10 year strategic plan



While we have made great progress in the past 5 years, work remains to ensure that our facility remains highly functional and attractive for our students and potential external users. As was the case in the first phase of fundraising, the primary needs are for funds dedicated for new construction and renovation of existing structures and scholarships for students. As Indiana University has become more reliant on tuition fees from non-resident students, the impact on a course such as G429 has been significant. Since the majority of our students are from out of state, the dramatic increase for non-resident tuition has created challenges.

You can also offer your strategic advice on both the campaign and our vision as laid out in the goals for our 10-year plan, volunteer to assist us in locating and contacting non-IU alums of the Field Station, and take advantage of the options for giving that will help us meet our campaign goal. These include outright gifts, pledges over five years, bequests, trusts and appreciated assets. Individual or corporate gifts greater than $100,000 will qualify for naming opportunities. For more information contact us.



Every year the Judson Mead Geologic Field Station recognizes outstanding students from across the country with scholarships to help defray the cost of its courses. A number of different sources of funding are used to provide the various scholarship awards made each year. A brief description of the sources used for funding the various scholarships is provided below. In the recent past, upwards of 60% of the students attending our courses have been awarded a scholarship. The recipients of scholarships are chosen by a selection committee composed of faculty members of the Department of Geological Sciences associated with the courses. This committee will make the decision as to which source of funding is most appropriate for the individual awards. The primary criterion for the awarding of scholarships is academic merit.


Another direct result of the campaign has been the involvement of a number of companies supplying funds for scholarships and professionals to work with the students in the field. In 2015, $55,000 in scholarship support was awarded. The increased scholarship funding has allowed us to continue to attract the best students in the nation and allowed a dramatic increase in the standards for admission to the courses. Additionally, several major oil companies and independent service companies have made use of these facilities for short courses with the expressed intent of expanded use in the future.

Class of 2013 Katharine E. Compton Memorial Field Station Scholarship

The IUGFS Class of 2013 and the Compton family established an endowment in memory of Katharine E. Compton, an enthusiastic young woman with a profound interest in field geology. This scholarship will be awarded to students on the basis of scholarship and citizenship. The recipients’ application should provide evidence of their campus and community involvement, leadership qualities and academic preparedness. The funds are to be used to provide one or more scholarships, to be awarded to a student attending G429. Recipients of this scholarship are encouraged to provide a letter to the Compton family with an account of their experience at the field station.

We encourage other classes of G429 students
to establish similar "Class of" scholarships.


Probably all Field Station alumni retain fond images of the Tobacco Root Range and its signature peak, Hollowtop Mountain. Help us meet our challenging campaign goal. Become an inaugural member of the Hoosier Hollowtop Giving Circle through an outright gift or 5–year pledge at a giving level or your choice. Inaugural members will receive a specially engraved pocket transit and permanent recognition at the Field Station as an expression of appreciation for their generosity.

  • Pathfinder Level: $10,000 to < $50,000
  • Trailblazer Level: $50,000 to < $100,000
  • Visionary Level: > $100,000


Endowment Campaign
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For more details about our strategic plan and the campaign, contact:

Bruce Douglas email address
Director, Judson Mead Geologic Field Station
Department of Geological Sciences, Indiana University
1001 East 10th Street
Bloomington, IN 47405
Phone : 812.855.3848

For more information about ways to make a gift, including gifts of stock or personal property, bequests through your estate, and gifts that provide income to you for life, please contact:

Travis Paulin email address
Director of Development, College of Arts and Sciences
Phone: 812-855-1876