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With the continued emergence of unconventional oil and natural gas plays, and conventional plays in more difficult geophysical and petrophysical imaging environments, it has become increasingly apparent that we need to get back to the rocks. Dr. Scott Tinker, Past President, AAPG, IUGFS 1981

The "Great Crew Change" is upon us – a 2014 AGI survey projects that 150,000 to 200,000 unfullfilled geosciences jobs by 2021. Meanwhile, the number of traditional summer field programs offered by universities has dropped from more than 250 in the 1980s to well less than 100 today.

Additionally, industry now, more than ever, is acknowledging the need for its recruits and employees "to get back to the rocks." Indiana University views this combination of circumstances as an opportunity to move forward with its field program, while others are cutting back. We wish to be the leading field venue for continuing education of adult geoscientists, as well as for other field-based activities for the broader geosciences community.

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