While we have made great progress in the past 5 years, work remains to ensure that our facility remains highly functional and attractive for our students and potential external users. Our current focus is on raising funds dedicated to new construction and renovation of existing structures, and also endowed scholarships for students.


While the Field Station has been wonderfully maintained over the years, our future growth depends upon the construction, replacement and/or renovation of many buildings on the campus. The prioritized list of new construction includes:

  • Student bathhouse and laundry on the lower campus
  • Housing unit for Associate Instructors and Professionals
  • Construction of new student housing, and the renovation of existing housing on the upper campus.

Long-term plans include renovations of the kitchen in the Lodge and the restoration of Carmichael Creek including the construction of a pedestrian bridge across the creek between the upper and lower campus.

If you are interested in helping us bring the field station experience to future generations of students with modernized and upgraded facilities, please contact Travis Paulin, Executive Director of Advancement at 812-855-1876 or


Every year the Judson Mead Geologic Field Station recognizes outstanding students from across the country with scholarships to help defray the cost of its courses. In the recent past, upwards of 60% of the students attending our courses have been awarded a scholarship.

Through the generous support of donors, we have several scholarships provided through funds that have been permanently endowed through gifts from alumni and friends. Examples include corporate scholarships, class year scholarships, memorial scholarships.

As part of the IU Bicentennial campaign, the university will provide a match on the initial income, in perpetuity, for qualifying newly endowed scholarships of $50,000 or more. This includes all newly created scholarships to support students attending the IU Geologic Field Station.

If you are interested in learning more about how to create a scholarship for students attending the IU Geologic Field Station, please contact Travis Paulin, Executive Director of Advancement at 812-855-1876 or

We have a number of endowment accounts that target a range of specific needs/goals. Of these, two stand out - the Judson Mead Field Station account and the Excellence in Field Geoscience account, primarily because of the flexibility in how these endowment agreements have been structured. These two accounts can be used for a wide range of needs that cover scholarships, faculty enhancement, and construction to name just a few.

Details for these accounts and others can be found through the links below.

For more information contact us.

Endowment Campaign

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I learned an unbelievable amount—it’s hands-on learning, and you can see the structures right there in front of you—but the faculty also emphasized independent thinking. I really fell in love with field geology.

– Ellen Reat IUGFS Class of 2012
MS Candidate, Sedimentology

For more details about our strategic plan and the campaign, contact:

Bruce Douglas
Director, IUGFS
Department of Geological Sciences, Indiana University
1001 East 10th Street
Bloomington, IN 47405
Phone : 812.855.3848

For more information about ways to make a gift, including gifts of stock or personal property, bequests through your estate, and gifts that provide income to you for life, please contact:

Travis Paulin
Director of Development
College of Arts and Sciences
Phone: 812-855-1876