and Sponsors
This interactive session will address the importance of managing meaningful partnerships which will in turn provide agencies the opportunity to become ‘fiscally responsible’ by maximizing sponsorship dollars and program support, reducing costs for services, and controlling the return on investments which will help agencies deal with declining resources.
Speakers: Joseph Wynns, Consultant, Indianapolis, IN, Chris Owens Executive Director Indiana Park and Recreation Association and, Jennifer Voreis, PHR, CPRP Manager of Training and Developement, CHA Campanies

1st Year Students-Risky Business: How to Manage It
Risky Business isn’t just legal jargon; it is full of real cases that have affected parks and recreation professionals. A panel of park professional will share and discuss actual cases, the good, the bad and the ugly. Learn how to manage risk in your facilities, parks, and programs. Discussion focuses on preventing accidents and property loss and how to counteract excessive legal claims.
Speakers: Nate Thorne, Deputy Director Plainfield (IN) Parks and Recreation Department and Mark Waterfill, Benesch Attorney at Law

2nd Year Students - “Inside the Box” Customer Service
As we all know, without the customer, we are lost. Empowering our employees to deal directly with the customer on all levels is an environment worth creating.  John will teach the second year EDP students how to identify the attitude that makes the customer come back. He will discuss how to separate the “us” and “me” in customer service and describe a 5 step approach to resolving customer complaints. Participants will learn how to implement an action plan for continuous success. 
Speaker: John T. Kennedy, Kennedy Consulting, Corporate Trainer

Tuesday, April 21st

1st and 2nd year Students –Standing the Heat
The business of public parks and recreation is at a critical crossroad and has been profoundly impacted by a number of key issues including: increased competition from all sectors; stable or declining revenues with increasing costs; rampant arbitrary pricing and antiquated financial accounting processes; rapidly changing demographics; archaic planning efforts; and maintenance backlogs and deteriorating infrastructure that seem far beyond recovery. Additionally, the continuation of non-defensible management philosophies and decisions has not helped already challenging circumstances. Some of these issues have been on the radar for quite some time so one might ask “what has been the result other than a lot of talk with little action?”

Standing the Heat will allow participants to examine a range of contemporary leadership and ethical challenges, and investigate questions like: What is the complexion of parks and recreation today, and what do we need to do to create resilient systems given these conditions? What hidden assumptions do you have about “leadership” and “ethics” and how do they affect the way you manage and “lead” in your organization? What is unique about role modeling and how can you apply it in your world? What place do values, passion, and character have as part of the conversation?

Standing the Heat is an engaging experience for participants as they examine what it means to do this important work in today’s world.

Speaker: Jamie Sabbach, Founder & CEI, 110% LLC

1st Year Students- Managing Change through Job Progressions and Succession Planning
Agencies are facing baby boomer retirements, budget reductions, and increasingly, vacated full-time positions are not being refilled with full-time employees.    These issues have caused agencies to make major changes in how they do business. A key component of handling change is to have a skilled workforce that can meet today’s challenges and future organizational needs. This session is designed to help agencies address financial and operational challenges with job progressions and succession planning through identification of job related competencies, building talent pools, and facilitating development opportunities for employees.
Speakers: Amy Hurd, Ph.D., CPRE, Director Graduate School, Illinois State University and Jayne Miller, Superintendent-Minneapolis Park and Recreation Board

2nd Year Students- Benchmarking Financial Performance for Effective Decision Making
Liabilities, balance sheets and assets oh my! These reports and indicators are for business managers and accountants. Are you using in your decision making process the financial tools to measure and indicate your financial performance in your facilities and programs to make the right decisions? This session will explore the various ways to use benchmarking tools to make sure your staff has clear direction and expectations to meet and exceed budgetary projections and act accordingly when trends show projections may fall short.
Speaker: Michael Clark, CPRP, MBA, Executive Director, Palatine Park District, IL

Wednesday, April 22nd

1st Year Students-The Ultimate Programming Portfolio Analysis
This interactive session will explore cutting edge techniques to ensure the programs your agency provides meet budget projections, assist in your fiscal responsibility of non-tax revenue generation and are priced correctly. All while adding value and demand to your bottom line. Students will learn how to adapt these techniques to their own situations and how they can be implemented within their departments.
Speaker: Michael Clark, CPRP, MBA, Executive Director, Palatine Park District, IL

2nd Year Students-Selection and Interviewing: "The Last Person Standing Wins!"
Hiring the most qualified candidate is fiscally prudent, as the impact of replacing a hire that doesn't work out can be costly.  Participants will be introduced to competency based interviewing techniques and will walk away with an interviewing style that helps select candidates based on their potential to succeed. The session will include a 'mock' assessment center process in which attendees will participate.
Speakers: Mick Renneisen, Director, Bloomington Parks and Recreation Department and Jean Joque, Consultant, Bedford, IN