G429 Fee & Payment Information

Costs Nonresident Indiana Resident Notes
 Tuition 2017   $2,904**  $1,703.52**  Bursar will invoice
 IUGFS Transportation Fee *  $1,150.00  $1,150.00  Bursar will invoice
 IUGFS Miscellaneous Costs*  $1,195.00  $1,195.00  Bursar will invoice
 IUGFS Lodging and Meals*  $1,495.00  $1,495.00  Bursar will invoice
 IUGFS Total *  $6,744.00  $5,543.52  *See below for detailed description of costs
**Subject to change

Detailed Description of Costs

  • IUGFS Transportation Fee – Cost of travel in University vehicles during the course.
  • IUGFS Miscellaneous Costs – Cost of motel accommodations on caravan trips, supplies, and mandatory IU health insurance for the duration of the course.
  • IUGFS Lodging and Meals – Cost of lodging and meals while at the Field Station.

Additional Costs

  • Return Caravan: $50.00 – Covers the cost of hotels for those returning with the caravan to Bloomington. Bursar will invoice.
  • Parking on Campus: $48.00 – Covers the cost of a parking garage permit if you plan to drive to Bloomington and leave your car on campus during the field course. Bursar will invoice.
  • Dorm on Campus: $50.40 – Covers the cost of a dorm room for the night before the caravan departs for the Field Station. Bursar will invoice.
  • Recommended Personal Cash $250 for meals while traveling with the caravan, on field trips and for weekend recreational activities.

Scholarships and Employment

Scholarships: Historically, up to 60% of our applicants are awarded scholarships each summer, with the average amount being $850.00. Additional information and the application may be found using the scholarship link.

Employment: Students may apply to be drivers for the university SUVs used for transportation during the course. Drivers can earn $500.00 - $1,000.00, depending on how many hours of driving they log. It should be noted that driving does not have any negative impact the academic performance of the drivers. If you are interested you can visit the following link for employment.


You will be required to carry Indiana University’s health insurance regardless of your own personal medical coverage. The $35 fee is mandatory and included with the Miscellaneous costs of your field station fees. Indiana University’s health insurance is underwritten by American Income Life Insurance Company and includes the following:

  • Medical Insurance – Illness: $1000 per illness for doctor, nurse and hospital charges commencing during the insured period, expenses for which are incurred within 200 days of commencement of illness.
  • Medical Insurance – Injury: $3000 per injury for doctor, nurse and hospital charges for treatment of injury which occurs during the insured period, expenses for which are incurred within 20 days of the date of injury.
  • Accidental Death and Dismemberment Insurance: $3000 for accidental loss of life and various other amounts for the accidental loss of hands, feet, and eyes.

Billing and Payment Information

View a detailed description at:

Withdrawals and Fee Reimbursements

  • Tuition: Students who withdraw one week after the beginning of the course will receive a 100% reimbursement of their tuition. Those who withdraw during the second week will receive a 50% tuition reimbursement.
  • Transportation/Miscellaneous/Return with Caravan: Full reimbursement of these fees can only be made to students who withdraw before May 15. A 50% reimbursement will be made to those who withdraw between May 15 and May 23.
  • Food/Lodging/Parking/Dorm Room: Full reimbursement of these fees can be made up to June 5.


contact information

department of earth and atmospheric sciences
indiana university
1001 e. 10th st. bloomington in 47405

phone: 812-855-1475


field station address:
633 s. boulder road, cardwell, montana 59721
phone: 406-287-3528