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Faculty Positions

Changing enrollments and expansion of the diverse courses offered at the Field Station may generate faculty needs, and we would like to know who to contact. Please communicate with Bruce Douglas if you are interested in teaching at the IU Geologic Field Station.

Associate Instructors

These teaching assistant positions are virtually always drawn from students in recent courses. If you are interested in being considered, please contact Bruce Douglas.

IT Administratie Assistant Position

Karla Lewis is the person to contact if you are interested in the summer IT Administratie Assistant Position position.

Summer Field Station Positions

We hire kitchen help as well as assistants to maintain the cleanliness, supplies, and appearance of the Field Station. This hiring is usually done by our head cook and Field Station Resident Manager, and these positions are usually filled by local Montana high school students. If you are reading this and would like to be considered for such work, you can contact Mark Toensing, the Field Station Resident Manager at (406) 287-3323.

imageWe are always interested in knowing of people who would like to be considered for such opportunities.

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Student Driving Positions

Each summer, qualified students are hired as Official Drivers for the vehicles used in our field courses. In addition to driving on caravan trips and daily field work in Montana, Official Drivers must drive to town on Saturday night a couple times during the course (and that means refraining from drinking alcoholic beverages, a rule that applies at all times when driving). In addition they must keep vehicles free of trash and wash them—usually a fun group activity—to help prevent the spread of knapweed. Official Drivers are the only students who may drive vehicles on optional recreational excursions on Days Off. If you are interested in being an Official Driver, contact Karla Lewis.