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May 1st is the deadline for completed applications

EAS X429 Field Geology in the Rocky Mountains

The Field Station’s flagship course, EAS X429 Field Geology in the Rocky Mountains, is the frequently required capstone course for advanced college geosciences majors. Since 1950, over 5000 students from over 200 colleges and universities have enrolled in this course. Alumni routinely credit it as a key educational ingredient in their career success because of its integrative content, and because of how it has helped them to solve geological problems with a limited data base, as well as improve their conception of scale and 3–D geometry of complex structural morphology.

NOTE: This course is physically demanding. Students should be in good health, capable of strenuous hiking on rugged terrain while carrying daypack and field gear.

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EAS G700 Structural Analysis

G700 3-D Structural Analysis is designed to provide an intense 12-day field based program taught at the Indiana University Geological Field Station.

Fieldwork will include stratigraphic work, field mapping, and the collection of data to construct a series of dip cross sections. Teams will be assigned to complete a suite of dip cross sections that will permit the creation of a 3-D model that can be studied and restored using state of the art software packages.

No caravan travel for this course. Students will fly round trip from Indianapolis to Bozeman, with cost of flight included in fees.

For more information or to apply for this course, please contact Dr. Bruce Douglas

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Other Course Offerings: Introductory high school and graduate–level courses are offered on an irregular basis, depending on expected enrollments. For more information about these offerings and opportunities for field learning experiences for high-school students and their teachers, adults, and professionals in industry, contact the Associate Director for Academics, Bruce Douglas (email).


Q. How much does a course cost?

The total cost includes tuition, transportation fees, room and board, and miscellaneous field station fees. IU has a tiered tuition rate distinguishing between in-state and out-of-state students. Generous scholarship support is designed to offset out-of-state tuition costs.

Q: Can I bring my laptop to the Field Station?

A: X429 students are encouraged to bring their own laptops for use on their projects. A limited number of Field Station laptops are available for use for specific projects during the course. Necessary information and programs are already loaded into these computers.

Q: Will I have access to email at the Field Station?

A: Yes. One computer is designated as a student computer and is used for email purposes. This computer is shared by all students.

Q: If I drive my personal vehicle to the Field Station, am I free to leave on the weekends?

A: Absolutely not. Any personal vehicles driven to the Field Station will be parked upon arrival and will not be allowed to be driven for the duration of the course. Anyone driving to the Field Station is responsible for getting themselves from the Field Station to Rapid City, SD for the beginning of the course. Public transportation is not available anywhere near the Field Station. Using a personal vehicle as transportation to get to and from the course is not recommended. More

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